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A detective has always been a topic that authors choose to express because of its strange appeal to generations of readers.

Although the film’s golden age, the detective story is over, firmly believe that mysterious cases with ingenious details, professional and brutal methods of crime, unexpected and dramatic outcomes of the case’s judgment – still has an irresistible charm.

However, when it comes to the sacred land of the “world game”, it seems that this topic has many obstacles, that there is rarely a detective game “out of spirit”, nor is it difficult to understand when The number of fans of this game series is too “bad”.

To “change the wind”, giant Square Enix, known for its turn-based role-playing genre, bringing an Airtight Games detective game on the catwalk. Possessing a very “mysterious” name, whether Murdered: Soul Suspect can change the end of a series of games or not?

The plot in Murdered: Soul Suspect revolves around the character Ronan O’Connor and the tragedies of his life.

Born and raised in an unhappy family, spending his childhood on the streets with fights, and junk theft – it’s not surprising that the player’s first impression of Ronan is his body full of writhing tattoos.

Maybe for the Gypsy, tattooing has become the definition, becoming the “brand” to assert its class – but for Ronan, each tattoo is to mark important milestones in my life.

The first tattoo represents the adult “ritual” tattooed by the father himself, the next tattoo symbolizes the act of confirming the name of one arm: car robbery, scuffle against scale massive, armed robbery – and ultimately jail.

Ronan’s days of sadness ended when he met Julia, who had vowed to “live together” with him, ignoring Ronan’s sinful past. Love has helped Ronan return to the main road when he gave up his life of crime and joined the police team.

The thoughts of Ronan’s future life will change, but the death of his wife, Julia, makes everything in his collapse. Inherently hostile because of his police teammates who are always jealous of his past and achievements, Ronan is now more and more losing himself when always plunging into the most dangerous cases, despite all possible die at any time.

In the case of The Bell Killer, a mysterious serial killer, Ronan was killed by him with his gun. But for some reason, Ronan’s soul still clings to the mundane world – and he swears, even if he dies, he must find the killer who murdered him, because this is not just a matter of personal honor but also determines the safety of many innocent people.

Becoming a ghost, of course, the “reluctant detective” Ronan will possess supernatural powers, and this is the “key” to solving cases in Murdered: Soul Suspect.

After his death, Ronan realizes that the world around him is essentially two overlapping parallel spaces, in which there are limitations that a ghost has and cannot overcome. For example, Ronan can go through the walls, the doors of the human world – but is powerless against obstacles of the underworld (represented by a translucent, transparent line in the game).

Ronan can also interact with and chat with other ghosts, to gather information or even unleash them. But where he is at is a thin line between the earth and the dead, so there are times when players have to be wary of the demons who are always waiting to “devour” these wandering souls.

The key to solving cases is that thanks to Ronan’s ghostly ability, he can “haunt” the living, reading their thoughts to find clues and useful information. There are even times when Ronan has to penetrate the minds of suspicious people to find the clues and loopholes when they commit a crime and thereby figure out how to undo them.

By collecting pieces of information around the crime scene, Ronan can also influence the mind of the person he “haunted”, driving their thoughts according to information that can solve the mystery.

It can be said that the core of Murdered: Soul Suspect is that Ronan has to solve and through live people to influence the scene to clarify the questions.

The most impressive point of Murdered: Soul Suspect, is probably the way to express the charisma and emotions of the characters. The expressions from the facial contours, to the changes in voice, all portray the feelings of an individual in the game very truthfully.

Players can feel the mercy mixed with a little regret of his wife Ronan when stroking his eyes. Or the jealousy of the bad-hearted fellow cop when he saw Ronan die on the street like a stray dog.

With the tactics depicting extremely ingenious emotions and a magical atmosphere in Murdered: Soul Suspect, it can be said that the game has been very successful when bringing players into the context, into the characters themselves in the game.

The voice acting for the characters is also excellent when it becomes clear to the player by reading the voice while listening to the voice, emotions and thoughts hidden in the head of the characters in the game – this makes for the “inanimate” models in Murdered: Soul Suspect suddenly becomes alive, and seems to possess very strange “ego”.

Built on the Unreal 3 platform, the commendable point of Murdered: Soul Suspect is that the game’s required configuration is very low. Just a mid-range PC 3 years ago can still push the maximum settings in the game and still be able to enjoy the game.

But that is why Murdered: Soul Suspect suffers from very clear graphics weaknesses. Because, although it is true that the blur style of Unreal 3 is suitable for the mysterious, dark atmosphere in the plot – but it makes the detailed creation in Murdered: Soul Suspect quite bad.

With the majority of close-ups shooting the character’s face, Unreal 3’s shortcomings are immediately apparent through the hard lines of the fabric, roughness of the body parts out must be rounded like fingers, nose, ears.

The heaviest detail of Unreal 3 is the characterization of the characters’ hair is extremely rough and rigid, so that the player must have a lot of doubts because the hair of Murdered: Soul Suspect also loses PlayStation 2 games like Final Fantasy X.

The gait and action posture of the character is not better when the guy “ghost detective” Ronan has a very rigid general like a robot. The creases on the clothes kept on tightly and stuck there like a block, not moving or moving with every step.

The better the expressions on the characters’ faces do, the more “wobble” gestures make “lose points”. This makes the player feel like the characters in the game are always in a state of extreme despair when the face is extremely “in the mood” while the hands and feet keep “shaking” like … people drowning!

The gameplay of Murdered: Soul Suspect initially proved very attractive and attractive, when players can freely explore the environment of cases and interact with many things with their supernatural abilities.

However, the longer you play, the more players feel that Murdered: Soul Suspect goes into the path when the cases are tangledly intertwined. The main cases of living people are solving “good”, they are “exposed” by the side cases of the dead, distracting players and as a result, walking around the house trying to find Murdered: Soul Suspect also soon makes players boring, when it is clear that only 5/8 clues are needed to deduce the culprit – the game again forces the player to find out all the new clues to solve the case.

Suggestions and information in Murdered: Soul Suspect is sometimes too much and not very relevant to the case, causing players who are “sick” who like to think complicated will become … crazy when thinking more and more mysterious, while the problem is much simpler.

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