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Kinera Norn

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Kinera Norn

Kinera is no longer a new audio company in the Vietnamese market when it introduced domestic audio players to the extremely successful IEM Kinera Seed model in 2018.

I have had the opportunity to experience many Kinera models such as Seed, Idun, Odin, Nanna, Freya, and I am quite impressed with the sound on these headphones. This time, I have a brand new in-ear model from Kinera called Norn.

Kinera likes to name her headphones after myths; this time is no exception, Norn (or Nornir) is the goddess of fate in Norse mythology.


Kinera Norn has a box style quite similar to its previous products. We have a hexagonal cardboard box, but this time the main colors are red and black, with the product name printed in yellow prominently in the middle of the headset box.

Opening the box inside, we will have headphones and a lot of accessories included. The accessories set is very rich, and I am sure you will not need to buy any additional accessories for Kinera Norn.

– Eartip Final type E : 3 pairs

– Foarm tips: 1 pair

– Other included ear tips: 6 pairs

– Cable balance 2.5

– Adapter 2.5 to 3.5

– Adapter 2.5 to 4.4

– Protective case

A very impressive unboxing experience, enough to show how the company has taken care of its products.


Kinera Norn’s housing is finished from high-quality Resin, 3D printed, and hand-polished.

Kinera Norn is a stunning IEM with a very impressive look. Use the main colors red, black and white. The faceplate side is adorned with a red stripe with a white border like a hot lava flow flowing through stratigraphic cliffs, which is very prominent and attractive from afar.

Kinera also said that these motifs are hand-painted, so no two Kinera Norn will be the same.

The nozzle part is made of one block with the housing and is not too large, so I feel completely comfortable and comfortable when wearing this headset.

Kinera Norn comes with a premium audio cable to deliver the best audio signal to the headphones. The wire uses the popular 2pin 0.78mm standard with a 2.5mm Bal jack. You can easily upgrade and replace the wires when needed.

According to NSX, this wire is imported with a diameter of 26AWG with PVC outer insulation. The rope is knitted with eight strands; each strand includes 24 small cores, a total of 192 silver-plated copper cores in a spiral weave.


Regarding the sound configuration, Kinera Norn uses a Hybrid structure with 1DD and 4BA(Knowles).

Driver Dynamic has a diameter of 7mm, developed by Kinera itself. Comes with a strong magnetic N52 magnet and a three-layer composite diaphragm, PU + high fiber poly + titanium composite.

Kinera, RAF-32873 BA, has also customized 4 BA drivers from Knowles. 2 of these 4 BA Drivers.

I always praise manufacturers who openly disclose internal components like Kinera because that will make users feel more secure when buying and using the product.

Impedance and sensitivity are only 32ohm and 110dB, so it is easy for you to exploit the sound quality of this headset with portable sources such as smartphones or portable music players.


Driver: 7mm strong magnetic micro-dynamic + 2 Knowles RAF-32873 + Kinera custom composite balanced armature

Impedance: 32Ω

Rated power: 3mW

Dynamic distortion: ﹤3%(1kHz, 100dB SPL)

Frequency response range: 5Hz-40kHz

Cable length: 1.2m(detachable)

Plug: 2.5mm

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm

where can you get a Kinera Norn online

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Kinera Imperial 4BA + 1DD 5 Driver Hybrid IEM Earbuds Norn (Smoky Red)【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】【Ships from Japan】: Buy it now


Completely different from the company’s previous in-ear models, Kinera Norn has a very detailed and technical overall sound quality, the ability to separate layers and arrange excellent instruments to make the music stage appear in front of the listener like a clear picture.

Bass range

As mentioned above, because it is a technically inclined headset, the bass of Kinera Norn is very well controlled, responsive, and focused, and mid-bass. For me, this is a beautiful bass range, Hit quickly and decisively, not for a long time, and the point that makes it more complete is that the bass range of Kinera Norn still shows a certain level of power with just enough volume, not as much as on Moondrop Blessing 2.


Clarity and flight are the first two words that come to mind when I listen to Kinera Norn’s mid-range; instruments such as flute, violin, or female voice are shown very vividly and attractively because of the high-mid part is made thicker.

However, the overall mid-range is still quite thin and somewhat deep compared to the other two bands, making me not very satisfied with some Epic songs; the singer’s voice seems to immerse between musical instruments. If only the company could bring the mid-range closer and have a slightly warmer timbre, it would satisfy more music lovers.

Treble strip

Rich in energy and very good detail makes the highs clear, making the overall song come alive; I’m quite satisfied with Norn’s high range; if there is a point to improve, it must be improved. Chi Kinear can slightly enhance the low-treble part to improve clarity and make the treble decay range faster, which will make us more comfortable when enjoying tracks with a lot of high tones.


Kinera Norn’s soundstage is not the most spacious in the segment, but it’s not bad; it’s wide enough and only slightly narrow in vertical, an inherent weakness on in-ear headphones.


In my opinion, Kinera Norn is extremely worthy of the price of 509 USD that the company offers. The sound quality is a bit technical and tight which is also a commendable point, but if the manufacturer can make the sound softer and the high range slightly restrained, I think this headset will be perfect.

The 500 USD segment is now very dominant with names like Moondrop Blessing 2, qdc Anole V3, Dunu DK3003 pro, but I believe Kinera Norn can completely compete with competitors in this price range.

Everyone has different preferences (gout) to listen to music, so don’t hesitate to try Kinera Norn right away if you can; maybe this beautiful headset is your destiny.

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