lg 27mp400-b review 27 27mp400-b/ep màn hình 27mp400 driver monitor specs

LG 27MP400

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amazon LG 27MP400 reviews

lg 27mp400-b review 27 27mp400-b/ep màn hình 27mp400 driver monitor specs

Screen technology develops rapidly, with high-spec products such as 4K 120Hz, 360Hz screens for “try-hard” gamers, or AMOLED panels with vibrant colors. However, there is still a market for monitors with enough configuration to use; there are a few upgrades compared to “popular” screens but at a price accessible to everyone, like the LG 27MP400 that we have today.

Before learning about the screen, we will “research” the accessories first. In the box, we have a power cord, a USB Type C plug…

The base and pillar are assembled by a small plastic lever, which looks simple but is also quite sturdy.

To attach the feet to the monitor, we will insert the mount into the rear mounting hole. We also find the monitor’s ports, including the power supply port, HDMI, and D-Sub (people often call it VGA).

After putting the foot in, we will attach two screws like this. The installation of the 27MP400 still requires the use of a screwdriver, so it has not reached the “no tools” level, but in general, it is still quite simple.

The bottom edge is the power button cum 4-way joystick to control the screen’s features. That is a good control system, both saving space and more intuitive than the multi-button system of other brands.

The screen owns a 27-inch LCD IPS panel with FullHD resolution and 75Hz refresh rate, slightly higher than the 60Hz standard.

Although not comparable to gaming monitors with frequencies usually reaching 120, 144, or 240Hz, this frequency makes things a bit smoother for those who are used to 60Hz normally.

The screen is quite thick in size, but few people “look” it from the top of the sides with a computer screen.

The control screen of the 27MP400 is made as simple as possible by the company. Here we can adjust brightness, contrast, switch ports, power saving mode, black level.

Besides the 75Hz frequency, gamers will be very interested in the fast response speed of 5ms and anti-tearing technology AMD FreeSync. All combined for a smoother game experience than the basic configuration monitors.

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LG 27MP400-B 27” Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Display with 3-Side Virtually Borderless Design, AMD FreeSync and OnScreen Control – Black: Buy it now


lg 27mp400-b review 27 27mp400-b/ep màn hình 27mp400 driver monitor specs


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