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Monster Hunter is the “flagship” game series of Sony systems with more than 10 years of “rooting” here, suddenly for some reason that in mid-March 2013, this famous game series “move” to Nintendo with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate version.

Even more monstrous, it seems that Capcom has decided to “break up” with Sony forever by repeatedly extending the contract to produce Monster Hunter for only Nintendo systems.

Monster Hunter is probably not an unfamiliar name to Capcom’s “fans”, or veteran gamers who have a passion for difficult challenging games. With the physics simulation too real, the AI ​​system (artificial intelligence) top-notch, horror difficulty – obviously Monster Hunter is a very “picky” game series.

Players will spend most of their time in Moga Village, a small fishing village close to the sea. Life here is quite comfortable with funny, simple residents, and rich treasures. But all seemed to have ended when successive earthquakes threatened the safety of the villagers.

Believing these disasters were caused by a sea monster named Lagiacrus, the village chief sent a request to the hunter association for help. I do not understand due to not being aware of the situation or what the intentions are, but an entire association of hunters is sending players, a “whole newcomer” here with the “impossible” mission: destroying the dragon. Lagiacrus, rescue the villagers!

Through quests from hunting, gathering to destroying monsters, players gradually discover the secrets of natural disasters. Lagiacrus is just the “surface” of the iceberg, the terrifying beast from the early days of Ceadeus is the real disaster when just a slight wave of its tail created a tsunami.

Together with two hilarious Shakalaka Aboriginal friends named Cha-Cha and Kayamba, players will have to confront the gods from ancient times, only to realize bitterly every time they gloat for killing one of the giant monsters – stronger ones always appeared.

With a relatively simple gameplay layout: the player takes on the quest at the village, is transferred to the map of the quest, finds the monster, hunts it, or … gets hunted by it.

If in the popular action role-playing game, the definition of “strong character” is terrible, high-level equipment… in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate these prejudices are completely disturbed. He can build up a final armor, hold an ultimate sword in his hand, but still be able to be slowly beaten by a most “weak” monster in the game!

Indeed, for gamers who are already familiar with the type of “blood click” such as the role-playing line Diablo, Torchlight, Titan Quest … or the type of zero gravity jump like the action series Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden … will probably soon “Surrender” when encountering the “surreal” physics simulation of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

A Greatsword with slow movements “sluggish”, will surely have a different style of Dual Blades with fast “combo” phases. The physics element is simulated in a great way, making the attacks and movements in the game convey a sense of authenticity to the player. Not all, to make the problem even more difficult, the fitness bar The characters will gradually run out each time he runs fast, rolls around, dodge attacks, or puts his shield on defense. When the bar reaches the red level, the character will stagger and run out of breath, and of course, it will not be able to respond to the storming attacks of the devils in the game.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate divides 12 weapons into two lines: Blademaster (melee) and Gunner (long-range). Whether Blademaster or Gunner face similar problems, such as melee weapons that always have a durability indicator bar.

The higher the durability, the stronger the damage, but when hit continuously, the durability will decrease, leading to the damage reduction, and when hitting hard parts of the monsters, the weapon will be bounced, causing people play fell into a state of a loophole.

Gunners are also not more comfortable when they use a bow or gun (Light / Heavy Bowgun) is always attached to ammunition. The bullets in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate come in a variety of types and seem… never enough for a hunt. A standard Gunner always carries a lot of ingredients to make more ammunition when needed, leading to a lack of inventory in the luggage bag.

At the heart of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, are naval battles. For the first time in the history of Monster Hunter, players can plunge into the water and face extremely scary sea monsters such as Lagiacrus, Gobul, Plesioth … Water resistance is more subtly simulated, when the ability The player’s move, dodge, and attack speed are greatly reduced.

Some weapons such as Switch Ax, Greatsword, Bow … will become more useless when hit underwater, making a good hunter will have to practice to master a few different weapons if you want to confront all of the monsters in the game (over 60 different types).

With 12 types of weapons with completely different gameplay and functions, players will spend a lot of time just to master ONE of them. Because each fighting style is suitable for a different personality, people who are familiar with Dual Blades will find it difficult to attack manually – counterattack of a spear (Lance) or “hit & run” style of bow.

The most interesting thing in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, is the arsenal of weapons – outfits are too many to count! Each standard armor set includes 5 items: hats, shirts, gloves, pants, shoes – and players will have to hunt for ingredients to make, not buy anywhere!

Each monster in the game will produce different materials for crafting, and some materials are only available when the player breaks specialized parts on them.

For example, to have Lagiacrus Tail, the player will cut the tail, or if you want Diablos Horn, you must destroy the horn.

It can be said that defeating a monster in the game is not too difficult, but wanting to both kill and destroy the necessary parts requires 3 times more skill, time, and effort.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s “Desire Sensor” sensing mechanism doesn’t make things any easier either, as it feels like when the player needs a specific material, its spawn rate is drastically reduced.

The armor in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate not only increases defense, resistance, or just to wear … for beauty, but they also provide extremely important passive skills.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has an extremely rich and useful skill system, which directly affects the player’s strength both literally and figuratively. The problem is, never a specific armor can have the skills you need, leading to forced coordination. The elite hunters almost always wear “mix” with the help of gems and necklaces to get the skill set they need.

Weapons – armor in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate are designed by Capcom very detailed and beautiful. An item made from any monster will have the appearance of that monster, and its unique set of skills. Design – shaping the armor and weapons in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has a unique style that no game can match, both in sophistication and variety.

But what separates Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate from other games, is that it has a terrifying A.I (artificial intelligence) mechanism!

The monsters in the game are designed with their attacks, with extremely elusive rhythms. It is not uncommon for a level 50-60 hunter to be “beaten to death” by a mediocre Royal Ludroth, because of its A.I is so great!

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Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate: Buy it now

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate: Buy it now

Monsters in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate react to each player’s actions mischievously, rather than using the programmed machines. Sequences of attacks and force players into dead corners, preventing them from drinking blood or moving kits into the hidden corner of the camera and dodging player pitfalls – always makes battles in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate real suffocation due to stress.

Each monster has different damage locations on the body, and a good hunter must know how to move – attack properly. A precise hit on a weak spot can cause extremely high damage, even causing the monster to writhe to create space to continue attacking, far more than the and ineffective attacks.

But the higher the level, the more wicked monsters are always hiding weak places, or even deliberately showing weakness to “lure” the player to close and finish them with killing attacks hidden defense available.

Especially when they hit a lot and fall into a state of madness, the damage, defense, and speed will suddenly increase, causing the player to be subjective enough, being “hit to death” if not dodge.

The real challenges are the battles in the Arena, where the map only has an empty area that makes it impossible for players to escape – and face 2 monsters at the same time! This would be a real disaster if the player was poor and was unfamiliar with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s camera design.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was released on both Wii U and 3DS, but this is the strange highlight. While Nintendo is known to have little interest in the game’s graphics, things seem to have changed when Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate arrived. Compared to previous releases like Monster Hunter Freedom United or even Monster Hunter Tri HD on PSP, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s graphics are far ahead of its brothers.

If the version on the 3DS has a relatively poor resolution, although there is still no blur and the rendering is extremely smooth, when on the Wii U with HD resolution everything will be exposed to the correct range.

The clear water surface seems to see every pebble below, each branch of grass swaying with every breeze, every feather – every scale on the monsters … all speak of care, the Outstanding processing by a team of game makers. Looking at the close-up, players seem to be able to see every texture, each knot, each tiny metal ring on the armor, or cracks, the imprints of time lingering on the blade.

The space in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is perfectly displayed with an arbitrary angle of rotation, from where you can see in the distance is the mist falling into the sea, looking up can see immediately a clear blue sky with drifting clouds.

If you are “tired” of the stressful and dangerous hunting trips, why not go to the Misty Peak map to watch the moon rise on the top, to visit the stalactite cave as beautiful as Son Doong in Vietnam, to admire the pure beauty of the crystal clear watershed?

Actually, at present, the game with great graphics is not lacking, but they all lack a soul, care – but only too focus on the first impression, then when examined, be new features reveal weaknesses.

Luckily Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate feels the exact opposite.

It can be said, the most critical and unique weakness of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, is the difficulty. With surreal physics simulation, scary A.I of monsters, requiring a lot of skill training … the game itself has “closed” the door for the majority of gamers in the world.

A lot of people who saw the introduction of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the first time also excitedly download the demo, then… immediately deleted it after 10 minutes of struggling with the game’s annoying controls and cameras!

The writer himself used to be like that, but maybe because of “fate”, after 3 deleting the demo, finally stick with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate until now, more than 1 and a half years with 2000 hours of play!

In the era when most veteran game series has to reduce the difficulty to match the trend of “casualization”, the development direction of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate seems quite paradoxical. No matter how good the game is, how attractive it is but can’t make players “dare” stay with the game from the very beginning, how can they make them understand the cool things behind it? role-playing games – other actions, character stats, and gear can compensate for the control skills, then in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it’s all meaningless. It makes no sense for the player to be “awesome” if they can’t … hit the monster – because the game name is Monster “Hunter” and not Monster Killer.

A true hunter must have a lot of knowledge about the moving habits and characteristics of each monster as well as understand the pros, cons, and weaknesses of the weapon he is holding, know how to make use of all the support items that the game gives such as bombs, traps, poison …

It is difficult to ask people who play “popular” games, to play for entertainment at the same time so many qualities.

The essence of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate lies in co-op battles with up to 4 players. Only here are situations that are both tragic and humorous, “laughing to tears” full of fun.

With the version on 3DS, players can only connect via local networks within a radius of 30 meters.

The Wii U version has a Network Mode that allows Wii U players to connect over a Wi-Fi network, but it is the “picky” of the Wii U network that sometimes causes quite a lot of trouble for those who do not good at tweaking network parameters.

Wii U players can servers to connect to 3 3DS machines within a 30-meter radius, but cannot join the local network set up by the 3DS. If two Wii U players are sitting close to each other, they are forced to use Network Mode to play together. Therefore, if 4 friends, of which 2 are using Wii U, and 2 are using 3DS, there will be one Wii U user sitting around watching his 3 friends co-op.

Most frustratingly, data transfer is only allowed between Wii U and 3DS if physical tape is used. Those who buy the “digital” form of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (download) in the device will not be able to transfer data anywhere, and the data attached to the game itself, cannot be backed up. So if you delete the game by mistake, even if you can download it for free from the Nintendo eShop, the player’s character data will also be lost.

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