t-force vulcan ddr5 review ssd z

T-Force Vulcan DDR5

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t-force vulcan ddr5 review ssd z

Although DDR5 is currently known as an extremely expensive memory technology for ordinary consumers and has only recently appeared with the latest processor lines like Intel’s Alder Lake (12th generation) and the upcoming AMD Ryzen 7000 Series, that does not mean that this technology lacks appeal to lovers of high-speed memory lines.

After the global “fever” of memory chips, DDR5 RAM lines appeared more and more, making the prices of many products “low” a lot more than a few months ago.

Joining the game, T-Force – a sub-brand of Team Group, has launched not one, but two DDR5 memory products aimed at two different customers: high-end with T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 and universal with T-Force Vulcan DDR5.

Opening the box for the first time, you can see the simplicity and elegance Team Group has introduced in the T-Force Vulcan DDR5 design with two versions in black – red and a minimalist box design. Notably, the product does not have RGB, but “focuses” on the heatsink design with the function of optimizing heat transfer from top to bottom for better performance.

The most emphasized point of the box can be stamped with the lifetime warranty that Team Group offers for the product.

Starting to “unbox”, it can be seen that TeamGroup has equipped the T-Force Vulcan DDR5 with a flat heatsink, different from the “elder” T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 using a sharper polygonal heatsink.

In terms of design, the product still has a minimalist design with sharp corners similar to its previous Vulcan products, especially with glossy red paint and accents on the familiar “M” radiator design.

Targeted by general users, the product will have three-speed versions: from 4800MHz, 5200MHz to 5800MHz.

This speed level, although not as high as the high-end DDR5 RAM models on the market today, is perfectly suitable for non-overclockable CPUs like Intel Core i7 12700F.

The latency of T-Force Vulcan DDR5 is only acceptable, reaching CL40-40-40-76 at 1.25V, which is equivalent to the Delta version but with a much lower clock rate, in return, The price of this RAM model will be significantly softer than the senior in the high-end segment.

Therefore, if you are a gamer who owns a mid-range rig without overclocking, this RAM model is a completely suitable choice in both power and price today.

As DDR5 becomes more popular and accessible in the future, T-Force Vulcan DDR5 is sure to be a popular choice with a full range of basic functions equipped: from a reasonable price to a minimalist design to a high-performance heatsink.

Since the “era” of DDR5 has had a good start, this will be a “must have” choice for the current and future for a long time.

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t-force vulcan ddr5 review ssd z


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