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BenQ EW3280U

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benq ew3270u 32 inch 4k hdr monitor benq ew3270u 32 4k hdr monitor benq 32 inch 4k hdr monitor benq 32 4k hdr

BenQ EW3280U – In addition to the “specialized” BenQ Zowie products for gamers, BenQ is also one of the “versatile” manufacturers when owning a lot of screen products that satisfy many needs users.

Among them, the most advanced can be the product line that specializes in serving movie enthusiasts with impressive features such as high resolution up to 4K, super large screen size, or ability to support film HDR dynamic light strip … which is the leading representative the BenQ EW3270U version that Biareview had the opportunity to introduce to readers last year.

Just recently, BenQ continues to release an upgraded version of a dedicated screen model for movie enthusiasts with this impressive feature called BenQ EW3280U, owns many upgrading more advanced than the old generation, promising to “compensate” some shortcomings in the previous version to become a “good” screen model for fans of 7th art.

In the past few years, screen manufacturers have increasingly tended to “stylize” their models with different “fashionable” decorations to attract the user’s eyes, even the ASUS TUF lineup, which is typically more “modest” than the Strix lineup, such as the recently introduced ASUS TUF GAMING VG32VQ is also decorated with “eye-catching” patterns all over the back of the screen.

But BenQ is still quite “loyal” to a somewhat simpler, much cleaner design on the BenQ EW3280U, with small changes compared to the previous generation, but extremely practical, turning its screen model become the entertainment hub in your room.

Overall, this large screen model has a sturdy metal frame base, which connects to the display background absorbent via a fixed pin, which fastens to the display frame through two screws firmly. This stand is also integrated with the wireframe, helping users to wire more neatly.

The display panel takes up most of the front area with three sides made thinner than the previous generation, while the bottom edge is integrated with a large speaker instead of simply a plastic rim “Thick” in the old style.

This layout makes the BenQ EW3280U somewhat different from the screens on the market that are somewhat similar to an LCD TV in the living room, suitable for entertainment purposes rather than as screens.

BenQ even comes with a watch battery-powered remote with quick access to the menu to adjust features and parameters. Most importantly, this remote allows users to adjust the volume of the built-in speakers and source, making it easier for users to control their screen without having to “fumble” in the context menu through the button controls integrated behind the screen.

This is extremely important for a screen for entertainment because normally, users will sit at a distance away from the screen to enjoy content rather than just sitting close to the normal working screen.

Also because this is a screen for users who love movies, and can even replace TVs in small, private rooms, BenQ also arranges quite a few ports for monitors, which Including 2 HDMI 2.0 ports and 1 DisplayPort 1.4 port the latest generation for high-quality content transfer, even digital data security support for content.

The best thing about the BenQ EW3280U is the ability to connect and power other products through the built-in USB Type C port with maximum power transmission up to 60W, so you can stay connected phone/laptop, and charge these devices through a single cable.

In general, despite owning a somewhat simple design compared to many other screen models, but with what BenQ equips its products BenQ EW3280U still proves to be a screen model for entertainment, plays the role of entertainment center in your family.

If compared to the previous generation of home entertainment monitors of the company, the BenQ EW3270U, ​​the BenQ EW3280U version launched this year has many bright upgrades in technology, making this screen model become more versatile, much more satisfying.

One of the most notable upgrades of BenQ for its screen model is the ability to display images in wide color gamut mode, meeting VESA’s HDR400 standard instead of just “HDR Ready” as on the previous version.

To do this, BenQ first applied a high-quality IPS panel with 4K resolution (3840 × 2160) with 95% coverage of the DCI-P3 color range. This is also the factor that makes the product “cost-effective” at the highest level because high-quality and high-resolution panels cost many times more than smaller-sized panels.

Besides, the backlight system is also raised from the “standard” level of 250nits to 350nits and can be completely “pushed” up to 400nits when switching to HDR display mode.

BenQ even split up three HDR picture modes for users to easily change at the touch of a button on the remote, including movie mode, movie mode, and finally Display HDR mode “simulates” the image displayed in HDR mode with different backlight levels.

Practical experience on the BenQ EW3280U shows that the visibility of the screen is much better than the previous generation. In the standard display mode, although using an IPS panel rather than a VA panel for deep contrast, the blacks displayed have an impressive level of depth and high gray uniformity.

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BenQ EW3280U 32 inch 4K Montior | IPS | Entertainment with HDMI connectivity HDR Eye-Care Integrated Speakers and Custom Audio Modes; Buy it now

The displayed image is not very excellent as the “dedicated” screens for design, but is also extremely clear, separated, not blurred, even when the brightness is “upgraded” to the via Display HDR mode. Therefore, with only a few small tweaks, you absolutely can use this screen template for simple image refinement or video editing tasks.

The most impressive thing is that when you experience movies on the screen with Cinema HDRi mode, the content on Netflix that supports this mode becomes more brilliant, more sparkling than the previous generation of screens, almost on par with the models. High-end TVs on the market today with high color enhancement, become “flattering”.

Meanwhile, the Game HDRi mode well supports some recently released games like Borderlands 3, but focuses on displaying dark colors, so that players can easily distinguish details in low-light areas are better.

However, the BenQ EW3280U monitor model is just an entertainment monitor, so it lacks professional game-support features such as super-speed scanning, but you can still play games with purpose is enjoy on both PC and console systems like PlayStation 4 or XBOX One with extremely “pleasing” frames.

Sound quality is also a very remarkable point on this BenQ entertainment screen model when the company decided to “play big”, integrating Trevo speaker system with 2W + 2W + 5W configuration for 2 conventional speakers and 1 sub speaker that reproduces the bass range using the technology of treVolo.

This is a BenQ audio sub-studio with the first dedicated electrostatic speaker products released in 2014, “specialized” small but high-powered speakers with many wireless speakers appreciate from the magazine specializing in technology around the globe.

Thanks to that, the ability to show sound on the BenQ EW3280U is extremely impressive, especially to fans of action movies because of its ability to hit the bass “with force”, instead of just 2 2W full-range speakers … stuff like on the previous version.

It is easy to see that the bass band is focused a bit on action movies, explosive scenes in the game, so when used to watch music video clips, the bass band is somewhat overwhelmed by both full-range speakers, making the sound quality is “opaque” significantly, even slightly shy at high volume levels, however, this can still be considered as the integrated speakers for the most impressive screen on the market today for entertainment purposes normal.

BenQ also equips the screen with a lot of advanced smart protection technology, especially the technology that detects the ambient brightness through a sensor eye mounted on the tablet under the screen that the company calls that is BI + (Brightness Intelligence Plus Sensor)

This sensor eye provides environmental light data for the controller built into the screen to automatically adjust brightness and other parameters, making it easy for users to work or watch movies at HDR image mode and most suitable brightness.

Although there are times when users have to press the HDRi button again to “call” the HDR mode out when watching movies, most of the time, the switching between modes is done automatically and smoothly, making the experience. User experience for the working screen and watching movies is extremely simple and gentle.

In terms of experience, it must be said that the BenQ EW3280U performed extremely well with the moderate consideration of its engineers coming from many different angles. Thanks to that, BenQ’s monitor model can surpass many other candidates to become one of the best entertainment screens on the market today.

Although with extremely bright upgrades, but there is a point that BenQ EW3280U makes many fans of the company have to “consider”, that is the price of the product is too high compared to the version launched last year.

This is also extremely easy to understand when the company has to choose higher-quality panels, more “genuine” backlight, and integrated smart technologies.

However, at the high price of $800, BenQ’s screen model was fiercely competed by more competitors, even competed by high-end TVs with increasingly cheap prices, with latency signals are increasingly low in the market today.

benq ew3270u 32 inch 4k hdr monitor

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