LC3 – New Bluetooth Codec Help Upgrade Sound Quality

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We have learned about the popular types of CODEC for listening to music using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth SIG council announced a completely new CODEC standard called LC3 or Low Complexity Communication Codec to replace the common SBC standard. The ability to deliver higher quality even though it works at bit-rate music is very low.

Accordingly, the LC3 can compress 1.5Mbps music to only 192Kbps, which means high-quality Lossless music is only equal to ‘normal’ MP3 music, not the highest. With the volume of signals transmitted from smartphones and headphones is reduced, we can ensure uninterrupted transmission (causing loss of sound in headphones, one side or both sides) and even increase both devices’ battery life!

As announced by SIG, CODEC LC3 will give higher sound quality when operating at 128kbps bit-rate threshold than SBC at 192kbps threshold; in simpler words, it is a smaller signal volume, but the sound quality bar back higher! It was only when the music dropped to the bit rate of 96kbps that we began to see the phenomenon of cracking affecting the quality, and no one would download music with such bad quality.

To experience the new CODEC LC3 directly and compare it with SBC, invite readers to access the LINK and use high-quality headphones to see the difference quite clearly. That will not be the CODEC that replaces Qualcomm’s apt-X (currently its proprietary technology) but replaces SBC as the default CODEC that any device has, upgrading the device’s wireless headphones’ sound quality. Especially low-priced products that cannot be integrated with apt-X!


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