alienware aw410k vs aw510k review headquarters brand fusion settings dell aurora stuck on screen keyboard best mouse rgb r10 software is good quality 14 mechanical gaming

Alienware AW410K

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amazon Alienware AW410K reviews

alienware aw410k vs aw510k review headquarters brand fusion settings dell aurora stuck on screen keyboard best mouse rgb r10 software is good quality 14 mechanical gaming

Similar to the version of the Alienware AW610M gaming mouse that the team introduced to readers a little while ago, the Alienware AW410K also possesses its signature “alien” design style at first sight.

The most obvious is that the box is still designed using the familiar black and white two-tone colors on its products over the years.

This tone highlights the product image on the front with black tones and RGB LEDs that are somewhat traditional, and more sophisticated than the silver gray tones on the previous Alienware AW768.

Unlike the gaming mouse, the Alienware AW410K only owns a black version, if you want to choose white, you can only choose the Alienware AW510K version.

On the back of the box is some detailed product information, in which, notably, this mechanical gaming keyboard model has been equipped with a switch manufactured by Cherry MX instead of the Kailh switch lines rickety part of the previous version.

Unpacking the product, it can be seen that this new generation of Alienware mechanical gaming keyboards has a full-size design with a side number pad.

At first glance, it can be seen that the overall shape of this keyboard model somewhat coincides with the design of its gaming laptops when it has the same front shape as the exhaust of a spaceship, a similar area of ​​connection ports behind the machine on laptop lines.

Alienware AW410K owns a non-replaceable, seamless connection cable with a large cable, covered with a cut-resistant braided fabric wire with two USB Type-A ports, one of which is used for connecting the keyboard to the device while the other is used for the USB Passthrough feature, connecting the signal to a convenient USB port integrated on the back of the keyboard.

Overall, the keyboard is built with an all-plastic chassis but is covered with an aluminum base plate that protects the switch pins and adds a similar aesthetic to some mechanical gaming keyboard models of the same price.

The keys are designed and manufactured in a low-profile style (revealing the switch foot) which is very popular in recent times with the keycaps protruding from the horizontal surface of the panel.

This design also makes it easy for users to remove the keycap and clean the keyboard panel with a brush, or with handheld mini vacuum cleaners without using specialized keyboard cleaning slimes such as with conventional design.

In terms of mechanical switches, the test writer’s keyboard model is equipped with a Cherry MX Brown version suitable for mixed-use, pressing feeling for any purpose.

The keys on the Alienware AW410K are arranged with separate RGB LEDs (per key), so users can control the light color and effects of each key, creating their style.

The equipped mechanical switch of Cherry MX gives a much more “confident” typing feeling than the previous version using the Kailh switch, but perhaps this comes from more psychological factors than feeling. Because a mechanical keyboard model is at an expensive price, surely many people feel overwhelmed when this keyboard model is equipped with a “copy” switch from a Chinese manufacturer.

In general, users will have nothing to complain about Alienware AW410K because this keyboard model is extremely well designed and manufactured, following the design standards of traditional mechanical gaming keyboards.

The only “breaking way” factor compared to other conventional mechanical gaming keyboard models lies in the integrated volume up and down the key strip in the upper right corner area.

Unlike many keyboard models that separate function keys with separate buttons, the function buttons on this keyboard model are integrated with the form of buttons using mechanical switches similar to other common keys.

This method is quite strange and easy to use, but it will also make it difficult for users to find replacement keycaps.

In addition, the Alienware AW410K is also different from its “predecessor” by removing the programmable function key strip and assigning macro commands along the left margin.

Although this feature is not too useful for most users today, some specific groups of gamers, such as fans of the fighting game genre, do not want to have to press a series of combination keys to produce “great moves”, or gamers of the MMORPG online game genre like Final Fantasy XIV, or League of Legends want to come up with combos that deal high damage.

So if you are a gamer with special needs, you should consider this factor more.

Overall, with a standard design with a few improvements over the previous generation of mechanical gaming keyboards, the Alienware AW410K gives users a comfortable and multi-functional experience in working and playing daily games.

Regulation is the biggest advantage of Alienware AW410K, but in the context of the world of accessories for gamers that has developed like a storm in recent times, this keyboard model lacks some trendy features.

It can be mentioned that the keycaps still use traditional ABS materials.

This issue is not too important if this keyboard model was released a few years ago. At that time, even some high-end keyboard models also used this material to produce keycaps.

But from the beginning of 2020, this trend gradually changed when a series of popular mechanical gaming keyboards are gradually “popularized” with PBT keycaps, making the Alienware AW410K keyboard model less attractive.

Not to mention the quality of these keycaps is not too sure, it is very easy to burst out of the switch due to the low-profile design that does not protect these keycaps.

This also makes users sometimes feel that the keyboard is a bit creaky, although this keyboard model has a much stronger structure than the previous generation.

Similar to other “alien” product models, the Alienware Command Center driver has a pretty bad design, making it very difficult for users to fully control the keyboard’s features.

Finally, with a fairly high price and the ability to work and play games, this keyboard model is also not equipped with a wrist rest, which easily makes users tired when working and playing games in a long time.

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alienware aw410k vs aw510k review headquarters brand fusion settings dell aurora stuck on screen keyboard best mouse rgb r10 software is good quality 14 mechanical gaming


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