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Monster Hunter Generations

Pagans have criticized the Monster Hunter game series as too realistic a description of unnecessary things from time immemorial. Indeed, in the game, using a pair of fast and lightweight Dual Blades will bring a different feeling than a heavy, slow Greatsword. Each weapon in Monster Hunter possesses a completely different fighting style and is somewhat suitable for other players’ personalities. So it is rare for anyone to master all of them… 14 types of weapons.

However, the previous Monster Hunter focused on depicting the real weight, the metal/flesh collision that ignored the beautiful effects. Except for weapons with Element attributes (fire, ice, electricity) which are “sparkling” a bit colorful, the rest almost the players will not be able to encounter the effect of “stormy throbs, thunder” like in other action or RPG games.

Aware of this, Capcom has improved on Monster Hunter Generations in a slightly “fan-service” direction, but fortunately, everyone likes it: adding “colorful” things to the game. Indeed, it can be said that the bright spot in Monster Hunter Generations is the “heavy” moves that players can gradually unlock and customize their weapons.

It can be the violent whirling slashes of Dual Blades; it can also be Longsword’s beautiful slow-motion dance lines or the shrill, screen-shattering explosions of Gunlance and Heavy Bowgun.

In fact, for “senior” Monster Hunter players, these moves are only for performance purposes, but it is difficult to grasp the time of execution to achieve high efficiency. Those used to the simple, sure-fire fighting style of the past will probably feel more confident with the old fighting style, although sometimes still deploying moves to make the game more epic.

Referring to the fighting style, one can immediately point to another highlight of Monster Hunter Generations: the extremely interesting “Style” system. Each weapon in the game now owns up to 4 different “Styles,” bringing very new fighting feelings.

Striker Style is designed for beginners who have not yet adapted to the complex moves of weapons. With this style, the weapons will be “deprived” of quite a few activities, leaving only the most basic and effective ones – in return, the player has up to 3 boxes of great moves to carry. It can be said that Striker Style’s fighting style revolves around the use of simple activities to fill up the “Rage” bar and then launch a series of lightning moves to finish the target.

With the appearance of the Insect Glaive weapon in the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate version, players have had a very “Attack on Titan” air combat feeling when they can jump high, ride giant monsters and knock them down. they come down to “torture.” With Aerial Style, this “dancing” privilege is no longer exclusive to Insect Glaive. Still, any weapon can “step” on monsters to jump high and perform the previous “Mounting Vault” technique. That can be seen as the fighting style that brings the newest experience when Monster Hunter players first experience the feeling of “jumping” – something that has never been seen before (except for Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate).

The “strong” hunters who have been with Monster Hunter for a long time must be too familiar with the way of dodging – counterattack, taking advantage of 0.2 seconds of “immortality” when rolling/jumping to avoid attacks. With Adept Style, this gameplay will be promoted to a higher level; when just timing the dodge, the character will be able to rush straight into the monster, achieve the “immortal” state and react to a very quick shot. This gameplay is recognized as the most “game-breaking” when in the hands of veteran gamers, they can almost completely defeat a monster without ever getting hit.

After all, for those who don’t like change and love the full set of weapons, Capcom still “keeps it up” and leaves Guild Style. In other words, with Guild Style, players will not have any changes in the way they fight and will remain the same as in previous versions. That is not to say that Guild Style is the weakest; it can only be said that it is still what it used to be – simple, sure, effective!

For those who are passionate about Monster Hunter and stick with it for a very long time, the focus of attraction is not beyond the “universal” monsters with “heavenly” intelligence. With the suffix “Generations” in its name, Monster Hunter Generations is the version of Monster Hunter that owns the largest number of monsters ever, both old and new. Suppose Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate players were impressed with the flagship monster Brachydios, surprised with the flagship Gore Magala that evolved three levels in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – then with Monster Hunter Generations. In that case, the surprise will be multiplied up four times with the new “four great gods.”

Mizutsune is a water dragon with a very beautiful and noble appearance. However, don’t let that beauty fool you because it has an extremely agile and unexpected movement, as well as a system of moves to “release” slow bubbles and spray powerful hydraulic cannons. In the trailer, the “king of the jungle” Zinogre, known for being flexible and powerful, also struggles when being “tortured” by Mizutsune.

Monster Hunter players in the past are probably very “allergic” to the Brute Wyvern because of the massiveness of their body and their “buffalo” attack. Names like Duramboros, Uragaan, Barroth have haunted many hunters, whether “novel” or “hard.” Representing the Brute Wyvern in Monster Hunter Generations is Glavenus, a dinosaur with a tail that is a giant blade. With his full body armor and annoying “sharpening tail” attacks, Glavenus brings nightmares to any hunter with his extremely wide attack bow as well as a very “cool” hitbox.

So far, the title of “lord of the sky” has still belonged to Rathalos – but from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, that position seems to be “shaken” when the spiked dragon Seregios appears and threatens to “rob” throne” of Rathalos. Through the Monster Hunter Generations, this number of competitors for the throne in the air increased with one more name – Astalos. With his superiority of charged armor scales and lightning attacks from above, Astalos could threaten Rathalos and any player who has not had the experience of dealing with flying monsters.

Ranked last in the “four pillars” of Monster Hunter Generations, Gammoth is widely recognized as the “heavyweight” opponent both literally and figuratively. Inspired by the extinct mammoth, Gammoth, with its “monstrous” body, has proved that mobile fortress-style “buffaloes” always cause inhibition for most players in any game. Gammoth can still deal tons of damage from its seemingly “innocuous” moves with an uncomplicated skill set.

In addition to the new faces mentioned above, Monster Hunter Generations also gathers flagship “talent” from very ancient versions. Such as the wind dragon god Amatsu, Alatreon, Shogun Cenataur, and Blangonga ensure players’ satisfaction with a huge amount of experience – because they now possess many new skills, creating more difficulties for those who have been “acquainted” before. That also means that the “stock” of weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Generations is significantly more.

Since the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate version, the Monster Hunter series has begun to invest heavily in the storyline of the single-player array. From the voyages to save the village of Moga from the “god dragon” Lagiacrus, to meeting two aboriginal boys Cha-Cha and Kayamba, then suddenly discovering the existence of the “wild water god,” Ceadeus players had great moments of experiencing an entire world of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate further promotes this advantage to a new level when interweaving the story of an infectious disease that drives monsters crazy, going to trace the origin story spread from Gore Magala until encountering cursed beasts, infected without dying to become Apex. Not stopping there, players also have the opportunity to personally join hands with the skilled hunter team Ace to return the old feud with the storm dragon Rusted Kushala Daora with epic battles.

Unfortunately, these great experiences will not return in Monster Hunter Generations because this version is made with the nature of “memorabilia.” That’s also why it’s called Monster Hunter Generations and not Monster Hunter 5 Ultimate. While multiplayer with friends still has enough power to hold players back for thousands of hours, the single-player portion of Monster Hunter Generations has been greatly reduced.

If in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, players have up to 10 story chapters with all kinds of monsters at all levels – then in Monster Hunter Generations, our story will end at chapter 6. And this is not an act. The messianic process is nothing short of amazing, but just like a walk to support the association to discover new types of monsters.

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