The Best Version of Tekken 7

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“Tekken 7,” the latest installment in Bandai Namco’s long-running fighting game series, has captivated gamers worldwide since its initial release in 2015. Over the years, it has seen numerous updates, DLCs, and enhancements, which have collectively shaped its reputation. For newcomers and veterans alike, identifying the “best version” of Tekken 7 can be a daunting task. This review aims to dissect various aspects of Tekken 7 across different platforms and versions to determine which iteration stands out as the definitive experience.

Evolution of Tekken 7

Tekken 7 was first launched in arcades in 2015, and its console and PC versions followed in 2017. The game has seen multiple updates, including Season Passes that added new characters, stages, and gameplay mechanics. To understand the best version, it’s crucial to consider the evolution of these updates and their impact on the gameplay experience.

Arcade Release

The arcade version of Tekken 7 was the game’s first incarnation, introducing new characters like Kazumi Mishima and Claudio Serafino, alongside a refined combat system featuring the Rage Art and Power Crush mechanics. While this version set the foundation, it lacked the depth and content of later releases.

Console and PC Launch

The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions brought Tekken 7 to a broader audience in 2017. These versions included a Story Mode that delved into the Mishima family feud, additional characters, and online multiplayer modes. The game’s graphics were enhanced, and the controls optimized for home consoles, making it more accessible and enjoyable for casual and competitive players alike.

Updates and Season Passes

Bandai Namco has released several updates and four Season Passes, each adding new characters, stages, and customization options. These updates addressed balance issues, refined gameplay mechanics, and introduced fan-favorite characters from previous Tekken games and crossover characters like Akuma from Street Fighter, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, and Negan from The Walking Dead.

Platform Comparison

Tekken 7 is available on multiple platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Each platform offers unique advantages and drawbacks, influencing which version may be considered the best.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 version is often regarded as the most stable and accessible. It benefits from a large player base, frequent updates, and robust online infrastructure. The controls feel responsive, and the game runs smoothly, even on standard PS4 hardware. The PlayStation ecosystem also offers exclusive features like the PlayStation Network and cross-play with other Sony consoles.

Xbox One

The Xbox One version shares many similarities with the PS4 version, including graphics and gameplay mechanics. However, it suffers from a smaller player base and less frequent updates compared to the PS4. Despite these drawbacks, it remains a solid choice for Xbox enthusiasts, especially those with access to Xbox Live Gold, which provides additional online features and benefits.


The PC version of Tekken 7 offers the best graphical fidelity and customization options. With the right hardware, players can enjoy higher frame rates, better resolutions, and improved visual effects compared to console versions. The PC community also benefits from mods, which can enhance the gameplay experience with custom skins, stages, and even characters. However, the PC version requires a powerful setup to maximize its potential, and the online community, while active, is smaller than the console counterparts.

Gameplay Mechanics

Tekken 7’s gameplay mechanics are its core strength, offering a blend of accessibility for newcomers and depth for veterans. The game introduces several new mechanics that distinguish it from previous entries:

Rage System

The Rage system, a hallmark of Tekken 7, activates when a player’s health drops below a certain threshold, providing a damage boost and access to Rage Arts and Rage Drives. Rage Arts are cinematic super moves that deal significant damage, while Rage Drives offer powerful combo extenders. This system adds a strategic layer to matches, encouraging players to make comebacks and turn the tide of battle.

Power Crush

Power Crush moves absorb damage from mid and high attacks while continuing the attack animation. This mechanic allows players to power through their opponent’s offense, creating opportunities for counterattacks. Mastering Power Crush moves is essential for players looking to break through their opponent’s defenses and gain the upper hand.

Screw Attack

The Screw Attack replaces the Bound system from Tekken 6, allowing for extended juggle combos. After a Screw Attack, the opponent is sent flying in a corkscrew motion, giving players the chance to follow up with additional hits. This mechanic enhances the combo potential and rewards players with precise timing and execution.

Character Roster

Tekken 7 boasts a diverse roster of over 50 characters, each with unique fighting styles, move sets, and storylines. The character selection caters to various playstyles, from the aggressive rushdown tactics of characters like Hwoarang and Law to the defensive, counter-focused gameplay of Asuka and Feng.

New Characters

Tekken 7 introduced several new characters that have become fan favorites:

  • Kazumi Mishima: The wife of Heihachi and mother of Kazuya, Kazumi utilizes the Hachijo style, combining graceful moves with powerful tiger summoning attacks.
  • Claudio Serafino: A member of the Archers of Sirius, Claudio uses a mix of martial arts and sorcery, making him a versatile and unpredictable fighter.
  • Shaheen: A Saudi Arabian fighter who uses a self-developed martial art, Shaheen offers a balanced playstyle with strong mid-range attacks.

Guest Characters

The inclusion of guest characters from other franchises has added excitement and variety to the roster:

  • Akuma: From Street Fighter, Akuma retains his iconic moves like the Hadouken and Shoryuken, seamlessly integrating into Tekken’s 3D fighting system.
  • Geese Howard: The villain from Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters, Geese brings his Reppuken and Raging Storm moves to Tekken 7.
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum: The protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, Noctis wields his Engine Blade and Armiger abilities, offering a unique fighting style.
  • Negan: From The Walking Dead, Negan uses his barbed-wire baseball bat, Lucille, to devastating effect, providing a fresh and brutal approach to combat.

Graphics and Sound


Tekken 7 utilizes the Unreal Engine 4, delivering stunning visuals that bring characters and stages to life. The character models are highly detailed, with realistic textures and animations that enhance the immersion. The stages are diverse, ranging from the neon-lit streets of urban Japan to ancient temples and futuristic arenas, each with interactive elements and dynamic lighting.


The soundtrack of Tekken 7 is a mix of high-energy electronic music and orchestral compositions, perfectly complementing the intense action. Each character has a unique theme that reflects their personality and fighting style. The sound design, from the impact of punches and kicks to the ambient noise of the stages, adds depth and realism to the game.

Voice Acting

The voice acting in Tekken 7 is top-notch, featuring a talented cast that brings the characters to life. Each character speaks in their native language, adding authenticity and cultural diversity to the game. The dialogue, whether in cutscenes or mid-fight banter, is well-delivered and enhances the storytelling experience.

Online Multiplayer

The online multiplayer component of Tekken 7 is robust, offering various modes and features to keep players engaged:

Ranked Matches

Ranked matches allow players to compete against others worldwide, climbing the ranks and earning points to showcase their skills. The ranking system is well-balanced, pairing players with opponents of similar skill levels to ensure fair and challenging matches.

Player Matches

Player matches offer a more casual experience, allowing players to create or join rooms and fight against friends or random opponents. These matches do not affect rankings, providing a stress-free environment to practice and experiment with different characters and strategies.

Tournament Mode

Tournament mode allows players to create and participate in online tournaments, competing for glory and rewards. This mode is popular among the competitive community, offering a structured and organized way to test skills and gain recognition.


Tekken 7’s netcode has seen significant improvements since its release, providing a smoother and more stable online experience. While there are occasional issues with lag and connectivity, the overall performance is reliable, allowing players to enjoy online matches without major disruptions.

Esports Scene

Tekken 7 has a vibrant esports scene, with numerous tournaments and events held worldwide. The game’s balance, depth, and variety make it a favorite among competitive players. Major tournaments like the Tekken World Tour attract top talent and offer substantial prize pools, showcasing the highest level of play.

Tekken World Tour

The Tekken World Tour is the premier competitive circuit for Tekken 7, featuring regional and global events that culminate in the grand finals. The tour provides a platform for players to prove their skills, earn ranking points, and compete for significant cash prizes. The high production value, live streaming, and passionate commentary make the Tekken World Tour a must-watch for fans and aspiring competitors.

Community Tournaments

In addition to the Tekken World Tour, numerous community-run tournaments and events contribute to the game’s vibrant competitive scene. These grassroots events offer opportunities for players of all skill levels to compete, learn, and connect with others in the community. The inclusivity and diversity of these tournaments foster a supportive and welcoming environment for newcomers and veterans alike.

Customization and Personalization

Tekken 7 offers extensive customization options, allowing players to personalize their characters and express their creativity:

Character Customization

Players can customize their characters with a wide range of costumes, accessories, and visual effects. From traditional outfits to outlandish costumes, Tekken 7’s customization options allow players to create unique looks that reflect their personalities and preferences. Customization extends to hairstyles, color schemes, and even special effects like auras and weapon trails, providing a virtually endless array of possibilities.

Customization Items

Customization items can be unlocked through gameplay, purchased with in-game currency, or obtained via DLC packs. The game frequently updates its store with new items, ensuring that players always have fresh content to explore. The inclusion of iconic costumes from previous Tekken games, as well as crossover items from other franchises, adds to the excitement and variety.

Preset Customizations

For those who prefer a quicker route to personalization, Tekken 7 offers preset customizations. These presets are designed by the developers and often reflect iconic looks or themes for each character. Players can choose from these presets or use them as inspiration to create their unique designs.

Single-Player Content

Tekken 7 offers a variety of single-player modes that cater to different playstyles and preferences:

Story Mode

The Story Mode in Tekken 7, titled “The Mishima Saga,” delves deep into the conflict between the Mishima family members. It features cinematic cutscenes, voice acting, and dynamic battles that transition seamlessly between narrative and gameplay. The story is engaging and provides insight into the series’ lore, making it a must-play for fans of the franchise.

Character Episodes

In addition to the main story, each character has their own short story episodes, providing background and context for their motivations and relationships. These episodes are typically shorter but offer additional content for players interested in the narrative aspects of Tekken 7.

Arcade and Treasure Battle

The Arcade Mode offers a classic fighting game experience, allowing players to battle through a series of opponents to reach the final boss. Treasure Battle is a unique mode where players fight to earn treasure chests containing customization items and in-game currency. This mode adds replay value by rewarding players with new items and challenges.

Practice and Training Modes

Tekken 7’s Practice and Training modes are comprehensive and designed to help players improve their skills. The Practice Mode allows players to experiment with different characters, moves, and combos in a controlled environment. The Training Mode includes tutorials and challenges that teach advanced techniques, strategies, and character-specific moves.

DLC and Additional Content

Since its release, Tekken 7 has seen a wealth of additional content through DLC packs and updates. These expansions have significantly enriched the game, making the latest version the most complete and enjoyable.

New Characters and Stages

Each Season Pass introduces new characters and stages, adding variety and freshness to the game. Notable additions include characters like Lei Wulong, Armor King, and Julia Chang, who have been fan favorites in previous Tekken games. New stages are often visually stunning and come with unique elements that influence gameplay.

Customization Packs

DLC packs often include new customization items, allowing players to further personalize their characters. These packs frequently feature themed items, such as Halloween costumes, holiday outfits, and crossover accessories from other franchises.

Balance Patches and Updates

Regular balance patches and updates ensure that Tekken 7 remains a fair and competitive game. These updates address character balance, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements, based on feedback from the community and professional players. The commitment to ongoing support has helped maintain Tekken 7’s relevance and appeal over the years.

Community and Support

Tekken 7 has a passionate and dedicated community that contributes to its enduring popularity. The community’s involvement ranges from creating content and hosting events to providing feedback and support.

Online Forums and Social Media

Online forums, such as the Tekken subreddit and dedicated Discord servers, are vibrant hubs where players discuss strategies, share content, and organize events. Social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube are also popular for sharing gameplay clips, tutorials, and news.

Content Creators

Content creators, including streamers, YouTubers, and artists, play a significant role in promoting Tekken 7. They produce a wide range of content, from gameplay videos and tutorials to artwork and memes, helping to grow the community and keep it engaged.

Developer Interaction

Bandai Namco’s developers maintain a positive relationship with the Tekken community. They actively listen to feedback, participate in discussions, and make announcements through social media and official channels. This open communication fosters trust and loyalty among players, contributing to the game’s ongoing success.

Conclusion: The Best Version of Tekken 7

Determining the best version of Tekken 7 involves considering various factors, including platform performance, content updates, and community support. Each platform offers unique advantages, but the PC version stands out for its superior graphics, modding capabilities, and overall customization options. However, the PlayStation 4 version is highly regarded for its stability, accessibility, and large player base, making it an excellent choice for console players.

The latest version of Tekken 7, enriched by numerous updates, DLC packs, and balance patches, represents the pinnacle of the game’s evolution. With its extensive character roster, diverse gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, and robust online infrastructure, Tekken 7 offers an unparalleled fighting game experience. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, Tekken 7 provides endless hours of entertainment, competition, and creativity.

In conclusion, Tekken 7’s best version is a combination of the latest updates and the platform that best suits your preferences and hardware capabilities. The game’s enduring popularity and vibrant community ensure that it will remain a cornerstone of the fighting game genre for years to come.

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