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Tekken 7

Tekken 7: Besides the names that have entered people’s hearts over the years, such as Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, Virtua Fighter, Dear or Alive, Tekken is one of those names that, when mentioned, anyone Every fighting game fan has to turn their heads to look, especially when the series releases its 7th version after years of absence simultaneously on all three systems PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Tekken is one of the first fighting games pioneering with 3D graphic style, an interesting cast of half-good, half-evil characters, a mysterious plot full of injustice, and suggestive and disruptive.

Tekken 7, the 20th-anniversary version of the series, retains the gameplay that made its name, adding a few new elements, better visuals with 38 characters.

Will this be the right step to help the boxers regain their place in the hearts of players after so many years of absence?

A feature of the Tekken series, which the manufacturer has maintained for 20 years of its birth and development.

The birth of Tekken blew a “new wind” into the fighting game series when at that time, there was a concept that a fighting match only existed on a 2D straight line with gladiators moving back and forth.

Tekken allows players to control their gladiators to go forward and backward and enable them to go left and right to dodge attacks or as a strategy to close opponents.

In addition, the control mechanism of Tekken is completely different from the traditional style of “Fierce, Strong, Light” that many fighting games “worship.”

Tekken puts a lot of emphasis on controlling the character’s limbs, with each button pressing a limb on the body.

Left punch, right punch, left kick, right kick are all regulated by four different buttons, and so the special or consecutive moves of the characters are also performed through a combination of control buttons. These limbs, completely different from the “Down – Cross – Forward – Punch” styles to shoot fireballs like in normal fighting games.

Twenty years later, Tekken 7 still maintains that gameplay with a few “trendy” additions, such as Rage Art, Screw, Rage Drive, Power Crush.

Rage Art is similar to the Ultra move in Street Fighter or The King of Fighters games, where the character will launch a series of consecutive attacks with an impressive camera angle.

A screw is an additional mechanism for “juggling” your opponent to connect combos that have been boring for more than two decades.

Attacks with the Screw attribute allow us to “pull” the opponent up to continue juggling after hitting the ground.

Rage Drive is similar to Super, EX moves in Street Fighter, more beautiful, but not represented by a spectacular camera angle like Rage Art, but can be linked to the character’s combo more easily.

Of course, when using Rage Drive, the character can no longer use Rage Art.

Power Crush is similar to the Focus Attack in Street Fighter IV, allowing the character to block several hits without being blocked by the opponent.

In addition to the new and familiar mechanics, Tekken 7 still retains the traditional style of the series, favoring real confrontation, placing heavy emphasis on ground combat with different left-right, up-and-down mix-ups spectacular.

Tekken 7 has interesting gameplay, fast and easy to grasp if players take the time to learn and hit the buttons.

If Injustice 2, a fighting game released not too long ago, has a single-player item with massive content and high replay value, Tekken 7 is poor, shallow, and unremarkable except for choosing a character and then fighting a machine controlled character.

That is considered a step backward in the Tekken series when in most previous versions, the single-player section of the game introduced many interesting features to prompt players to “plow” and unlock arrays of content.

The plot is short, and the characters are presented in a boring way, with nothing outstanding.

Tekken 7’s second weakness lies in its gameplay.

This style has been almost unchanged since the series was released until now.

Tekken’s gameplay does not have many significant breakthrough mechanics like Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, or Guilty Gear Xrd.

You’ve played Tekken 1, then playing Tekken 7 doesn’t need to learn anything more.

In addition, besides the characters that have made a name for the series. The new characters appearing in this latest version of Tekken almost do not bring a valuable mark to the player.

In addition, Tekken 7 also includes a character from the Street Fighter game Akuma to create a little “new flavor” for the game.

However, the presence of Akuma with completely different gameplay compared to other characters and the fighting control mechanism of Tekken 7 make this character weaker in the eyes of the writer.

Akuma in Tekken 7 is not as strong as Akuma in Street Fighter, and Akuma’s fighting style is completely inconsistent with the Tekken series’s realistic style.

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