moondrop chaconne 2 moondrop chaconne review moondrop chaconne รีวิว moondrop chaconne レビュー moondrop chaconne 中古 moondrop chaconne 4.4mm 水月雨 (moondrop) chaconne

Moondrop Chaconne

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moondrop chaconne 2 moondrop chaconne review moondrop chaconne รีวิว moondrop chaconne レビュー moondrop chaconne 中古 moondrop chaconne 4.4mm 水月雨 (moondrop) chaconne

IEM headphones currently occupy the top position in the world of headphones in terms of sound quality as well as its mobility. However, there is still a significant part of headphone players who love the sweet and airy sound of earbuds. And certainly, among them, Moondrop is no longer a strange name anymore.

Moondrop Chaconne is Moondrop’s latest flagship headset following the resounding success of Moondrop Liebesleid. You are curious to know the quality of this headset, follow the article for an answer.


Moondrop Chaconne is packed in a fairly large square box. The outer box is an image of Anime characters in black and white, the back is an illustration of the product. The specifications of the product are printed on a sticker on the bottom of the box, which is strange.

Removing the outer shell, we have a black cardboard box with the Moondrop logo in the center printed in silver, looking very serious and luxurious. Open the box, we have a very polite and neat product presentation that is completely different from what we imagine when we see the outside.

Included accessories include:

1 x padded cotton bag

1 x Carrying case

And lots of papers attached

Glad that Moondrop Chaconne was given a worthy container. The included box is beautifully made with neatly stitched stitches. Box lid has a convenient magnet section. Strangely, the cheaper Moondrop Chaconne comes equipped with a box, while the company’s top Liebesleid is not.


Funnily enough, the Moondrop Chaconne has a housing that is designed to resemble a shower. The entire body of the headset is finished from Titanium TC04 and polished for a sense of extreme elegance and certainty. The driver shield has many sound holes made from gold-plated brass.

Surely many people will be confused when they cannot find any left or right symbols on the headphones. Characteristic on Moondrop products is that the LEFT ear of the headset will have a groove ring on the handle of the headset, the smooth ear will be the right ear. A pretty interesting convention.

As for the wires, Moondrop Chaconne uses solder wires instead of the disassemble type as IEM headphones at the same price. This traditional design will have the advantage of bringing the best transmission from the source to the driver without having to go through any conversion that reduces sound quality. There are also many high-end earbuds that use this design.

The rope consists of 2 strands of 24AWG diameter twisted together. The core material is 5N pure single crystal copper with “litz” treatment to resist the green surface combined with the outer bundle of silver-plated copper wires. This combination ensures sufficient sound transmission in all bands in the most detailed and stable way.

Inside, Moondrop Chaconne contains a dynamic driver that uses Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) & Synthetic Polyurethane membranes for detailed and accurate sound reproduction.


The Moondrop Chaconne has a housing size that is not too large so there is no problem with the ear canal, even small female ears can be worn. Because the housing is made of metal, the surface is smooth, so it feels cool and soft. The only drawback is that the weight of Moondrop Chaconne is much heavier than other plastic earbuds, the feeling of wearing ear is clearly visible when worn on the ear.

With an impedance of only 24ohm and high sensitivity of up to 124dB /1 mW, Moondrop Chaconne is clearly a very easy-to-pull headset. Just a compact music player or even a phone can beat Moondrop Chaconne.

The overall sound of Moondrop Chaconne is extremely clear, pure and smooth. The mid and treble bands are extremely well made for a neutral, earbuds headset. There is a lot of atmosphere between the instruments that create a great sense of airiness and relaxation.

Bass-range: This is not the strong point of the earbuds and Moondrop Chaconne is no exception. This range of sound tends to increase from sub-bass to upper-bass. The amount is focused mainly on the mid-bass and upper bass so the bass sounded lacking in-depth due to the lack of force in the sub-bass. In return, the bass has a fast, neat beat speed, not dragging the tail. In general, this bass strip is only enough to make the background for the gentle Pop Ballad, when switching to music requiring deep bass and strong Jazz or Dance, it will be exhausted.

Mid-range: The most amazing sound range on this headset. The sound is crystal clear and sparkling, neutral and smooth. The most stressed is in the range of 300-600Hz, so the vocal tends to move slightly forward but still at a reasonable distance, not too close to the listener’s face. The mid-range is flexible from the low-mid to high-mid to create a very natural and elegant sound feeling. The mid-range has a medium thickness so it shows well both male and female voices. However, I feel that the female singers’ voices will bring the best experience. The voice of Jackie Evancho was smooth and climbed up to the blue cloud as if pouring honey into her ears. There were no unpleasant last notes or unpleasant sibilants. Extremely convincing and emotional.

The details of the instruments are clearly visible and separated from each other, but Moondrop Chaconne does not go in the direction of clicking on the details of the instrument and reveals the defects of the recording as IEM headphones. Stringed instruments such as guitars and violins are shown very vividly and feel the bouncing of the strings while maintaining the smoothness necessary. There were no dry notes and cold spikes on Moondrop Chaconne.

Treble range: It’s rare that any earbuds have a beautiful mid sound like Moondrop Chaconne. Good control, smooth, tinkling and sparkling like the stars. The feeling of having a lot of air between the instruments makes the treble very soft and also very smooth. The low-treble part is pulled back slightly to avoid sibilant phenomena. There’s a sharp peak at 9kHz that makes the cymbal and hi-hat sound brighter.

Soundstage: Very spacious and airy, a common feature on the earbuds at this price range. However, due to the gentle bass range, the feeling of the depth of the stage on Moondrop Chaconne was not good. The ability to layer and position the instruments in the stage is arranged exactly. This is most evident when listening to live recordings. There is quite a lot of space between musicians and singers so the feeling is very pleasant and relaxing.


At a low price for earbuds, Moondrop Chaconne offers very convincing advantages. Nice design, perfect class, clear sound like the sunshine of tomorrow. It’s hard to feel the sound in words, but if you’re a fan of earbuds, give it a try right now, chances are this is your dream headset.

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moondrop chaconne 2 review รีวิว レビュー 中古 4 4mm 水月雨 (moondrop)

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