corsair icue 5000t rgb atx mid tower case amazon not working recognizing fans hub showing up in changing color black tempered glass mid-tower pc gaming review test white

Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB

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amazon Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB reviews

corsair icue 5000t rgb atx mid tower case amazon not working recognizing fans hub showing up in changing color black tempered glass mid-tower pc gaming review test white

It must be said that in the past year, Corsair has had an extremely strong transformation when applying a new design method to its products.

The design team will create a common product framework for a certain product line that needs to be released, then change, or add different details to create different versions, serving many different user groups.

This can be seen most clearly in the three product lines of Corsair 4000 Series, Corsair 5000 Series, and Corsair 7000 Series “giant” cases, replacing older generation cases that are a few years old.

However, this tactic will not be too effective with the “top” product lines for high-end users, because this group of users will not like their chassis with the “smug” design of the product lines lower segment.

That is why it was not until recently that Corsair launched the most advanced product line of Corsair 5000 Series chassis with the name Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB with a price of up to nearly $400, the highest among the chassis lines Mid-Tower of the current “pirate house”.

Different from previous generation case products that used a lot of tempered glass materials on the front and side panels, the new Corsair 5000 Series features a design that uses metal meshes to enhance the ability to ventilate the internal components, but still bring a new style, simple and equally sturdy.

The high-end version of Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB also inherits this design style of the other versions in the Corsair 5000 Series product line, but with many “variations” that bring its uniqueness.

First, it can be seen that the front of the case still uses the same mesh structure as the Corsair 5000D Airflow series models to provide strong air intake for the internal components, but the mesh of the case model. This machine is much smaller in size than the triangular meshes on the airflow product line.

This design creates a more seamless, luxurious feeling but still retains ventilation for the case.

This front mask can be easily removed. Corsair has redesigned the lever latch with six mask holding positions evenly distributed along the two sides of the part’s edge, allowing the “mask” to stick more firmly to the chassis instead of the four retaining pins including two on top and two below as on the regular versions.

Beneath this mask is a dust filter that is integrated directly into the mask frame, making it more convenient for users to interact and clean the front air intake fans without having to remove the filter dust layer separate as before.

Underneath this mask, Corsair also equips its Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB case model with three LL120 RGB fans with a maximum speed of up to 1500rpm and airflow of up to 43.25 CFM.

This is Corsair’s high-end fan system that now possesses impressive power and beautiful lighting effects that can be controlled via the smart iCUE driver with the individual sale of a trio of fans up to nearly $130 same “match” with Corsair’s top expensive Mid-Tower case model today.

The top has a domed hardcover instead of just a hard metal plate like on the recently launched Corsair Airflow cases.

Using a dome-shaped hardcover, Corsair’s new model of chassis has a higher vertical bearing capacity than previous designs, while also providing a seamless design of the case, forming a unified block instead of the somewhat discrete impression on other Corsair 5000 Series versions.

The side of the case is equipped with a side “window” for an enhanced cooling solution.

Different from the Corsair 5000X RGB version that uses “perforated” glass for the side, making the outer edge somewhat fragile and fragile due to external forces, the Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB is still only equipped with the side panel metal is “engraved” with familiar triangular air vents.

Inside this layer of side doors is still the familiar barrier and wire management area, with a central Commander Core XT fan light manager to synchronously control all components on the system, providing a dynamic system lamp ergonomics – smart and vivid fans, compatible with components from many different manufacturers, forming an “accompaniment” of light.

The improvement that the writer feels is most impressive is that the glass window and side panels are connected to the chassis by a hinge structure, similar to the Corsair iCUE 7000X large case series.

This change is small, but extremely impressive because it helps advanced users, who love to mess around, change components easily and quickly access the internal components.

The inside of the “body” still has the same structure as with other Corsair 5000 Series cases with open space, making it easy for users to install large heatsinks up to 360mm such as CORSAIR H150 RGB or graphics cards. The new design has a “great” size without having to worry about tight spaces like on popular models.

On the back, Corsair also “holes” to leave room for users to install the graphics card vertically, ensuring that “PC” users have the space to “show off” their genuine components.

Overall, the changes on the Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB compared to the Corsair 5000x RGB version are quite small.

But that change is extremely bright, helping to raise the bar for this series of cases both in terms of aesthetics, usability as well as general rigidity of the case.

Therefore, this case model fully deserves to be Corsair’s “flagship” in the current Mid-Tower chassis segment.

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corsair icue 5000t rgb atx mid tower case amazon not working recognizing fans hub showing up in changing color black tempered glass mid-tower pc gaming review test white


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