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Total War Warhammer

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Total War Warhammer

As the 10th version of the series with many ups and downs – Total War, Total War: Warhammer inherits the strengths from previous versions.

The gameplay of Total War: Warhammer is preserved, bearing the characteristics of the Total War series.

Choosing a race, players will participate in fiery battles on the journey to conquer and manage and develop their base according to 4X turn-based tactical gameplay.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the unique real-time battles of the Total War series.

With full command of the armies on the battlefield, players will have various tactics to apply to their battles.

Not only inheriting the strengths from its predecessors, but Creative Assembly also brings countless improvements to Total War: Warhammer.

The battles in the game are no longer conflicts between ancient nations; instead, they are one-on-one battles between warriors, generals, and monsters in the fantasy world of Warhammer Fantasy.

So, Total War: Warhammer has marked a new milestone for the series when it first brings a completely different mechanism: magic.

Magic in Total War: Warhammer is diverse and extremely useful.

Players can cast spells from generals in real-time battles, directly impacting the war by dealing damage, creating negative effects on enemies, or increasing the power of their troops.

“Winds of Magic” – the constantly changing flow of magical energy is a defining element of the world of Warhammer Fantasy and will directly affect the amount of magic the player can use in each battle.

Equipment is a new element in the game, allowing players to increase their stats or grant new spells to their champions.

Winning battles will help the player steal equipment from his enemies.

“Corruption” is also a completely new element, born from the Vampire Count and Chaos effects on humans.

When a castle is invaded, public order will be destroyed, causing the castle’s Public Order score to drop each turn significantly, and the player may be surprised by Vampire Count or Chaos.

Players can reduce aggression through equipment or skills from the generals.

Besides, Total War: Warhammer has many new features such as new development mechanics, air units, waiting for players to experience and explore.

Total War: Warhammer offers players diversity and creativity with many unique races from the Warhammer Fantasy world. Each race in the game has separate gameplay, creating richness and newness for each game. If you want a “normal” Total War like many other versions, choose for yourself the Empire of The Empire. In general, the Empire’s army has many different “colors,” with all kinds of troops such as infantry, archers, cavalry, and cannon, strong but not too outstanding.

The Empire is “normal,” but if it comes to the rest of the armies, players will have a completely different experience.

The Greenskins, the mighty Orcs tribe of Grimgor Ironhide, is an army born to fight. Experience Greenskins; players will not stop fighting or looting to preserve Waaagh! At the highest level to maintain the strength of his army. Idleness will cause the Orcs to turn to “bite” each other, and the military will gradually lose each turn. Meanwhile, increase the Waaagh! Going to the highest level will give the player a whole new army.

Mannfred von Carstein’s Vampire Count is a bit different from an army without the Morale bar (Spirit), making the whole army an army of the undead fighting to the end on the battlefield. Vampire Count generals also can summon corpses, making it easier to restore troops. In addition, the Vampire Count possessed flying armies that could move across the battlefield but did not have a single long-range attack unit in his army.

The Dwarves, though not possessing cavalry, were masters of technology and machines. Dwarfs are a race suitable for defensive and solid play with high defense and strong ranged attack force.

Developed on the improved Warscape Engine platform, Total War: Warhammer gives players a unique and eye-catching graphics platform.

The units in the game are detailed, with the unique characteristics of each army.

While The Empire’s army is sleek with shining armor, creating a mighty force when it comes to expeditions, the Greenskins show their fearsome power through their massive, fierce, and wild armies.

The tone of Total War: Warhammer is the same, impressive with each land bringing its color.

If the Dwarf has a silvery-white tone of the mountains, the Vampire Count brings a gloomy look to the deadly swamps.

The important point is that the graphics engine in Total War: Warhammer has been improved quite a lot compared to its predecessors like Total War: Rome II, helping to minimize frame drops, providing a good experience for the player.

Although the Old World is a large world with countless unique races. Unfortunately, players can only experience four races in the official version of Total War: Warhammer, and up to 5 races with the Warriors of Chaos was released as a downloadable package. DLC is also the point where users heavily criticized the game for cutting off the key race of the Warhammer Fantasy world – Chaos.

Bretonnia, although appearing in the game, is only a sub-race and is not playable at the moment.

As for players looking forward to experiencing Elves or Skavens, they will probably have to wait for the next download package or a successor version.

Siege battles in the game are over-simplified, making most sieges just fighting on an open battlefield.

In addition, the inherent points in the AI system (artificial intelligence) from its predecessors are still there, with AI easily “wile” into a trap or unable to seize the opportunity on the battlefield.

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