corsair icue h150i elite lcd display liquid cpu cooler rgb review 360mm waterkoeling cpu-flüssigkeitskühler mit lcd-display water 5-y manual capellix - white 1700

Corsair H150i Elite LCD Display

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amazon Corsair H150i Elite LCD Display reviews

corsair icue h150i elite lcd display liquid cpu cooler rgb review 360mm waterkoeling cpu-flüssigkeitskühler mit lcd-display water 5-y manual capellix - white 1700

It must be said that although following the “trend” of equipping LCD screens for AIO water cooling quite late, Corsair, a manufacturer of components and accessories for gamers from the United States, does not make users extremely impressed by the solution to upgrade existing high-end water-cooled versions with the innovative Corsair iCUE ELITE LCD Upgrade Kit.

In addition, the company also launched water-cooled models with built-in smart LCD screens right from the factory for new users to use with high-end PC systems.

Among the released versions this time, the AIO Corsair H150i Elite LCD Display water cooling model can be considered as the main version aimed at users who are high-end gamers with the standard radiator size of 360mm, suitable for gamers. Fits the most popular Mid-Tower sized cases on the market today.

Since its launch late last year, the Elite LCD Display product line has replaced the Elite Capellix product line to become Corsair’s most advanced AIO line of heatsinks today. Strangely, the Corsair H150i Elite LCD Display is packaged by the “pirate house” in a way for top products.

The most obvious is that the box style of this water-cooled model uses completely black like its other leading product lines, instead of the yellow-black style on the mid-range Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT product lines, or use a pure yellow box as on the popular Corsair H150 RGB product line.

The back is the technical specifications of the water-cooled model, the most notable of which is the ability to display information of the integrated LCD screen on the product with a variety of integrated information such as clock, temperature, fan speed… or information and images that the user wants to display on the screen.

Unpacking the product, it can be seen that as the most advanced AIO water-cooling product line today, Corsair H150i Elite LCD Display is meticulously and meticulously crafted with many small details that other model’s Mid-range products are hard to compare.

The most obvious is that the radiator has a thick design with solidly built heatsinks, not easy to warp when there is an impact from the outside, the side of the radiator is also printed with the “pirate” logo by Corsair and polished chrome.

This radiator has a size of 360mm, suitable for the vast majority of Mid Tower cases available on the market today, not “oversized” like the Corsair H170i Elite LCD Display senior with a heatsink size of up to 420mm.

The conductors are all used thick rubber material, the outside is a cut-resistant mesh layer to increase the durability of the wire.

The junction between the pipe and the radiator is also covered with reinforced metal cladding instead of plastic cladding as on mid-range radiator versions. This design is not only meaningful in terms of protection but also more aesthetically pleasing.

The cooling tower part is designed in the familiar square shape of the Corsair house instead of the round shape like on many other AIO water cooling models on the market.

This design also makes the heat sink more exposed to modern CPU models, especially Intel’s 12th generation Core CPUs, which are slightly longer in size than traditional CPUs and use Socket 1700 entirely new.

The contact surface of the heatsink with the CPU on the Corsair H150i Elite LCD Display is used monolithic copper material with microscopic fins inside the water cavity to enhance the ability to conduct heat from the CPU to the outside.

The water conduction joints of the cooling tower are made in a flexible controllable form instead of a rigid connection like many mid-range AIO water coolers. This design makes it easy for users to install the heatsink in many different positions without having to worry about creating too much pressure on the coupling.

Again, this coupling also has a metal protective cover to ensure user safety in use scenarios, without warping, or uncoupling with external forces.

On the top of the cooling tower is a 2.1″ LCD information display screen, but with a resolution of up to 480p and a brightness of 600nits, enough to “overwhelm” the RAM models equipped with conventional LED lights next to it.

This part of the screen is connected to the body of the cooling tower by a magnet connection.

This connection is not too solid, so you can completely replace and upgrade if Corsair releases accessories later.

Included with the Corsair H150i Elite LCD Display is a Commander Core integrated fan-light controller controlled by the iCUE program.

In addition, there are three ML120 cooling fans, a series of fans operating with magnetic cushions, which reduce friction and increase speed and airflow compared to conventional ball-bearing fans.

This is also the 120mm fan with the highest price of Corsair, currently sold separately for up to $100 for a trio of fans, providing a stronger heat dissipation ability than high-end AIO water cooling models. Others are still loyal to using ball-bearing fans with equivalent prices on the market today.

In terms of compatibility, Corsair integrates this model with a full range of mounts for all CPU models available on the market today from both Intel and AMD, including 12th generation processors using sockets. Intel’s new LGA 1700 or ThreadRipper processors use AMD’s TR4 socket.

Overall, with a 360mm heatsink size, the Corsair H150i Elite LCD Display is the first choice for most gamers today with a sophisticated, well-thought-out design and construction, many smart features, and heat dissipation power leader in AIO water coolers of the same size on the market.

I believe that, with Corsair’s leading name and reputation in the field of manufacturing accessories for gamers, this water-cooled model is the best choice for gamers when they want to install a high end game console.

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CORSAIR iCUE H150i ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU Cooler-Custom IPS LCD Screen-48 Dynamic RGB LEDs-120mm Fans-360mm Radiator-COMMANDER CORE Smart Lighting Controller: Buy it now


corsair icue h150i elite lcd display liquid cpu cooler rgb review 360mm waterkoeling cpu-flüssigkeitskühler mit lcd-display water 5-y manual capellix – white 1700


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