Meridian Technology With Any LG Sound Products

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If you’ve learned a little about LG’s audio products, whether it’s the XBoom GO speakers or the TONE Free and TONE Flex headphones, you’ve heard about ‘Meridian audio technology.’ So what exactly is this technology, and how does it affect the final sound quality of these products?

Meridian is not a ‘technology name’ devised by LG but an independent audio technology company from the UK. That is also not a new company established in 1977, famous for its high-end tower speakers designed and manufactured in the host country. With 43 years of experience, Meridian produces powerful hardware for the audio market and “encroaches” into the field of software, upgrading the music experience comprehensively.

LG’s cooperation with Meridian is mainly on the software side, as the Korean electronics company’s headphone and speaker lines inherit many of Meridian’s ‘invisible’ but extremely useful technologies. 4 main technologies can be mentioned are:

– High-quality DSP (Digital Signal Processing) signal control, allowing control of every aspect of the sound for increased detail, transforming it to suit listening conditions.

– Meridian Lossless Packing technology: The ability to package high-quality Lossless music for use with wireless audio devices, a technology that also cooperates with Dolby.

– The ability to decode MQA music: MQA is said to be the music of the future when it brings very high sound quality with a small capacity, being tested in high-end music streaming services.

– Of course, not to mention: the high-quality EQ modes. Thanks to Meridian’s good DSP sound processor, LG’s speakers and headphones can accurately transform sound in each range without affecting other bands. SoundBoost mode delivers powerful sound quality with deep bass, and Standard mode provides high detail, clean and neat sound quality.


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