Advising on the establishment and management of investment funds in VietNam

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FPT Securities Joint Stock Company (FPTS) ‘s investment advisory service provides businesses with the tools to help customer plan and execute the right things to do and prepare. It is designed to optimize the time and cost as well as limit the risk that may occur after the establishment of the fund.

I) Notes on the establishment and management of the Membership Fund:

1. Conditions for capital-contributing members:

– Must be a legal entity
– Number not more than 30 members, no less than 2 members
– The minimum capital contribution of the members is 50 billion (the first) – record and charter capital of the Fund
– Capital contributing members: Although the law does not have specific requirements, however, the charter capital of the capital contributing members is sufficiently large compared to the capital invested in the Fund.

2) Capital contribution and blockade at the Custodian Bank:

a / First-time contribution of members:

– Members transfer money into the fund’s account opened at the custody bank
– The amount of capital contribution for the first time with the expected capital and a minimum of 50 billion (2 members)
– The custodian bank shall send to the Fund Management Company a certificate of receipt of the capital contribution of the members
– This amount of capital contribution was only disbursed upon the announcement of the establishment of the Fund from the State Securities Commission, but still enjoy bank interest during the blockade.

b) Further fund raising capital

– When the fund wishes to make additional investment without available funds, the Fund Management Company shall send a notice of capital contribution to the Fund’s members or when a new member wishes to contribute capital to the Fund and the General Meeting of Shareholders Fund agrees.
– Members certify the capital contribution in accordance with the notice of capital contribution of the Fund Management Company
– Members’ meeting to approve the capital increase of the Fund
– Members transfer money into the fund’s account opened at the custody bank
– The Fund Management Company will file to the Securities Commission (document including)

+ Announcing the increase capital of member fund;

+ Minutes of meetings and resolutions of the members’ congress on raising capital and relevant documents

+ The revised fund charter; The amended or supplemented custody (if any)

+ The minutes of the capital contribution agreement and the list of capital contributing members, the contributed capital amount, the percentage of capital contributed before and after the increase or reduction of charter capital in form

+ A written confirmation of the custody bank of the additional capital amount already contributed

– The Board of Trustees of the Fund shall hold meetings to decide on the use of additional capital.
– After obtaining a certificate of capital increase by the SSC, the fund management company shall deposit the document and the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Fund on the use of additional capital, then this capital is disbursed.

II) Dossiers of investment fund establishment:

– Capital contribution agreement
– List of organizations contributing capital
– Establishment Decision / Certificate of business registration
– Charter of capital contributing members
– Minutes of the meeting and decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders / Board of Directors / Decision of the Board of Members / Decision authorize of the owner on contributing capital to the Fund.
– Personal profile of the capital contribution representative as authorized by capital contributing members
– Charter fund
– Property depository contract
– Application for registration of operation for membership fund
– Prospectus
– Confirmation by the custody bank of the scale of contribution of the Fund

III) Our consulting services provide:

– Collect, review and submit the application file to the SSC to apply for the establishment of the Member Fund and receive feedback from the SSC regarding the application file.
– Inform information on establishment of the Fund after approval by the Securities Commission
– Set up a pricing manual for the Fund as required.

When the Fund comes into operation:

– When the Fund wishes to increase or decrease its capital, FPTS will carry out necessary procedures to register with the SSC.
– To hold a meeting of the Board of Representatives of the Fund, the General –
Meeting of members of the Fund to elect necessary titles, make investment decisions and other decisions related to the organization and operation of the Fund. (The members’ congress shall be convened at least once a year, the Board of Representatives shall meet at least once every 6 months or whenever necessary to decide the investment).

For inquiries and assistance, please contact:

Mr. Dinh: 0919.218.938
Email: [email protected]

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