rain design mbar pro foldable laptop stand pro+ notebook plus review

Rain Design mBar

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rain design mbar pro foldable laptop stand pro+ notebook plus review

Rain Design is a new brand that appeared in the Asian market recently, with the main product series being a heatsink for MacBook and iMac. This brand in 2003 won the iGo award for its impressive iMac desktop design to design unique and user-friendly cooling products, cooling products. Rain Design’s thermostats are mostly monolithic aluminum, similar to Apple’s material for their MacBooks and iMacs.

mBar is the latest line of heat sinks from Rain Design for MacBooks, which elevates the MacBook for better heat dissipation and the tilting palm rest for an efficient typing experience and less hand fatigue.

The new heatsink from Rain Design has three versions, including mBar, mBar Pro and mBar Pro+; Biareview introduces to readers is the mBar series.

With mBar and mBar Pro will have a similar design with a MacBook lift to 75mm; the Pro version will support folding, making it easy for users to put and backpack to bring to coffee to use. As for Pro +, up to 140mm and still support folding.

The mBar heatsink has an extremely neat design with two side support bars and a center bar bent from a single piece of aluminum for a beautiful all-around finish; looks slim, compact, total weight for the body standard of only 100g.

Confident in its ruggedness, the mBar line also has only one size, but it fits all of Apple’s existing MacBook lines, from 13-inch to 16-inch.

To avoid scratching the MacBook, Rain Design has a rubber piece of the same color stretching on two support bars; this company’s bottom also puts a non-slip rubber pad and increases grip.

The rear center support bar also has a non-slip rubber pad nearly as long as the aluminum bar to ensure that the 13-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch MacBook is stable when placed on it.

The bottom of the MacBook is just a cover, and there are no slots for air intake, so fan-based heat sinks are often ineffective. To optimize the heat dissipation for the MacBook, the best way is still to raise the machine and leave the lower area open to help the MacBook dissipate heat better. The mBar heatsink from Rain Design is the optimal and extremely effective product.

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rain design mbar pro foldable laptop stand pro+ notebook plus review


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