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ViewSonic XG2705-2K

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viewsonic xg2705-2k drivers elite gaming monitor g sync 27 qhd 144hz màn hình ips 2k manual monitör price in pakistan review reddit rtings specs test vs vx2705-2kp-mhd обзор

ViewSonic XG2705-2K for most adult gamers, choosing a monitor model that can satisfy both gaming and working aspects is always a difficult choice. Because Gamer-specific monitors often focus on terrific display parameters that “abandon” the ability to reproduce images and colors with high fidelity and vice versa.

Part of this problem comes from today’s display manufacturers’ “specialization” strategy, with gaming monitors separate from the group of monitors for content creators, such as ASUS owning two lines of Strix and TUF monitors for gamers. Proart product lines for work purposes; similarly, ACER also owns two lines of PREDATOR and ConceptD monitors aimed at two separate target groups this distinction.

Another reason is the separation between the two needs, which is extremely clear when users need professional monitors at work and pure entertainment screens for home systems.

Although ViewSonic owns Elite monitors for professional gamers and the ColorPro series for graphic designers, the company has always maintained some product lines with relatively balanced capabilities between users’ needs. It makes selecting a multi-function system much simpler and easier for those who need to install a multi-function PC system for both work and entertainment needs, especially when it is necessary to work from home for a long time like today.

The company launched the ViewSonic XG2705-2K versatile monitor model, demonstrating this trend with a stable balance in many aspects with a price that can be considered reasonable in the product segment 27-inch screen the market today.


According to the current ViewSonic classification, the ViewSonic XG2705 2K is classified as the XG Series gaming monitor product. It is easy to see that this monitor model is still inclined to support features for professional gamers rather than a product dedicated to professional users such as the VP Series family of products.

However, that does not mean that ViewSonic’s new monitor model is designed in an eye-catching or “colorful” style with RGB LED arrays commonly found on high-end gaming monitors on the market today.

Instead, it is a somewhat simple exterior design with traditional black tones. A large base can flexibly rotate in many angles and heights, easily satisfying users in all playing positions, games, or work, especially those who have the habit of working standing.

The flexible stand also allows ViewSonic XG2705-2K to rotate 90 degrees vertically for those who like to use applications that require length, such as TikTok, surfing Facebook, or live streaming online.

Overall, this design is somewhat similar to the BenQ Zowie XL2746S e-sports monitor model but has three thinner, more “sexy” screen borders with the display panel placed close to the protective surface glass.

In general, the design is somewhat simple and elegant but no less comfortable and flexible. The ViewSonic XG2705-2K is aimed at older, mature gamers because the style of the product can completely blend in. the space of the home office, not too prominent in highlighting the entertainment system or the “strategic corner” of gamers.

A new performance is the main highlight of this monitor model for both work and gaming purposes.

The screen is equipped with a super-fast IPS panel with 1440p resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, equivalent to the “dedicated” BenQ EX2780Q screen model for entertainment purposes that Biareview had the opportunity to introduce to readers.

This panel still possesses the nice features of an IPS panel that gamers expect, such as good color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and most importantly, no ghosting like on other panels. The new super-fast VA monitor platform is very popular for gaming monitors in this price range, like the ASUS TUF GAMING VG32VQ model.

In return, the contrast of IPS panels is not as good as on VA panels with slightly worse black depth.

It can be seen that, at slanted or top-down viewing angles, the color remains unchanged as with VA panels.

One of the most important factors with this monitor model that makes it usable for professional content creation activities such as image editing and video editing is displaying colors 10bit at a 120Hz refresh rate.

In this mode, the ViewSonic XG2705-2K has good color reproduction with high accuracy and can cover up to 96% of the DCI-P3 cinematic color gamut and 93% of the NTSC color gamut, with good color uniformity. Normally, the brightness is slightly high in the lower left-right corners due to the backlight placement method, and the light clearance is extremely low.

When you need to play games, switch the scan rate to 144Hz, and the ViewSonic XG2705-2K can be ready for any battle.

Featuring AMD FreeSync™ Premium, which synchronizes the scanning speed of the monitor and the graphics card, the monitor model delivers smooth frames, eliminating screen tearing when using the same card monitor from AMD.

ViewSonic’s new model is well-suited for high-speed action games, including esports shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Overwatch with fast rendering and low-level ghosting.

The screen is also equipped with many features to support gamers, such as clarifying dark areas Black Equalizer, Bluelight Filter eye protection technology that allows players to have certain advantages and “fight” for a long time.

Finally, another small plus lies in the built-in 3W speaker system right on the screen so that users can comfortably enjoy video clips or play games without using external speakers or wearing headphones.

This pair of speakers is quite similar to the built-in speaker on the ASUS MX34VQ screen model. Providing sound quality only at the “anti-deaf” level, lacking the woofer range like on the BenQ EW3280U screen to deliver high-quality sound more impressive and realistic sound quality.

Although released earlier this year, the ViewSonic XG2705 2K lacks some “fashionable” features on modern gaming monitor models.

One of the features that movie fans have come to expect is missing from this monitor model is the ability to display HDR (High Dynamic Range) content. In contrast, even the monitors have a price tag softer, like Gigabyte M27F or Samsung Odyssey 27G5, all own this feature. However, the actual quality is only in the “extra” category, which is not impressive.

On the market today, there are quite a few games that support the HDR image display feature like Battlefield V, so the player experience will not be affected too much by the lack of this feature. Still, for fans of the movie, cinema, this is a “must-have” feature to enhance the visual experience of the movie.

Besides, ViewSonic XG2705-2K does not yet support adjusting parameters through software with mouse and keys.

That causes a bit of inconvenience when users who need to change the screen’s settings have to “groping” in the context menus. At the same time, the OSD function keys are somewhat difficult to press compared to the regular ViewSonic XG2705 version and not as convenient as using the navigation lever as on some other screen models.

Finally, this monitor model is also not G-Sync Compatible certified, so gamers using the “blue team” video card will have a hard time exploiting all the product’s advantages when playing games.

These factors create some minor inconveniences that are not too significant and completely acceptable under normal working and gaming conditions.

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