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Faaeal Iris Series

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amazon Faaeal Iris Series reviews

1. Faaeal Iris 1.0

As the cheapest product of the Faaeal line, however, Iris 1.0 is still quite solidly completed and comes with a microphone attached to the cord. The overall design of the Faaeal budget earbuds series does not have too many unique features when using the housing type of the legendary Sennheiser MX500 series.

The conductor of Faaeal Iris 1.0 is made quite thick. The connector and the junction of the split wire are both metals. What has previously only appeared on headphones is three times the price of Faaeal Iris 1.0. The jack of Faaeal Iris 1.0 is also gold plated, and the conductor is also equipped with a conversation microphone and a convenient control button.

Faaeal Iris 1.0 is aimed at new users in terms of sound, so it has an extremely eye-catching sound quality. Despite the design of the earbuds, the Faaeal Iris 1.0 bass sound is quite good, has power, and is rounded. The enhanced treble strip provides a jingle-jing sound. I guarantee that the sound of Faaeal Iris 1.0 will be much better than the current headsets bundled with phones.

2. Faaeal Iris 1.0 Type-C

Unexpectedly, a headset that uses the Type-C port is priced below $ 10. If your phone only has a Type-C port, then Faaeal Iris 1.0 Type-C is a better option.

The conductor part of Faaeal Iris 1.0 Type-C is too good for its price when the connector part is covered with metal; the junction of the wire is also covered with metal. That has so far only appeared on the earbuds-earphones priced from 500k or more only. Indeed, these small details are too convincing for the price of Faaeal Iris 1.0 Type-C already.

Next to the cord is also equipped with a conversation microphone. The control unit receives calls and increases or decreases the volume. You are not mistaken. Faaeal Iris 1.0 Type-C takes us from surprise to surprise. So, what about the sound quality?

Because it is the same Iris 1.0, the sound quality of Faaeal Iris 1.0 Type-C retains the elder’s tone. However, it seems that the Type-C jack is equipped with DAC inside, so the sound of Faaeal Iris 1.0 Type-C is controlled better. The bass band is no longer overboard, and the treble strip is not overflowed.

And finally, a small note that the Faaeal Iris 1.0 Type-C Type-C port is not 100% compatible with all smartphones on the market. You should test it before you buy it.

3. Faaeal Iris 2.0

Four core knitting wire, OFC antioxidant copper Litz purity 5N. The entire connector, the fork in the wire, the control key, and the microphone are all covered with metal. You guess how much this headset costs.

Once again, I have to say, Faaeal is crazy, with the perfect quality and meticulousness in details such that the Faaeal Iris 2.0 costs less than $10.


In terms of sound quality, the slightly upgraded version of the 1.0 series, the good quality has improved a bit in the balance. The mid-range seems more prominent, clearer but the bass and treble are not as impressive as version 1.0. This headset can still play a lot of music from Pop Ballad or R&B. Heavy tracks that require richer bass in terms of volume; perhaps Faaeal Iris 2.0 is a bit exhaustive due to the characteristic of the design earbud.


Faaeal’s Iris line is a bargain for newcomers or even for the average user. The perfection of the product, the sound quality of them are far beyond the current price.

If you’re not thinking of a gift to give to your loved one, why not choose the Faaeal Iris Series?

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