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iBasso AM05

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amazon iBasso AM05 reviews

ibasso audio am05 ibasso am05 amazon ibasso audio am05 レビュー ibasso audio am05 green ibasso audio am05 blue ibasso am05 blue ibasso am05 vs fiio fa7 ibasso am05 vs it04 ibasso am05 price ibasso am05 review ibasso am05 レビュー


The housing of iBasso AM05 is 3D printed with high accuracy. The material used is high quality transparent plastic resin. You can see by yourself all the components inside this headset.

If you look closely, you’ll discover that the earpiece’s components are molded with housing into a single piece and don’t have any hollow parts inside. The internal air bubbles are also thoroughly treated by iBasso to create an almost perfect monolithic level. This makes iBasso AM05 look exactly like two gems, literally and figuratively.

iBasso AM05 has 2 different color versions for users to choose: One blue and one green.

iBasso equipped on AM05 configuration includes 5 BA drivers for each ear. All drivers used from Knowles bring stability and trust very high. The set of 5 drivers is controlled by a crossover circuit with up to 4 separate audio bands to make the transition between sound bands seamless and smooth. At the same time, the sound will be optimized to help drivers operate with the highest performance.

The top of the exhaust pipe on the headset uses metal pipes to increase the durability and high level of the product.

iBasso AM05 remains loyal to the MMCX connector like the previous IT line. You can easily upgrade third party wires using this connector standard.

With the conductor that comes with iBasso AM05 is very good quality. 4-strand twisted cord, medium thickness but for a very solid feel. According to the manufacturer, the core uses a high-purity silver-plated copper material that helps minimize signal loss and preserves the purest sound to the ears.

The default conductor uses standard 2.5mm Balanced jacks. If you do not use this standard, you still feel secure because iBasso has equipped a cable from Balanced 2.5mm to Single End 3.5mm quality.


The iBasso AM05 has a fairly large housing size, so some people with small ears will have difficulty fitting this headset. To my ears, the iBasso AM05 feels solid and quite comfortable to wear. The winding roads on the housing have exerted its effects very well.

Earhook on the accompanying cord is soft, without hard metal frames so the operation is simple and comfortable. The microphonic phenomenon has been significantly suppressed due to the twisting structure of the conductor.

The iBasso AM05 has an impedance of 32 Ohms and the average sensitivity measures around 115dB. With these parameters, it can be said that iBasso AM05 is not a difficult headset. However, to maximize its performance, I still recommend you to use a quality source and have a decent capacity.

In this article, I conducted a combination of iBasso AM05 with iBasso DX220, iBasso DX160, Lotoo paw Gold.

Sound quality

The unique sound of iBasso AM05 can be described by the adjectives: neutral, balanced, highly detailed, smooth, speed, jingle and emotional.


Bass is quite flat, down but not deep and a bit lacking in weight on average. In return, the bass hit neat, tight, very good speed. Bass controls and feels good, not creating pressure that causes ear fatigue for long periods. In general, the bass range of iBass AM05 is smooth and neutral, does not affect the mid-range in any aspect. I personally find this bass range not too impressive and it will disappoint the bass lovers. But this is the personality that iBasso wants to create for AM05, I believe there will be people who like it.


In my opinion, this is the best range of sound on iBasso AM05. It is extremely detailed but the sound does not go in the cold and the technique is overstated. In fact, when I first brought the iBasso AM05 to my ears, I did not feel the elaboration of this sound range, but the more I listened, the more I heard. The female voice is expressed so well that it is hard to describe, clear, colorless, elegant when soaring, sometimes sweet. The male voice has a moderate thickness but still retains the necessary masculine warmth.

The instruments are very well peeled off. Recreate even small details like the sound of fingernails touching the strings or the singer breathing. It’s just enough for us to hear, not sharpen, to show off the detail. iBasso AM05 handles this in a very subtle way and deserves praise.


Up very high with detail as well as a lot of air creating crunchy and cheerful sound. There is a sharp peak at about 8kHz in the negative graph of iBasso AM05 but it does not create a sharp, hard metal feel. The sound is still very smooth in a natural way. The hat or cymbals are soft and comfortable. The Sibilant phenomenon is well controlled by iBasso AM05. In short, the smooth treble strip of AM05 is ideal for listening for long periods without feeling thorny.

Stage space:

The ability to split the instrument layer in the stage is a bright spot after the mid-range of iBasso AM05. When you close your eyes, you will feel each instrument and its position in the stage space in the direction of the sound that reaches your ears. The stage space is quite wide horizontally, the height is good but the depth I personally do not overestimate though it is not bad. This is understandable because the bass strip is not the strong point of iBasso AM05.


iBasso AM05 continues to be a polished product of the iBasso family. From appearance to sound, AM05 has touched the hearts of many people who love beauty. If you are an iBasso fan or simply want to enjoy high-end quality, the iBasso AM05 experience is definitely not going to waste your time.

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