teamgroup t-force delta rgb ddr5 32gb kit (2x16gb) 6400mhz t force not working how to change color

T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6400MHz

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teamgroup t-force delta rgb ddr5 32gb kit (2x16gb) 6400mhz t force not working how to change color

Among the earliest RAM manufacturers in the Asian market, Team Group can be considered as one of the earliest names to launch product models with integrated heat dissipation with high performance for gamers.

So it is not surprising that when Intel launched the 12th generation processors and the new generation Z690 chipset series supporting the 5th generation DDR memory line, Team Group also quickly announced its product lines in Asia.

In particular, the most advanced is the T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 version with a maximum speed of up to 6400MHz, enough to contribute to today’s leading PC systems.

For Team Group, the T-Force brand can be considered as its brand line for gamers, similar to the way Gigabyte separates the AORUS series products from the gamer-oriented, in which, the Delta product line is in the mid-range of the T-Force memory product range only.

So different from high-end DDR5 RAM models like Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR5 which are packed with large box size and shockproof foam pads in many directions (and also make the case look bigger, and harder), T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 has a small compact case with a dominant black tone.

The front is a product image with its familiar crown design with some changes compared to the previous DDR4 version.

The back is some key technical information about this RAM model, the most notable of which is the ECC (Error Checking and Correction) self-correction feature, which only appears on server RAM lines.

Unboxing the product, the 5th generation DDR5 RAM model of the T-Force Delta series was launched with a familiar shape, almost similar to the previous generation versions.

But unlike KLEVV CRAS XR RGB or XPG LANCER RGB “popular” with a “flat” design for the heatsink, the T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 RAM model has a more “muscular” appearance with beveled lines and divides the heatsink surface into two separate blocks with a slightly thicker upper part.

The upper half is embossed with simple decorative patterns and the familiar “translucent” R on this product line, while the lower half is decorated with simple printed patterns.

Along with the M-shaped RGB LED track design instead of the V-shape like on the DDR4 version, this memory stick model is suitable for the familiar “terrorist” assembly systems instead of the new minimalist style in the last few years.

This protective shell is not too sophisticatedly processed with matte black paint that is easy to stick to sweat.

The whole heatsink is “attached” to the body of the RAM stick through a simple clamping mechanism that does not use screws.

The main board of T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 also owns a black plastic material, matching the color with a tone-sur-tone outer protective heatsink to bring a uniform beauty to the product.

The top of the RAM bar is a strip of RGB lights decorated with a long white plastic plate with the T-Force logo.

This light strip is compatible with most of the current RGB-light ecosystems such as ASUS’ Aura Sync, MSI’s Mystic Light, Gigabyte’s RGB Fusion, or ASRock’s Polychrome Sync, making system synchronization easy and simple to create a uniform light show.

What impresses the writer most about this product is the maximum speed that T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 achieves in XMP 3.0 mode up to 6400Mhz, which is quite fast compared to only 4800MHz to 5200MHz on other DDR5 RAM products on the market.

To make it easy to imagine, the “max” RAM speed support of the MSI MPG Z690 Carbon Wifi motherboard, one of the powerful DDR5-supporting motherboards on the market today, is only 6666MHz, while More popular motherboards only support up to 6000MHz, not enough to promote the power of this RAM model.

However, the trade-off for this high speed is that the data latency is pushed to CL40-40-40-84 @6400MHz, if you want to operate at a more ideal latency than CL38-38-38-78, equivalent to other high-end DDR5 RAM models on the market, users can lower the speed to 6200MHz.

At this latency, T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 can completely satisfy gamer users with a significant boost in power in heavy games. Meanwhile, users who need to work with big data will prioritize high speed and broadband.

Possessing an extremely impressive parameter, T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 promises to bring explosive performance to gamers shortly.

From what this product line shows, it can be seen that Team Group has focused a lot on post-production testing to bring users products with maximum power.

With the Delta product line only positioned in the mid-range, users can fully expect the high-end XTREEM RAM lines to bring even higher performance to power users.

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teamgroup t-force delta rgb ddr5 32gb kit (2x16gb) 6400mhz t force not working how to change color


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