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FAAEAL Hibiscus

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Admittedly, the average user has never had such good headset options. At less than $100, Faaeal Hibiscus carries the design of hundreds of dollars IEM headphones. 

Faaeal Hibiscus has five different color versions; the version I have on hand is the transparent version and is the most popular choice.

The housing part, which shapes like a water-drop, is made from transparent hard plastic, showing the entire interior. The shiny faceted metal faceplate of CNC machined metal is extremely eye-catching.

We can see that the Faaeal Hibiscus inside is equipped with a unique 10mm dynamic driver; the gold-plated case looks high-end product. This driver, introduced by Faaeal, uses a diamond-like crystal film technology that helps to reproduce natural and accurate sound. However, when you look closely, there will be a few minus points in the glue inside. Faaeal Hibiscus uses a 2-pin connector for easy detachment and wire replacement.

Next is the attached conductor. It’s no exaggeration to say that Faaeal Hibiscus’s bundled cable is one of the best-bundled cables you can find on the market right now. Most low-cost earphone brands will focus on housing only, ignoring the importance of wires, most notably is KZ. The conductor of Faaeal Hibiscus has four small threads woven by hand, which made it very soft and firm.

The material used is OFC 5N copper for good sound conductivity. The connector, the junction, the connector end all are wrapped in shiny metal. Look very synchronized with faceplate face. The connector and connector are gold plated to increase contact and stability during operation.

One good thing that not everyone recognizes is that Faaeal Hibiscus uses a 2-pin 0.78mm standard. This standard is the most popular 2-pin standard on the market today, so you will have no trouble replacing or upgrading wires. In contrast to the KZ, use a separate 2-pin standard and only use the wire provided by the KZ.


Faaeal Hibiscus’s housing has a medium size, so I have no problem wearing this headset at all. I recommend you come and listen to this product before buying for those who have small ears.

The weight of the housing is not too heavy nor too light when worn on the ears quite comfortable. Plus, the cord with a soft ear hook without curling wire makes the experience of wearing Faaeal Hibiscus even better. Also, the microphonic phenomenon on the wire is negligible.

Faaeal Hibiscus is an easy-to-pull headset with an impedance of only 32 Ohm and high sensitivity of 110dB/ mW, so it is not difficult to pull the headset. You can fully pair it with your phone or music player without the need for amplifier support. In this article, I use Hiby R5 as the source.

The overall sound of Faaeal Hibiscus is low bass, sweet mid, and good treble extend. The best listening music on Faaeal Hibiscus is Pop Ballad, Female Vocal, and especially Jpop. Jazz or EDM versions will lack the weight because the upper-bass part is not good enough.

Bass range: Less in volume. The bass of Faaeal Hibiscus is similar to that of earbuds with the addition of sub-bass when it can be relatively down. Bass focuses mainly on mid-bass, plays neatly, and makes a good background for the score. The upper-bass part is pulled back, so it feels like the bass guitar lacks the weight it needs. For those who love the light, soaring, this bass will be very comfortable, but it is not enough for me.

Mid-range: Mid of Faaeal Hibiscus is made quite smooth and sweet. Especially when listening to female vocalists. The mid-range is focused on the mid to high-mid floors making the female voice sound soaring and elegant. However, the male vocalist will experience a lack of weight and warmth needed. Experiments with Zhao Peng’s bass vocals show this to be extremely pronounced. Instrument details in the track are well reproduced, especially for stringed instruments.

Treble band: Treble of Faaeal Hibiscus up to, not being roll-off midway. It sounds smooth and bright. The tinkling sound is clear and has a good level, with no annoying bunches. Treble is also well-controlled when not being harsh or sibilant.


Another strong point of Faaeal Hibiscus is the soundstage. The stage is wide horizontally; it sounds very airy and not as secret as other in-ear headphones of the same level. However, the depth and height are a bit poor due to the lack of bass. Faaeal Hibiscus will do well with studio recordings, and with complex live recordings, this headset will be exhausted.


You are an Anime lover; J-pop is, without a doubt; Faaeal Hibiscus was born for you. Extremely beautiful design, good finishing. The sound quality strikes the smooth and gentle levitation of J-pop songs.

That does not mean that Faaeal Hibiscus does not hear such genres.

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