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ViewSonic VX3218-PC-mhd

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amazon ViewSonic VX3218-PC-mhd reviews

viewsonic vx3218-pc-mhd amazon avis vx3268-pc-mhd review vx2768-pc-mhd vx2718-pc-mhd vx3276-mhd vx2257-mhd 80 cm (32 zoll) test curved vx3276-mhd-2 driver ecran 32型 fhd 165hz曲面電競螢幕(vx3218-pc-mhd) inceleme 32-inch manual monitor omni specs treiber 32 165hz 1ms inch 31 5

For most gamers, in the past few years, size is no longer the top criterion for choosing their gaming monitor model. They pay a lot of attention to other supporting features such as scanning speed, signal response speed, or quality and accurate color display ability … causing manufacturers to open a technology race offering high-end screen models that meet these criteria.

But that doesn’t mean screen size doesn’t matter anymore. For most mid-range gamers, not too strict with these high-end features, a large-sized gaming monitor model, moderate gamer support features and an attractive price will always be a top choice.

To solve this problem, ViewSonic, one of the oldest names in the production of long-standing monitors on the market today, has introduced to the market a large screen model up to 32 inches with the name ViewSonic VX3218 -PC-mhd possesses all the basic features to meet the needs of the vast majority of mid-range gamers.

In the past few years, ViewSonic has responded to the movement of using recycled materials as packaging for screen models to contribute to reducing negative impacts on the environment, so the box of ViewSonic VX3218 -PC-MHD is designed quite rustic, printed in black and white on a slightly yellowed recycled paper background, not too glossy, colorful like screen models from other manufacturers.

Not only that, but the box design of this monitor model is also extremely neat and smart, without using too much foam material with very few accessories, including only a power adapter, power cord, and one DisplayPort cable only.

The base of the monitor is made of a simple V shape, which is attached to the display part through an extremely easy-to-remove clip. This stand is also covered with rubber for the screws, which helps to grip the table and does not scratch the table surface when in use.

Unlike the ViewSonic XG2705-2K version introduced not too long ago, which has a flexible stand that can be adjusted in height or rotated to work in different positions, the VX series version is only equipped with a single joint, and can adjust the screen part in two “nodding” positions for the best viewing angle according to the user’s eyes vertically.

However, with a curved screen as large as 32 inches like the ViewSonic VX3218-PC-mhd, flexible rotation is not too necessary for users.

The screen is arranged in a fairly traditional way with control buttons located on the back, right-hand side of the user, not equipped with a Joystick knob or the ability to control with trendy software on high-end screen models, while the connectivity ports, including two HDMI 1.4 ports and one DisplayPort are located on the underside of the monitor and there is no built-in cable management solution on the stand.

The display surface of the screen is designed with all four edges thin, and extremely “sexy” while the display panel is placed close to the front protective glass, surrounding the viewing space with 1500R curvature, creating The feeling of “overflowing” is extremely trendy and comfortable for the majority of users today.

This display curvature is quite moderate for people sitting from 60cm to 1m away from the screen, not too “flat” like the 1800R curvature of the “early” curved screens, but also not too “harsh” enough to create an uncomfortable feeling for those who don’t like curved screens like the up to 1000R curvature of the Samsung Odyssey 27G5 monitor model.

Equipped with a VA panel with 1080p resolution and a scan rate of up to 165Hz, the ViewSonic VX3218-PC-mhd easily gives gamers good picture quality in the mid-range segment.

With a high scanning speed, the image of recent fast action games like Call of Duty: Vanguard or Doom Eternal is extremely smooth, especially with fast-moving phases. The ghosting phenomenon of the VA panel still appears on this monitor model, but it is quite difficult to notice for casual gamers.

Besides, Adaptive-Sync technology helps to synchronize the refresh rate with the output speed of the graphics card, avoiding screen tearing, and providing perfect frames for players.

In terms of color quality, it must be said that the ViewSonic VX3218-PC-mhd has an excellent performance with extremely well-controlled manufacturing defects.

One of the factors that writers do not like about curved screens is that the light leakage phenomenon is often much higher than that of conventional flat screens.

ViewSonic’s strict production process has minimized this phenomenon to the point that it is difficult to notice, even if the user is to display the black background, it must be paid very close attention to before the user can recognize the two color differences spots very small on the top edge.

This also helps to display the uniform color of the screen at a very good level, with less color deviation or darkening in the lower edge areas.

However, unlike the ViewSonic XG2705-2K or AORUS FI27Q monitor model, which is equipped with an expensive IPS panel with the ability to display colors up to 10bit (8bit + FRC) (more than 1 billion colors), ViewSonic’s VA panel VX3218-PC-mhd is only capable of displaying 8bit (6bit + FRC) color (16.7 million colors).

That is why the VX series monitors only show the same standard color range as monitors in this segment, but do not show the wide color gamut WCG (Wide Color Gamut), not as colorful as other monitors. High-end graphics are not suitable for image editing tasks or professional creative painting activities.

The backlight equipped for this screen model is also only standard with an average brightness of 250nits, up to a maximum of 300nits, unable to display HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, although only at the lowest level like some mid-range gaming monitors in the same segment.

This is also a small shortcoming when Windows 11 and the games that are “landing” in the market or new movies released in the past few years all support the HDR image standard to bring impressive effects for viewers.

However, this “fashionable” feature is not necessary and does not have too much impact on the experience of gamers in the mid-range segment because the high brightness of HDR content can cause eye strain to viewers, especially when sitting at a close distance from the screens.

In general, although it does not possess the “genuine” features of the high-end product line to give a deep impression to users, the ViewSonic VX3218-PC-mhd still has a very good performance in the mid-range segment with good image quality, smooth motion reproduction, essential for gamers.

As a mid-range monitor, the ViewSonic VX3218-PC-MHD’s performance can be seen as very good in the mid-range segment, but some elements still do not meet expectations.

First, the V-shaped stand is equipped with a screen with a simple structure, but it is also quite fragile, does not hold the screen firmly on the desk, and is easy to shake back and forth when encountered. light forces.

If possible, you should replace the stand with a standard VESA mount. This will help your monitor “place” firmly on the desk, and easily adjust the screen position to find the most comfortable sitting position compared to the included stand.

This is also an extremely important factor with curved screens because the comfortable viewing area is quite narrow.

In addition, the full HD 1080p resolution on a 32-inch screen offers fairly large pixels with a low density of only 69ppi, thereby giving the ability to present images that are not sharp for viewers.

Besides, although equipped with two small speakers with a capacity of 2W each to make it easy for users to use for online conferences, or listening to music or watching movies, without external speakers or wearing headphones the sound reproduction of both speakers is very poor.

First of all, the volume of the speaker is very low, it is difficult to hear clearly, even when the user tries to increase the volume level to the maximum.

Not to mention the sound quality emitted by these two speakers is quite bad with a quite flat sound, without any bass, very difficult for users to use to enjoy music or watch movies.

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viewsonic vx3218-pc-mhd amazon avis vx3268-pc-mhd review vx2768-pc-mhd vx2718-pc-mhd vx3276-mhd vx2257-mhd 80 cm (32 zoll) test curved vx3276-mhd-2 driver ecran 32型 fhd 165hz曲面電競螢幕(vx3218-pc-mhd) inceleme 32-inch manual monitor omni specs treiber 32 165hz 1ms inch 31 5


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