avermedia live gamer bolt - gc555 capture card vs elgato 4k60 s+ mac m1 macos review release thunderbolt 3 ultra 4k

AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt GC555

amazon AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt GC555 reviews

avermedia live gamer bolt - gc555 capture card vs elgato 4k60 s+ mac m1 macos review release thunderbolt 3 ultra 4k

The capture card is no longer a strange accessory for digital content creators through videos or live streams, with special needs; special tools will be needed. If that Livestream needs consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo series, AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt GC555 will be the best capture card you can find on the market.

What is a capture card?

Simply put, this is a specialized card for recording images for certain purposes, but mostly recording video or live streaming to a certain platform.

The benefit is that it will reduce the load on the system when not doing 3 things at the same time:

1/ Play a certain game at high settings

2/ Back to the screen in high resolution, high quality

3/ Encode the content and transfer it to the Livestream platform (depending on demand).

Currently, there are two main types on the market: one is plugged directly through the PCI-e port, and the other is a removable type, used with a wire to connect to the case or Laptop. This article with the AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt – with the word ‘Bolt’ implying the standard Thunderbolt 3 (TB3), a high-speed connection in the form of a Type-C cable on today’s high-end laptops.

AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt

AVerMedia is a brand that is no longer strange to users who need to live stream; AVerMedia’s card lines span each segment from low-cost for simple high-definition (FHD) needs to high-definition (FHD) needs. High-end needs are super high resolution (4K), support large FPS, or even support HDR image standards.

This capture card is a high-end type, so the features and the appearance are much different from AVerMedia’s existing products. With the most frequent purpose of pairing with console devices, Live Gamer Bolt also has a square orientation, lying and standing, but if it is just that, it is a bit monotonous, so AVerMedia is also equipped with RGB LED on this GC555.

The appearance will be ‘square’ but slightly stylized to dissipate heat for this capture card as it can handle resolutions up to [email protected] or [email protected] It can be considered responsive meets all gaming needs at present, whether it is specialized in the first-person perspective, requires refresh rate, and vice versa. It is a large screen with high resolution to enjoy. Maximize the feeling of immersion in the game; Live Gamer Bolt wins it all.

The GC555 itself is also equipped with a fan, but during use, it is still very quiet, but this does not mean much when the encoder device used in the article to upload to Facebook / Youtube is the MacBook Pro 15 2017 already has a noise level that overwhelms the space.

Depending on the user’s needs, setting up and using them will be a little different, but the most basic will need only 2 ports, HDMI IN and TB3, HDMI OUT, and LINE IN, as secondary options upgrade.

Rest assured that AVerMedia is also fully equipped with the necessary connection cables; only you will lack one cable for your HDMI Out needs to another monitor.


That will be a basic setup with Live Gamer Bolt from AVerMedia. However, it is completely possible to replace HDMI IN with a USB-C TB3 port; the company also realizes that there is no need to orient too much to people use Mac, but keep what’s traditional.

TB3 is to transfer data with a larger bandwidth than other connection standards, but high-end Gaming laptops at present have also popularized TB3. As for the PC will be a difficult problem because this GC555 only supports devices with a TB3 port, not a regular USB-C port; this is a point to pay special attention.

So in case you are using devices that are PCs – ordinary cases, you should use cards directly attached to the case, which will simplify the setup process, being ‘difficult’ in that it is your streaming device that will need to be fixed. Still, with Live Gamer Bolt, it will be best compatible with Laptop.

The above setup is relatively basic and needs to be emphasized again to achieve a high-efficiency level with capture cards like Live Gamer Bolt, mainly used for consoles. The rest with devices from Apple always there are different ways, as well as Live Gamer Bolt is not the most p/p device to use in this case. AVerMedia also has its product line for iDevice needs, with better prices but still similar performance.


Currently, because the card line is quite new and has a TB3 port, it will be compatible with Macs. However, the drawback is that the application from AVerMedia is still in beta, and the customization of the settings is still limited, just basic.

But it’s still usable because normally, you won’t need to use it much, just to set everything up and switch to another, more professional, more user-friendly software, and if there’s an error, it’s easier to fix than its OSB or XSplit.


The advantage of the Capture card has always been indisputable; it is an extremely necessary accessory for Livestream needs or to record the screen. Reducing resource consumption and enhancing gaming quality, users will not need to consider whether the configuration has a Livestream at high settings, but just needing the machine to play at the required settings and capture card will solve this.

As for the Live Gamer Bolt, its emphasis is on looks, abilities, and features; With the above 3 being the 3 components that make up a product, it does well in all 3.

With a very impressive appearance, extreme gaming style with cut lines, and RGB LED system.

With its capabilities, it can meet a whole range of needs. At present, 6K or 8K is still very far away; [email protected] or [email protected] is a solid and durable bet to buy once and use until broken, still no need to upgrade.

Features, including a responsive software for basic users, not much setup, just login > Stream, simple as that. But higher demand will require better software, and the ThunderBolt 3 port; One of the feature factors that make it durable, makes the Live Gamer Bolt compatible with a wide range of laptop products now and in the future.

In terms of price, Live Gamer Bolt is currently priced at nearly $450; this is not a cheap price for a capture card, so users need to consider their needs to choose the best product.

In addition, when buying this capture card, users will receive an additional PowerDirector 15 software code right in the box.

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avermedia live gamer bolt – gc555 capture card vs elgato 4k60 s+ mac m1 macos review release thunderbolt 3 ultra 4k


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