Hifiman HE400SE

Hifiman HE400SE

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Hifiman HE400SE

Hifiman is a famous audio brand and received a lot of love from the audio player community. Hifiman has based in China, led by Dr. Fang Bian, and they have been in business for about 10 to 15 years.

In 2020, we saw some great new products from Hifiman, such as DEVA headphones, HE-5XX headphones, and HE400i 2020.

Hifiman recently launched the HE400SE. This headset will be launched at a very accessible price of only 149 USD and will replace the popular HE400i 2020 Version model.


Everything in the box of the HE400SE is packaged in a new HIFIMAN style which I find to be sufficient to provide buyers with a beautiful unboxing experience but with a sense of assurance that the box is not a large part of the end cost of the product.

Inside the box, the kit will include:

1x Headset Hifiman HE400SE

1x 3.5mm -> 6.3mm . headphone jack

1x Cable length 1.5m


Compared to the HE400i or HE400SE with a dual-braced headband design, the HE400se has a single pull-out headband. The HE400se’s headband is thickened and covered with a black leather layer, lined with a hard sponge. This design ensures comfort when wearing because the headband will not be pressed to the top of the head but still retains both earcups.

The HE400SE’s earpads are lined with two layers of soft leather on the outside and a felt fabric inside to resist heat, allowing you to use them comfortably for a long time. The shape of the earpad can fit comfortably on both ears, as well as 360 degrees of rotation to suit the wearer’s face.

HE400SE is combined with two contrasting colors, black, and silver, to create a great luxury look. The earcups can be rotated in and out by about 10° for a tighter (and more comfortable) fit. The two sides of the earcup are marked with a separate L / R symbol and have the “HIFIMAN” logo and the product code name “HE400se”.

The pads are also improved quite a lot and pleasant to the touch. The earpads are a combination of leather and cushions. The wearing feeling is pleasant and comfortable to wear for a long time.

The lightweight HE400SE is only 390g which is 30% lighter when compared to other flat magnetic headphones currently on the market.

The included lead is 1.5m long, and it’s pretty nice and sturdy. I don’t have much information about the cable, only know that this cable uses silver-plated copper. The cable uses the standard 3.5mm to Dual 3.5mm, so users will easily upgrade and replace 3rd party wires when needed.


The Hifiman HE400SE uses a 2-sided magnet system, while the HE400i uses a single side. From what we can find, the HE400SE uses ferrite instead of neodymium, and Hifiman calls it the Stealth Magnet design.

Stealth Magnet uses a larger magnet, rotates 90 degrees to obstruct and disperse as much sound like the older generation driver. It is supposed to reduce wave diffraction, which degrades the integrity of sound waves. According to Hifiman, this magnet will not affect the airflow from the driver. This design also reduces distortion to near-inaudible levels, resulting in a purer, more harmonious sound.


Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

Impedance: 25Ω

Sensitivity: 91dB

Weight: 390g


According to Hifiman, the HE400SE offers outstanding sound at a very affordable price point. Exceptional sound and true spatial isolation deliver the best quality at any source. Let’s find out if that makes sense.

Just like when I first started listening to the HE400i 2020 version, this time, I also thought I was listening to a headset + $400.

The Hifiman HE400SE is extremely easy to listen to; it has a clear, crisp, and well-controlled sound. It’s fun, it’s catchy, and it makes a very soothing and relaxing sound. You can use the HE400se with any music, but it’s also perfectly fine for watching TV, as well as Zoom & Skype meetings. That is a great headset because its sound quality is really impressive.

The HIFIMAN HE400SE is extremely easy to pull with a frequency response of 20Hz ~ 20kHz and an impedance of 25 Ω with 91dB sensitivity, ready to meet the needs of listening to music from smartphones or tablets/laptops. However, you will need an amplifier with a capacity of about 100mW or higher to bring out the full potential of the headset. Shanling UA2 or xDuoo Link 2 are suggestions for you to combine. They will make your Hifiman HE400SE shine.

Bass sound

The bass is good with this version. It doesn’t have the body and impact of the 2020 version, but the bass still has good weight and presence. The bass is not too tight, but it is easy to hear in the ears.

When needed and called upon, the bass can be expressed deep and is sure to impress. The bass presentation is soft and smooth; the bass has good speed and control.


The mids have the same soft feel that the bass has. Compared to the HE400i 2020 version, the midrange on the HE400SE has high clarity and very clear sound. What you get is vocals with high clarity and plenty of energy.

The midrange of the HE400i 2020 version is warmer; the HE400SE is more balanced and linear.

High voice

The highs on the HE400SE are easy to hear. The treble is soft and smooth but still has enough energy to keep the track interesting.


Like the He400i 2020, the soundstage on the HE400SE is surprisingly wide for a headset that costs only about $180. Outstanding visuals both in music and games. Instrument separation is excellent; every sound source is identified.

He400SE VS HE400i 2020

Hifiman HE400SE and 400i 2020 are both musical and easy-to-listen. You will choose HE400i 2020 if you like full and warm sound; if you like clear, neutral sound with more energy, HE400SE will be your choice.


The HiFiMan HE400SE headphones have impressive audio performance, comfortable wearing, and a new lower price than the new HE400i 2020 version released last year. That is one of the best bargains on the market right now that steps you into the world of flat magnetic headphones. Above all, the HiFiMan HE400SE is also a very good mid-range headset that can compete with any headset model in the price segment.

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