T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6000MHz

T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6000MHz

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T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6000MHz

After a period of launch with an extremely expensive price, only compatible with the 12th generation high-end CPUs from Intel, recently, AMD also “teased” the line. AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors support this advanced memory family.

It also means that the “era” of DDR5 has officially begun, and manufacturers are constantly releasing more and more diverse memory versions, with more attractive prices to satisfy the needs of a premium user group.

In particular, T-Force, a sub-brand of Team Group, continues to launch the T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6000MHz version.

The newly released version T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6000MHz is a shortened version compared to the T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6400MHz version that the writer introduced to readers not long ago, There is not much difference in both packaging and appearance.

To this generation, TeamGroup has “struggled” to pack its products in a colorful paper box instead of simply packing two memory sticks in a plastic blister-like in the previous generation.

This also makes this product line more luxurious and eye-catching for users, especially when there are more and more beautifully packaged DDR5 versions on the market.

The most remarkable thing with this box model is that TeamGroup sets a lifetime warranty for the product.

Unpacking the product, with this DDR5 model, TeamGroup equips its product with a polygonal heatsink instead of a flat-flat heatsink like on many DDR5 models from Corsair or KLEVV.

The T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6000MHz version that the writer received has an extremely sharp etched matte black color with the upper side being a bright page area for RGB LEDs represented in the form of the letter M familiar to the product line Delta RGB.

Unlike the high-end “elder” version that can withstand voltages up to 1.35V at the highest setting, delivering a speed of 6400MHz at CL40 latency, the version that the writer received can only withstand voltages at high levels at least 1.25V at 6000MHz.

The consolation is that the latency of this setting is slightly better than the “elder”, only at CL38.

This number is quite sensitive to gamers, who have high requirements for latency, however, with the more advanced version, at the same level of latency and voltage parameters, it is possible to reach speeds up to 6200MHz.

It is commendable that Team Group has equipped a large number of LEDs and good quality light for T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6000MHz, providing the ability to switch colors evenly, not “whistling sound” like some cheap RAM models in the same segment.

This light strip is compatible with most of the current RGB-light ecosystems such as ASUS’ Aura Sync, MSI’s Mystic Light, Gigabyte’s RGB Fusion, or ASRock’s Polychrome Sync, making system synchronization easy and simple to create a uniform light show.

Overall, with a reasonable design and moderate parameters, T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6000MHz gives users, especially gamers, a fresh option.

With the trend of lower prices and better and better product specifications, the upcoming DDR5 will certainly be the “must have” choice for the top powerful gaming.

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