Best tekken 7 controller setup

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Introduction to Controller Setup in “Tekken 7”

“Tekken 7,” developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, is renowned for its deep and precise fighting mechanics that require players to execute complex moves and combos with accuracy and timing. Choosing the right controller setup is crucial for maximizing performance and comfort during gameplay. In this review, we will discuss the best controller options for “Tekken 7,” including gamepads, fight sticks, keyboards, and their respective advantages, customization options, and impact on player experience.

Controller Options

1. Gamepad

Overview: Gamepads are popular among casual and competitive players alike due to their accessibility, ergonomic design, and familiarity. Most gamepads feature analog sticks for movement and D-pads for directional inputs, along with face buttons and triggers for attacks and special moves.


  • Accessibility: Widely available and easy to use, making them ideal for beginners and casual players.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic design allows for extended play sessions without discomfort.
  • Precision: Analog sticks offer precise movement control, while face buttons provide responsive inputs for attacks and combos.
  • Portability: Compact size makes gamepads easy to transport and use in various gaming environments.

Customization Options: Some gamepads allow customization of button mapping and sensitivity settings to suit individual preferences and playstyles. This flexibility enables players to optimize their control scheme for “Tekken 7’s” demanding gameplay mechanics.

2. Fight Stick (Arcade Stick)

Overview: Fight sticks replicate the arcade experience with a joystick for directional inputs and multiple buttons for attacks and special moves. They are favored by many competitive players for their tactile feedback and precise control.


  • Precision Control: Joystick allows for precise directional inputs and movement, crucial for executing complex combos and maneuvers.
  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials for durability and reliability during intense gameplay sessions.
  • Authenticity: Recreates the arcade feel and experience, appealing to fans of traditional arcade fighting games.
  • Customizability: Many fight sticks are modular, allowing players to replace buttons, switches, and artwork to customize their aesthetic and performance.

Customization Options: Fight sticks offer extensive customization possibilities, including button layout, joystick tension, and artwork customization. This level of personalization enables players to tailor their fight stick to their specific preferences and comfort level, enhancing overall gameplay performance.

3. Keyboard

Overview: While less common than gamepads and fight sticks, keyboards offer precise input control and customization options favored by some players for their responsiveness and versatility.


  • Precision Input: Individual keys provide precise directional and attack inputs, allowing for rapid execution of commands and combos.
  • Customization: Key mapping and macros can be customized to streamline inputs and optimize gameplay efficiency.
  • Versatility: Players familiar with PC gaming may prefer the familiarity and versatility of a keyboard setup.
  • Accessibility: Available on most gaming setups without additional hardware, making it a cost-effective option for PC players.

Customization Options: Keyboards offer extensive customization through software utilities and mechanical switches, allowing players to adjust key sensitivity, debounce settings, and lighting effects. This customization flexibility caters to players seeking a personalized and responsive control setup for “Tekken 7.”

Factors Influencing Controller Setup Choice

1. Player Preference

Comfort: The comfort level provided by a controller setup plays a significant role in player performance and enjoyment during gameplay. Ergonomic design, button placement, and grip style should align with individual preferences for extended play sessions.

Familiarity: Players often prefer controllers they are familiar with from previous gaming experiences. This familiarity enhances muscle memory and execution speed, critical for mastering “Tekken 7’s” intricate combat mechanics.

2. Gameplay Performance

Precision: Controllers that offer precise input control, such as fight sticks and keyboards, are favored for executing precise combos, movement, and defensive maneuvers in “Tekken 7.” The ability to accurately perform frame-perfect inputs can determine success in high-stakes matches.

Responsiveness: Responsive controllers with minimal input lag ensure that commands are executed instantly, crucial for reacting to opponents’ moves and maintaining competitive edge in online matches and tournaments.

3. Competitive Advantage

Competitive Scene: In the competitive “Tekken 7” scene, players often gravitate towards controllers that offer superior performance, customization, and durability. Fight sticks are particularly popular among professional players for their precise control and tactile feedback.

Tournament Standards: Many tournaments and esports events standardize specific controller setups to ensure fair competition and maintain consistency across matches. Familiarizing oneself with tournament regulations can influence controller selection for aspiring competitive players.

Customization Options and Personalization

1. Button Mapping

Customizable button mapping allows players to assign specific functions and commands to different controller inputs. This customization flexibility accommodates individual playstyles and preferences, optimizing control schemes for optimal performance in “Tekken 7.”

2. Sensitivity Settings

Adjustable sensitivity settings, available in some controllers, enable players to fine-tune input response and joystick movement. Precision control over sensitivity settings enhances gameplay fluidity and responsiveness, critical for executing complex maneuvers and combos.

3. Aesthetic Customization

Personalizing controllers with aesthetic customizations, such as artwork, color schemes, and LED lighting, allows players to express their personality and style preferences. Customized controllers stand out visually and create a unique gaming experience tailored to individual tastes.


Choosing the best controller setup for “Tekken 7” involves considering factors such as comfort, precision, customization options, and personal preference. Gamepads, fight sticks, and keyboards each offer unique advantages and customization possibilities that cater to different playstyles and skill levels. Whether you prioritize ergonomic comfort, precise input control, or competitive performance, selecting the right controller setup enhances gameplay enjoyment and maximizes your potential in mastering “Tekken 7’s” intricate combat mechanics. By exploring the strengths and customization options of each controller setup, players can optimize their gaming experience and elevate their performance in the dynamic world of “Tekken 7” fighting game tournaments and online matches.

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