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Gears of War 4 – The story of the development history of Gears of War 4 is strangely similar to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It’s a project that its “father” left after releasing the most recent unconvincing version, and new developers received it with the promise of bringing back the old values make the name of the brand itself. The main characters return as supporters and “pave the way” for a new generation, promising to follow in the footsteps of what the “old men” have prepared before. The final result is a journey so familiar to veteran fans yet so new to the modern generation of audiences.

It’s been five years since Gears of War 3 was released, following the glory of one of Microsoft’s two most popular game series on the Xbox 360, and after the Gears of War: Judgment version fell out of favor with the community. The fans received it warmly, the “blue team” decided that the new generation of consoles should be marked by a new generation of Gears of War, developed at the hands of The Coalition with a difficult purpose difficult… more humble: back to the heyday of Gears of War before.

And it’s no exaggeration to say, the return of Gears of War this period couldn’t be more epic.

Taking the time 25 years after Gears of War 3, the fourth version puts players in the role of JD Fenix ​​– the son of legendary COG gunman Marcus Fenix, along with his two companions. Del. and Kait on a journey to confront a new force that is considered a remnant of the former Locust while dodging martial law that COG imposes on the few remaining people on Sera.

After years of fighting against Locust, COG has become the oppressor with its power, so it’s no surprise that you – now the villain’s Outsiders must deal with DeeBee robots created in the first moments of the game the hard work to rebuild the planet.

However, Gears of War 4 does not go too far into highlighting the dark side of COG, but the game’s focus is, of course, still on the new monster type – Swarm.

They jumped out of incubators at hip height (yes, Gears of War!), they crawled out of huge, hideous holes while holding a gun in their hand; of course, there were no shortages of animals. Other people love to jump everywhere and find a way to “smack” your head or are ready to open their mouth in the middle of their chest to shoot flying tadpoles (???) at you.

Yes, they are still very similar to Locust, still very often hum words that turn up the volume to fully understand what they say, especially the Drones withholding guns and moving exactly like humans.

In short, they are still Locust, still appearing to show how subtle the “red slime” system characteristic of Gears of War.

The only thing that makes the writer a bit disappointed is that their appearance is not much different; it is more difficult to distinguish in the game Versus unless you put on a Drone that looks like it came out of a bag of candy.

It’s hard to say whether Gears of War 4’s single-player is 100% worth playing or 100% worth skipping, so in this part, perhaps the writer should redefine himself with the phrase “neutral” than you would like or hate.

Perhaps not many people are unfamiliar with the definition of “corridor shooter” anymore, and of course, with a campaign designed to follow the plot and cooperative play, Gears of War 4, of course, doesn’t turn around the formula 180 degrees.

That does not mean it’s not new: wind flare causes unpredictable weather that affects the way characters move or the speed of bullets of some weapons certain. Players can also take advantage of them to break the barrier of objects in the game screen and create a trap right behind the enemy.

New weapons are worth checking out, such as Buzzkill that shoots saw blades that turn the ill-fated Swarms into… two pieces, Overkill that fires shotgun shells, or Dropshot that shoots grenades flying through the air. Middle and then ground when the player activates.

In terms of screen design, perhaps what makes the writer most regretful is the lack of boss battles and “scripted” scenes.

The escape from the Fenix ​​mansion plus the two boss battles in the second half of the game can be considered the brightest points in Gears of War 4’s campaign and interspersed with many single-shot sequences pure with very little variety.

JD’s group shoots each other at a certain location, several lines of dialogue, hits each other, continues the conversation, sometimes adds an entrenched segment (like Horde Mode), or controls a certain gun turret, loop until the end of each chapter.

The story of the game also possesses the same strange conflict. We have three new characters filled with clichéd character motifs in the videogame, but at the same time, full of fun with less serious personalities as if they came straight out of a script written by Joss Whedon. The game’s plot has more holes, too many unanswered questions, plus a ridiculously abrupt ending (is this the trend of the game industry in 2016?), making Gears of War 4 feels like a flawed “prelude” to a new three-part story, not enough to keep players satisfied.

All in all, either you’ll love Gears of War 4’s campaign for its classic gameplay and some new “condiments,” or you’ll hate it for its incomplete story and rushed ending. If you intend to finish this part, consider finding at least one friend to play cooperatively, you will find the repetition of the shootout scenes much less annoying.

Of course, Gears of War 4 would not be Gears of War without its remaining 2/3, which is the Versus and Horde 3.0 gameplay. Versus is still a classic multiplayer battlefield focused on extreme team strategy for those who have been with previous Gears of War versions. For new players, especially the PC community, when they first got their hands on Gears of War 9 years after the first version came out. It is finally possible to enjoy the taste of “sticky” and Turn enemies into several pieces of meat with the Gnasher in his hand with a single shot. Versus gameplay is similar to many Multiplayer games of other shooting games, it’s hard to find the words “winged” to describe it, so the writer invites you to read it for yourself. Experience it to feel the exciting “magic” that Gears of War 4 bring in the multiplayer battlefield.

Versus gameplay brings two new game modes. Arms Race is similar to the modes of the same name in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Gun Game in Call of Duty, in which two teams seek to take three lives with each of the 13 designated weapons in turn. And Dodgeball is an interesting “pull” mode when the members of a dead team will be resurrected if their team takes the opponent’s life. For the writer personally, the most preferred method is still the familiar King of The Hill game.

Of course, for players who love the feeling of survival, the Horde 3.0 game must be an irresistible destination. The first new feature is the character class system that includes five options: Scout – increase the amount of energy collected to be used to build defensive equipment, Soldier – the “standard” line of attack, Heavy – use the Heavy weapons and explosives are more useful, Sniper – marksmanship capable of sweeping through enemies with just a few shots, and Engineer – possessing repair tools and building more effective defensive equipment. Gears of War 4’s Horde 3.0 still offers a special “unbelievable” difficulty for new players when constantly “discharging” a series of DeeBees, Drones, and a full range of other Swarm monsters in every turn.

The character class system also goes hand in hand with the card system, bringing bonus points for each character. Bounty sets out the requirements that players need to fulfill to gain more experience points, and individual skill cards can be upgraded with important effects. Even players can combine these cards or bring several cards with them at the same time before participating in the match.

The only two minus points that make the game Horde 3.0 not perfect is that the sweeps are still a bit predictable (due to the small number of enemies). The speed of plowing money in the game is too slow, making the game difficult to play. General invisible play forces players to either hook up their wallets or spend a lot of time plowing money to buy add-on card packs if they want the essential advantage in Horde 3.0.

Of course, for players who love the feeling of survival, the Horde 3.0 game must be an irresistible destination. The first new feature is the character class system that includes five options: Scout – increase the amount of energy collected to be used to build defensive equipment, Soldier – the “standard” line of attack, Heavy – use the Heavy weapons and explosives are more useful, Sniper – marksmanship capable of sweeping through enemies with just a few shots, and Engineer – possessing repair tools and building more effective defensive equipment. Gears of War 4’s Horde 3.0 still offers a special “unbelievable” difficulty for new players when constantly “discharging” a series of DeeBees, Drones, and a full range of other Swarm monsters in every turn.

The character class system also goes hand in hand with the card system, bringing bonus points for each character. Bounty sets out the requirements that players need to fulfill to gain more experience points, and individual skill cards can be upgraded with important effects. Even players can combine these cards or bring several cards with them at the same time before participating in the match.

The only two minus points that make the game Horde 3.0 not perfect are that the sweeps are still a bit predictable (due to the small number of enemies), and the speed of earning money in the game is too slow game difficult to play. The general invisible play forces players to either waste their money or spend a lot of time earn money to buy add-on card packs if they want the essential advantage in Horde 3.0.

The writer did not have the opportunity to enjoy Gears of War 4 at maximum graphics settings. However, the game still performed as much as possible at “High” with dozens of different tweaks that make anyone interested in prying must also surprise.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Gears of War 4 sets a new benchmark for cross-platform AAA gaming, a measure that shows just how great the potential of a PC system can be, from a stealthy PC to a full-fledged PC. The “dinosaur” is capable of playing games in 4K. Gears of War 4 can meet it.

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