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The Last Guardian – “Are your wings broken?”. The nameless boy’s words rang out, whispering to the creature named Trico.

That short trailer of The Last Guardian still resonates in the writer’s mind until now, promising to bring an unforgettable and touching journey of the unknown boy and the other creature.

Going back in time, The Last Guardian was first introduced but with a different name: “Project Trico.”

The game at the time made many people curious if it could match its predecessors ICO and Shadow of The Colossus.

It was thought that The Last Guardian would be released at that golden time, but hardware limitations did not allow the game to “form wings.”

For a long time after that, the game remained silent, and then genDESIGN suddenly released a trailer showing the improved graphics for the PS3 and a few new segments that continued to stir up excitement. Raising hopes for the development of The Last Guardian.

Ironically, The Last Guardian continued to disappear, along with a series of rumors that the game was canceled.

After a very long time, it seemed that hope was shattered.

At E3 2015, Sony suddenly blew up the audience with the opening that couldn’t be better: The Last Guardian – and this time, they’re confident that the game is back for real.

Fans continue to hope that they don’t know whether to believe this slim number: “Release in 2016” or not?

The wait intertwines eager and equally anxious about the development fate of The Last Guardian.

And then, fortunately, the game officially announced the launch time.

And just like that, the writer kept waiting; the time had come, the writer’s hand was still shaking with the Collector’s Edition of The Last Guardian.

Immerse yourself in deep and very inviting, lyrical music, immerse yourself in countless hours of play with The Last Guardian, to now invite readers to join Biareview to step into the game of The Last Guardian.

Is the game worth the expectation and wait for nearly ten years of development?

The beginning of The Last Guardian is quite strange; players will not be reminded about what they will have to do.

All rely on emotions to know how to go, deal with and feel the initial alienation between the two characters, and gradually develop naturally, magically connecting the player.

More deeply, players will gradually feel anxiety, trying to save both of their lives most naturally in many segments in The Last Guardian, thereby promoting the strong message of friendship in the reluctant journey of two “strangers.”

The Last Guardian possesses bold gameplay of coordination: “When you can’t solve problems alone, remember that there is a companion who is always with you.”

The game possesses a selective quintessence between the two monuments ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

You will be climbing on Trico as Shadow of the Colossus, guiding and accompanying Trico throughout the length of The Last Guardian as ICO.

I don’t know how many times the writer was “fooled” by The Last Guardian to the point of anger and then had to “Oh” to see it. Nodding to praise how The Last Guardian created the situation to solve the puzzle, solve a problem through extremely smooth and diverse coordinated gameplay to squeeze the player’s brain and equally interesting and satisfying after those thorny segments.

And that’s where The Last Guardian continues to shine: puzzle and find your way.

The puzzles in The Last Guardian are not difficult, but they “trick” players very well!

The beauty of puzzles is that The Last Guardian doesn’t display any hints!

When the player is stuck, a voice says roughly, “you can’t stay here forever,” “you have a great companion”… Force you to pay attention to the environment. Think of different scenarios to “try” to see if there is any hope of getting through the stage.

Because what is arranged in a puzzle has its meaning, so the writer’s sincere advice to readers is to keep a clear head, calm, and not think complicated to the dilemmas presented by The Last Guardian.

They are delicately, logically, and creatively molded thanks to the clever and clever screen design and knowing how to manipulate the environment to create a puzzle playground, challenging players to explore the world of The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian’s puzzles are spread out and varied as much as possible, from Trico’s height to getting higher, using Trico’s tail to shoot “laser” to open the way, or using the water level to rise up and down. Even calling Trico to bounce and slam the ground becomes an element to the puzzle.

Besides, the writer is also quite surprised that the development of The Last Guardian is done quite well and is very diverse.

Many thrilling scenes make the player sometimes encounter force majeure situations, such as running away from the soldiers because the boy himself cannot defend himself. At the same time, I still have to quickly open the door for Trico to help himself or escape from the broken screen segments often found in games like Rise Of The Tomb Raider or Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Still, it is enhanced with more fierceness because of having to coordinate with Trico.

Sometimes they are also intertwined with heart-stopping climbs and hastily find the way through puzzle situations that increase the tension, but all make the player breathe a sigh of relief when passing.

The ability to lead the story and plot closely, attracting from beginning to end, not many lines, not many cutscenes. To create an effect in the player’s mind would be extremely lacking if not mentioned to Trico – a huge factor in creating a unique game ever, and no other match feels like The Last Guardian!

When stepping into The Last Guardian and experiencing, touching with Trico, new players realize that controlling and teaching Trico is an extremely interesting and somewhat cute job!

In other games, when large creatures are often “food” for the player to “bake,” in The Last Guardian, the player first gets a companion who is a giant creature to fight and solve puzzles.

Trico’s actions and expressions are factors that highlight the maturity and connection, developing the player’s personality for it, thereby creating a catalyst in promoting The emotions and story of The Last Guardian.

Trico is very real, sometimes acts very cute.

For example, when stepping out into large enough puddles, Trico rolls around in the water a few times, playing like a dog, then sits up quietly, or sometimes meets demon soldiers. Trico will jump back, brutalize them, and then panic, forcing the player to have a psychological massage (climb on Trico and hold down the O button a few times).

Sometimes Trico wants to be patted, cuddled, or sometimes disobeyed because Trico discovers there’s food nearby!

GenDesign has been very skillful when creating a very real Trico-like pet as a friend and a protector for the unnamed boy during the arduous journey.

Then when the game ended, the writer was completely satisfied with what The Last Guardian brought.

A beautiful and touching story between two strangers who suddenly became reluctant best friends went through so many difficulties together and left many emotions thanks to the blend of gameplay. Many easy segments go to the heart.

The Last Guardian does not possess a detailed surface texture of “next-gen” stature or includes flashy explosion effects, but the game still shows its beauty. Still, only when enjoyed can players see the feeling that the genDesign team has put into the game’s outfit.

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The environment is meticulously designed, everything is carefully cared for, the world in the game is built very attractively, making the writer feel like he wants to discover all the secrets there.

Although, the surface texture in many segments is still rough because The Last Guardian is the original PS3 game brought to PS4. With the main upgrades located in shadows, lighting, smoke effects, water effects, and above all, the game’s physics.

It would be remiss to ignore the game’s music.

The music of The Last Guardian is written, choreographed, performed, and co-produced by musician Takeshi Furukawa.

He also participated in the musical performance with musician Tommy Kikuchi – music director for the legendary Shadow of the Colossus for a while!

Therefore, The Last Guardian continues to take players on an interesting journey, fascinated by the wonderful music that cannot be criticized.

Almost every object in the game has a densely applied physics effect.

For example, when soldiers are “smashed,” their armor is scattered everywhere, and the debris does not disappear, or every hair on Trico’s body is affected by the environment. Such as fluttering in the wind until it falls off when in contact with water.

The stones and bricks were affected by Trico’s walking, or the green grass swayed in the wind and scattered when the boy or Trico walked between them.

However, the most commendable point is Trico’s movements and emotions.

Players can see Trico’s facial expressions from anxiety, anger, pain, sadness to unexpectedly cute innocence!

Trico has contributed to breathing life for the story, the gameplay, and the graphics.

The boy’s meticulous movements are also an eye-catching point, from the struggling and sneaking movements to the almost falling and falling back, or when the hand clings to Trico when standing close are meticulously careful.

In particular, the music is very cleverly integrated to bring the player along with the urgent and fearful details, sometimes very sensitive and full of emotions, promoting the climax most spectacularly and suitably. The reason for choosing the rhythm is to be more sublime, creating a catalyst in the way The Last Guardian feels to the player.

Sometimes the writer wants to stop and listen to the soothing music of The Last Guardian before continuing on this journey of the couple.

Because of this “series,” The Last Guardian is more and more perfect in the heart of the writer.

The Last Guardian’s quality is beautiful in a sense more than looking, so it is quiet and deep when completing the game.

A very wonderful, sweet feeling that will never be forgotten.

The Last Guardian is a very good game, filled with a lot of love in the gameplay; the story and pictures, and sounds blend as naturally as possible.

However, similar to the ICO and Shadow of The Colossus, The Last Guardian is still “stuck” by two factors: control and viewing angle (camera).

Suppose you want to enjoy The Last Guardian most calmly. In that case, you are forced to get used to the camera capable of “crazy” when entering a jam, sometimes preferring to “auto-aim” to make many people write ironically fall or struggle to see the way forward.

The next defect lies in the way we control our boy.

The game developer likes to create “input lag” with the detailed movement of the boy so that there are a lot of situations that make players frustrated, like in a game screen. When the boy must separate from Trico to find a way to push two blocks of obstacles right before him, he forces him to climb and jump from one place to another.

The writer has been “dropped” dozens of times (not exaggerating!) just because of the boy’s strange lag and not very good wall-hanging ability, although in many other segments, he still “receives form” good objects to grip!

The game’s graphics are quite beautiful, but they often drop frames, especially on the regular PS4 version.

The frame sometimes becomes quite bad because there is too much movement, objects are scattered on the game screen, but if you have ever played ICO or Shadow of The Colossus on PS2 in the past, it is also … not strange.


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