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Since its launch, the True Wireless X10 pair has brought much success to the American audio company MEE Audio. Without a lot of “epic” technology, this pair of headphones gives users everything we use every day at a comfortable price. For many people, that’s more than enough!

But after two years of being released, this pair of headphones has shown signs of obsolescence. In particular, the lack of active noise cancellation technology, which many other manufacturers have begun to apply to their In-ear headphones. To solve this problem, in 2021, MEE Audio decided to upgrade to a new version called MEE Audio X20.

The most notable point of this pair of headphones has also been proudly printed on the front of the box: active noise cancellation technology called Noiseshield to block outside noises.

What I like about MEE’s headphones is that the company often prints quick instructions right on the box; from then on, in the process of opening the box, we also know the first set-up steps to use it too. No need to touch the instruction sheet inside anymore.

The accessory kit of the headset has two rubber pads and a short USB Type-C charging cord; nothing has changed compared to the X10.

The changes in the design of the X20 are huge; if you put it next to the X10, few people will say these two products are predecessors / upgraded versions of each other! Instead of a square charging box, the new box of the X20 has a rounded triangle shape, which looks quite similar to Japanese onigiri.

This box has been made larger to integrate a high-capacity battery, as pairs of headphones with active noise cancellation will consume more battery than headphones.

Even with the headphones, the design has been completely redone. The X10 was previously a small headset without a tail, worn inside the user’s ear. The X20 has “transformed” into a headset with a tail to bring noise-canceling microphones near the user’s mouth to increase the quality of conversation.

Instead of being equipped with buttons, the outer part is a touch button, a change that any pair of TWS on the market today is aiming. The old pair of headphones every time the controller has to press quite hard on the back, making it go deeper into the listener’s ears, not feeling very comfortable.

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On a full charge, the MEE Audio X20 can be used for 5 hours in a row and can be charged four more times in the box for 25 hours of use. That is not an outstanding number at the moment (like the EarFun Air Pro, also with ANC has a duration of 32 hours), but it is quite enough.

Besides, it is IPX4 waterproof standard, which is at a light level. You absolutely can take this pair of headphones to practice running, exercising; if you get splashed with water, it doesn’t matter but does not immerse in water for a long time. It would help if you had a pair of headphones with the mechanical IPX7 standard.

Is the noise resistance of the MEE Audio X20 pair good or not? As a pair of In-ear headphones themselves, if you choose the right type of cushion, this pair of headphones already have pretty good natural noise cancellation. During testing, I found that the sound tube of this pair of headphones is a bit shorter than usual, so when using a cushion larger than one size, it will have the best noise resistance; if you choose small, it will open a bit.

So what about ANC active noise cancellation? Once you have selected the right cushion, the X20’s ANC technology will do the job of resolving the remaining noises only. The X20’s ANC performance will be on par with the LG TONE Free FN7 or EarFun Free Pro pair, which means it’s in 2nd place, but not as good as 1st places like EarFun Air Pro or Sony. That is the first time MEE Audio has applied noise-canceling technology to TWS products, so asking it to perform the best on the market is a bit too much; nonetheless, it has calmed down quite a lot of noise on the outside already.

There are improvements in both the exterior and the features. However, in terms of sound quality, the X20 still develops in the direction of the X10 and the general orientation of MEE Audio: a dark, rich sound quality, slightly redundant bass to serve for listening to the “chill” variety.

Bass can be said to be “excess,” but if you score it on a 10-point scale, it’s only about 6-7, not enough to turn this into a complete pair of bass-head headphones. The bass of the X20 depends a lot on the fit of the headset with the listener’s ear; as mentioned above, everyone should choose a buffer a bit larger than other pairs of headphones. When well-fitted, the bass has a pretty good body, moderate depth but high bounce. On the contrary, if worn too open, this bass part will be superficial; the amount is greatly reduced, so choosing the right type of cushion is necessary.

The vocalist of this pair of headphones is designed in a balanced form, without too many highlights. I feel the X20 can do better with the singer’s voice when placed a little back, not straight up. Although the other sounds do not seem to dominate, if the mid is more prominent, even a little bit more in the high-mid range, it will easily make an impression, especially with female vocalists like Melanie Martinez in Play Date.

Like the X10, the X20 pair has added many trebles compared to the first-generation headphones of MEE Audio. The treble amount of this pair of headphones is quite good; there is a gentle peak to create a highlight for the song. If I can edit this part of the X20, I will make it stick for a bit longer because the sustain is still lacking so that the treble can “remain” in the listener’s mind.

Upgrade to be more modern

When the market for True Wireless headphones is progressing rapidly, companies like MEE Audio must also accelerate to keep up if they do not want to fall behind. The MEE Audio X20 pair is the company’s answer to this problem, in which the two points that users are waiting for the most are the touch-sensitive control panel and ANC active noise cancellation.

Although it cannot stand out on a ‘forest’ of other pairs of headphones because it still has a few disadvantages, MEE Audio X20 has done its job well in bringing full features, equipped with a sound quality MEE’s usual comfort zone.

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