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Dunu is one of China’s senior brands in the field of headphones, with more than 20 years of development. Unlike branded low-cost brands, Dunu is an extremely serious company in its pursuit of sound. Dunu has a research and development department of core technologies such as drivers, inductors, etc. to create customized products from the roots. Dunu’s products range from the mainstream segment to the thousands of dollars hi-end models and they all received positive feedback from the audio community around the world.


Dunu DM-480 box is invested, the size is much bigger than the same-priced headphones such as Shozy Form 1.1 or Tin Audio T3.

The front is the illustration and product name. The back we have specifications and manufacturer information.

From inside, the box is divided into 2 floors. The first part is a pair of Dunu DM-480 ears placed in a very thick foam layer. The lower floor is an accompanying accessory including:

1x User manual, employer insurance card

1x Carrying case

3x pairs of white silicone ear tips

3x pair of gray silicone ear tips

1x conductor

1x clothespin

Obviously, Dunu has taken great care of the user experience with Dunu DM-480 when it comes with a lot of accessories.


Dunu’s Housing DM-480 is semi-custom designed. The shape of Dunu DM-480

Calculated on computer simulations from the sample database of thousands of custom customers. As a result, the size and ratio of the bending edges can be optimized with the most ear sizes, especially Asian customers.

This housing is manufactured by 3D printing technology with extremely high accuracy so that it is almost transparent, no bubbles appear. Dunu DM-480 will have two color versions: dawn orange and dusk black.

The hand-treated surface area gives the surface a shine and feels like a headset made from a unified block.

Dunu DM-480 exhaust pipe uses metal. Thanks to that, durability as well as the ability to hold ear tips better when used for long periods.

The headset uses the popular 0.78mm 2-pin connector. You can easily upgrade, coordinate wiring later when needed.

The conductor that comes with Dunu DM-480 is quite thick, using high-purity silver-plated OFC copper material to provide good signal transmission.

The ear hook part is soft, without metal frames. I personally like this type of wire design because it offers a good grip without wearing as much as a metal frame.


The Dunu DM-480 gained attention thanks to its acoustic configuration equipped with dual dynamic drivers using titanium coatings developed by Dunu himself. The frequency response graph that the company introduced is also very positive and promising.

Driver: 2x Driver Dynamic 8mm special titanium diaphragm cover structure.

Frequency response: 5 Hz – 40 kHz (Hi-res compliant)

THD: <0.5% at 1 kHz

Sensitivity: 105 ± 2 dB at 1 kHz

Impedance: 20 Ω

Conductor: 2 pin – 0.78mm High purity Silver plated OFC Copper

Weight: 7.8g


The housing shape is calculated optimally from thousands of Custom ear molds so the feeling of fit and smoothness of this headset is very good. It gives the experience of wearing almost high-end headphones from QDC brand. The size is also very compact, I believe the girls will also wear this headset well. The lead cord does not have a metal earhook, so the operation is very comfortable and comfortable, the microphonic phenomenon appears very little.

The sound of the Dunu DM-480 is similar to that of a sound control headset but is emphasized on the bass range. This is truly an IEM for bass lovers, who always want to enjoy the booming bass range, rich in energy but still want to have high detail in the remaining sound bands. In addition, the technical criteria of this headset just stop at quite.


The first thing that impressed me with the Dunu DM-480 on my ears was the amount of bass range, which was abundant and violent. Sub-bass and mid-bass plump without any roll-off in the subwoofer. It will shake your eardrums. The transition between mid-bass to upper bass is quite smooth. The bass range of the Dunu DM-480 is also well controlled as it rarely encroaches on the mid-range products. Bass beat neatly and has quite fast speed. Some minus points for this negative band is a bit dry and hard. It may take more time to burn in for Dunu DM-480 to show this sound range even better.


Overall the mid-range of the Dunu DM-480 is not too outstanding but not to the extent that it is hard to hear. The low-mid part is lightly pressed due to the influence of the bass range. This makes the mid-range of Dunu DM-480 thicker. Part It has fine details, the thickness is fine but dry, not thorny smooth. Male vocals perform well, especially with the somewhat vocal voices of rock singers. The female voice sounds more advanced than the male voice but lacks the subtlety needed. Details of the instruments are well and fully presented.


The treble strip has been pressed a little on the low-treble to give it a more crisp, tinkling feel for instruments like hi-hat or cymbals. The sound is also quite airy. However, the higher you go, the treble roll-off gradually, not extend. In general, the treble strip of Dunu DM-480 adds brightness and detail to the music but does not make a strong impression. The plus point is that the Dunu DM-480 treble strip has very good control of sibilant phenomena, it almost does not appear.


Dunu DM-480 has a quite wide soundstage thanks to the large air vent. Thanks to that, the sound of Dunu DM-480 sounds very airy and pleasant. The height and depth of the stage stopped at an average level. It can be said that the stage recreated by Dunu DM-480 is quite good. Because the arrangement of musical instruments arranged in the stage correctly. The ability to layer the instrument is also quite good in instrumental music.


Dunu DM-480 is an IEM headset model with professional design, advanced finish. It is specifically for bass enthusiasts, strong music genres but still bring the detail, precision required of a test headset.

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