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Titanfall 2

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Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2: Once upon a time (actually only seven years ago), when Call of Duty was still a name that attracted enough attention towards me. Suddenly, the talented people who created the Modern Warfare series “disintegrated,” leaving us a “patched” Infinity Ward that gave birth to two of the unconvincing Call of Duty titles within the next three years only.

Titanfall – molded by the “old people” of Infinity Ward, was once a game that was said to be the usurping Call of Duty of the modern military shooting genre. Still, the successful period of the match dragged for a long time for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps that’s why it’s no wonder that most of the gaming community is still not very excited about Titanfall 2. However, the reputation stemming from word of mouth since the game’s launch has not shown any sign of remission.

It’s sad because Titanfall two not only continues the hugely successful streak of 2016’s FPS (first-person shooter) genre. It’s also a brilliant game; a great sequel deserves to be enjoyed by any FPS fan to be matched with Half-Life 2, Metro: Last Light, or Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare becoming among the excellent modern shooters’ titles most so far.

Do you know why many people are afraid to spend 60 USD to bring Titanfall back to their game shelves?

Because of the lack of a true single-player, according to Respawn Entertainment, the number of players through and completing it represents only a fraction of the overall player count of a modern FPS game.

“They want to compete with friends and strangers on the internet; they want to get the feeling of winning and feel like they have achieved something very important while playing the game.” One of the elements that Respawn Entertainment pushed most strongly in the promotion of Titanfall 2 was the single player!

Perhaps at this point, you must be thinking that the company created a single-player part for “routine” only because, ironically, very few people spend $ 60 to buy a game and finish playing the game. The campaign took 6 or 7 hours abandoned, but very few people spend 60 USD to buy a purely multiplayer game and don’t have that 6 or 7-hour.

Yet Respawn Entertainment, as the creators of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, have freely said “let’s go” and created the most lively, exciting single-player part, unique in Titanfall 2.

It’s not a perfect playthrough; the main character Jack Cooper may not show much emotion, the boss battles are a bit easy, and the plot’s pace goes by a bit fast.

However, Titanfall 2’s single-player part shines and fills in these holes with excellent level design and an interesting companion character.

The story of Jack Cooper – a reluctant Pilot, is dotted with a Vanguard Titan named: BT-7274.

It’s a simple but weird “buddy cop” story about David and Goliath that transforms into The Iron Giant with a full range of emotions between serious jokes. Sarcasm full of irony for the irony of the situation they both find themselves in, and of course, the respect and admirable bond between man and machine.

The context of Titanfall 2 is a future world full of ruins left by war; machines play the role of weapons, and humans either accompany them or must fear them.

But BT-7472 is not just a simple Titan; there is no other “normal” robot that jokes around like it, uses SERE to describe… the mood from its eyes, acting close to human as it is and above all, makes you want to say “I’ll be right back” as it is.


Simply put, only those with a heart of stone will not be moved by the words “PROTOCOL” every time they lean out of this iron block that destroys several hundred tons!

Suppose the BT-7274 is the factor that makes you want to follow this journey. In that case, the screen design of Titanfall two will be what makes you “gasp” because of the unique and thoughtful creativity carved into it in every area, every moment that the player experiences.

That is a short single-player with nine levels and lasts only about 5-6 hours. Still, each class has unique features with different design styles and new mechanics that players can only enjoy in brief moments, but it is more than enough to a deep impression.

[Into The Abyss] takes the player into a strange choir with incredible spatial width and giant machines, [The Beacon] makes the player dare not look down at the clouds at his feet, [Trial] By Fire] spins 180 degrees and sends players into a large-scale raid between Titan and Titan. Still, Titanfall 2’s biggest bright spot is the [Effect and Cause] level – a combination full of excellence between Portal, Quantum Conundrum, Singularity, and a bit of a bold, crazy aftertaste of the game designers.

Respawn Entertainment has built a certain level that can be as bright as the legendary [All Ghilled Up] or [Ravenholm] with just a simple mechanism and a not-so-new theme.

[Effect and Cause] isn’t just an inventive level; it’s made to get people talking about it, remembering it as a high note of modern FPS sonic tune.

Titanfall 2’s single-player game is a collection of cool and wonderful ideas with equally clever execution.

It was created to make people choose the most impressive, most memorable moment.

And indeed, to call Titanfall 2’s single-player “shooting game with giant robots” is a huge understatement.

Titanfall two is built on a solid foundation, in which is a smooth and well-balanced free movement system, the main character Pilot and the “pet” Titan, now expanded with new features and additions.

The number of weapons has increased significantly, with weapons strange that perhaps some inspired by Borderlands. From LMGs with energy or increased fire rate proportional to the time the trigger is pulled, an SMG two tiny barrels like handguns but “splash” extremely fast, until a Sniper two shots at the same time horizontally.

Of course, the enemy will never survive if you eat more than three bullets from you, but we are talking about a game from the developers of Call of Duty 4, and no matter how much time you spend. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to kill any enemy; it’s not as important as how the trigger feels and how you do it.

That’s why Titanfall 2’s motto is to touch the floor as little as possible.

The game’s free movement system is not as confusing and complicated as Mirror’s Edge. You can still swing the wall, jump two steps, slide, jump on Titan, jump over any place you want, run and jump everywhere, especially now that the longer you swing the wall, the higher your speed will be.

The way you move represents your personality, your playstyle, your message to the opposing Pilots.

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You don’t even need to run and normally jump, as you now have extras!

From the hook that makes you hang like a future Rico Rodriguez, the stealth device that makes it difficult for the enemy to find your position, the Holo creates a mirror projection. The Stim makes you move temporary fast transitions, or even the ability to “break gravity” that makes the player standstill in midair.

The ingenuity in movement is only a small part, but the way to dodge the opponent and take advantage of personal skills and make use of new equipment helps every pilot win.

If Titanfall 2’s single-player is excellent for its novelty and originality, the multiplayer is impressive with many positive changes and additions compared to previous versions.

Still keeping itself fast-paced and true “killer,” Titanfall 2 is still a very well-balanced game between individual skill and team play in nearly every game mode.

The [Atrition], [Last Titan Standing], and [Capture The Flag] play are all too familiar to old players, but there’s no shortage of new names.

[Bounty Hunt] is a “robbery” game, where two teams win each other’s money by destroying each other’s Grunt, Specter, Stalker, Titan. Of course, Pilot teams and then depositing it in the “bank” on On the map, Pilots who are defeated will be deducted 50% of the amount of money they are holding on them.

However, the writer likes the most but doesn’t have much exposure in Titanfall 2 is the least complicated game mode – [Coliseum]. The “Best of 3” 1-on-1 game (wins 2 out of 3 rounds) where two players will be placed in a small arena area with only a grenade launcher at their side.

It’s an interesting game that transforms the concept of “Instagib” that the writer, as a “big fan” of Unreal Tournament, wants more players to participate.

Some of Titanfall 2’s multiplayer mechanics have been tweaked to reinforce a more team-based style of play.

Now when a Pilot “rides” an enemy Titan, they will no longer shoot at the Titan’s core but will instead drain the Titan’s battery and bring it back to an allied Titan to heal. On the second “ride,” The Pilot will throw a grenade into the Titan’s battery slot to deal extra damage.

It’s a fun mechanic that emphasizes team-support play while also enhancing Pilot’s mobility between Titan vs. Titan battles.

There are six types of Titan with their add-ons and rank systems: Scorch – loves Fire, fire guns, fire shields, smoke is also Fire; Ion – a Havoc version of Titanfall capable of releasing lasers (unknown from chest or mouth); Ronin – the hipster who likes to wield swords in gunfights; Northstar –wasn’t inspired by Overwatch’s Pharah with its ability to launch grenades while in midair; Tone – fond of rockets and grenades and finally Legion (not to be confused with “that person” in Mass Effect) – possesses the ability to aimbot with his large pair of miniguns.

No longer owning armor and all damage received directly damages the amount of “health,” making Titan more “fragile” than before, in exchange for a noticeable upgrade in the arsenal as well as rebalancing Titan’s influence on the battlefield.

Ronin is extremely dangerous at close range but cannot “take bullets” as much as other Titans; Legion owns a pair of miniguns with plenty of ammunition in exchange for not being able to slide (Dash) to all directions and much more…

And there’s a whole lot more to it, from the Network system that acts as extended Clans where players can join and have the ability to find rooms with people from the same party. The character-changing Faction guides you through the walkie-talkie, has its rank and will reward you with new Emblem and Banner symbols as you “level up.” The classic tier-based weapon and equipment unlocking system, with a separate coin that allows the player to unlock whatever they want before reaching the required level for those items.

Those are extremely small things, but I have to repeat that Titanfall 2 is a shooter game released in 2016 with no Microtransaction, no DLC, and any new content will be completely free in the future.

That makes Titanfall two more worthy of support, more worthy of community attention than the mere 10,000 players on PC.

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