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Kinera SIF

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kinera sif aliexpress kinera sif amazon kinera sif b kinera sif head fi kinera sif iem kinera sif iem review kinera sif kinera sif review kinera sif vs seed kinera sif shopee kinera sif обзор kinera sif 1dynamic 10mm spm ダイアフラムearphone/mmcx kinera sif mmcx tai nghe kinera sif kinera sif ptt

Kinera SIF, the successor to Kinera SEED, has been a huge hit in the world headphone community with its extremely high-cost performance. The price is even cheaper than its predecessor, whether Kinera SIF is as good as Kinera SEED before or not, let’s find out through this article.


Housing: The housing part (earlobe) is finished from a glossy white plastic that is very lightweight. The design of Kinera SIF is not much different from the previous Kinera SEED while still being a seed shape. This housing shape has once brought good ear holding, great comfort and comfort on Kinera SEED.

Happily, despite the cheaper price, but Kinera SIF is still equipped with a shiny metal exhaust pipe, very well matched with the overall white tone of the headset. Most metal sounding tubes only begin to appear on the mid-range headphones, they offer high durability, easily removable eartips and increases the product’s premium.

The housing’s finishing is quite good but not really excellent. The plastic connector on the housing, the junction between the housing and the connector still has small ledges. It is also possible to understand and sympathize with NSX when they have tried to bring the good design in this price range, there will be things to sacrifice.

Conductor: The conductor that comes with Kinera SIF uses silver-plated copper, which is woven beautifully with 4 cores. The MMCX connector, the 3.5mm jack and the split junction are all covered with shiny chrome plating, which fits very nicely with the total metallic sparkle tone of the wire. The connectors are all gold plated to increase the contact.

Fortunately, the Kinera SIF earhook is a soft bend instead of a hard memory cord like other low-cost headphones. This type of earhook will bring higher comfort as well as minimize the unpleasant microphonic phenomenon when touching the wire.

Overall, there’s nothing to blame for the design of wires on Kinera SIF. However, there are some things that I doubt about the quality of this rope. Silver-plated copper in cheap earphones always has oxidation-greening after a period of use, which reduces the aesthetics and backs the signal transmission quality of the wires. Perhaps if you own Kinera SIF, sooner or later you should determine to find yourself a suitable upgrade cord instead.


The internal sound of Kinera SIF is handled by a single dynamic driver, 10mm diameter. This driver uses a special multi-layer membrane technology that Kinera called SPM.

Theoretically, this particular type of film has greater flexibility than the conventional PET film, improves sensitivity as well as better withstand changes when temperature factors are present. Thanks to that, the sound will reproduce in a more detailed and accurate way.


Kinera SIF inherits the housing design of Kinera SEED so it has very good comfort when worn. Lightweight headphones, the sound pipe is arranged reasonably, soft earhook brings a feeling of wearing similar to the high-end IEM models of Shure. I tried wearing it continuously for 4 hours and felt completely comfortable with this headset. Kinera SIF will fit best with medium to large ear sizes. Although the housing is compact but has an elongated form, for those with small ears, the Kinera SIF will be a bit troublesome.

In terms of soundproofing, Kinera SIF with default eartips only stops at a medium level. Noise is still likely to enter the ears, though not by much. This may improve when you switch to sponge eartips.


Kinera SIF is an easy-to-pull headset that can be paired with most smartphones today. The signature sound of Kinera SIF is an impressive bass range, deep down and good force. The remaining two sound bands click on the high mid and low-treble, making the sound more detailed but with sibilant stickiness. In return, the soundstage of the Sera Kinera has a very good depth, a fairly wide width, which makes the stage space become enveloped, extremely impressive in this price range.

Bass range

Starting with the bass range, it can be said that Kinera will definitely be suitable for those who like to listen to the bass. Sub-bass deep, tight and very impressive volume in the price range. The mid-bass part is pressed more than the sub-bass, making the sound neat and round. Overall bass is well controlled, although there are quite a lot but not buzzing, the speed is quite good and clear block.


The mid-range of Kinera SIF has a very strong personality, good details but slightly spiky and sharp, not smooth and gentle as usual. For those who are sensitive to sibilant sounds, most will drop down after listening to 30 seconds because Kinera SIF is quite a strong boost to high-mid. The singer’s voice, especially the modified male bass, lost the weight of the voice. In return, the details of the instrument are very detailed, revealing even the small details in the music, especially the sound of electric guitars or metal colliding. A soprano or soprano, energetic soprano.

Treble strip

The low-treble part is pushed up quite a lot, making the jangling sounds sharper and sharper. Details in this sound range are also very clear. Treble extends is good until about 12kHz then starts to roll-off, but that was enough for high-range instruments to have good performance. The minus point in this sound range is probably not good separation ability, so the sound is slightly choppy, difficult to distinguish the instruments in the music.

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Soundstage and sound

If the soundstage is isolated, it will be the brightest part on this headset. The stage is fairly wide, but the depth is amazing in this price range. That makes the sound evenly distributed and distributed from low to high correctly. The sound of the instrument is quite accurate when arranged in the stage created by Kinera SIF. The ability to separate the class above the average and is very commendable when compared to rivals in the same price range.

But nothing is perfect, this headset will reveal the disadvantage of a full-range driver headset when playing complicated and high-speed textures, everything starts to lose control. In summary, the soundstage is a strong point of this headset. The soundstage and the ability to layer are above average and perfectly okay for its price.


Kinera SIF is a very stylish headset at the price of less than $50. Nice design, good finish and sound are tuned in a very unique way. This headset will be suitable for genres like Deep House, Metal, Rock … and music with a strong personality.

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