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amazon TWS BGVP Q2S reviews


BGVP Q2S is the latest TWS ear model of BGVP, a not-so-famous audio company that always has headphones with good sound quality and reasonable prices. Q2S is not just a simple TWS earphone, but it can also be wired via the MMCX connector to become an IEMs Hi-Res headset with amazing sound quality. Here we will learn more about what BGVP has brought to this impressive product.


Packed fairly standard in a white square cardboard box. Inside the box, there are two layers with two earbuds and a charging box above; below are ear tips and a short USB-C charging cord with a manual.

Although equipped with an MMCX connector, the BGVP Q2S does not have a cable to buy separately. On the one hand, it will reduce the cost of customers who only want to use Q2S as a TWS ear, but it is a disadvantage for those who want to experience both because then we will have to buy an additional MMCX cable to experience it. Test the Q2S as a normal IEMs headset.


The BGVP Q2S is designed to be used for both purposes: wireless and wired. When using wired, the connection via the MMCX connector is extremely familiar, like all other IEMs.

The housing of BGVP Q2S is 3D printed with acrylic material and faceplate with hand-painted details. With glossy paint, holding the Q2S in hand is slippery, but aesthetically, the Q2S has an eye-catching exterior.

With the design of an IEMs headset, the BGVP Q2S gives an extremely comfortable wearing feeling, good fit, and good sound insulation. The completion of the Q2S is very good and is completely comparable to other mid-range IEMs.

In addition, BGVP Q2S is equipped with a touch control button located on the faceplate on both sides of the headset. Touch buttons give good accuracy, but sometimes we will be confused about how the function is set up.

We have a rough plastic charging box, which is quite firm in hand regarding the charging box. However, the box’s design is not optimal for opening with one hand, as well as when taking the headset out of the box with one hand is very difficult; sometimes, it has to be done a few times. Another point is that after putting the headset in the box, it will be somewhat difficult to know if the headset is in the correct position and charged when the indicator light on the ear is in a position where you have to tilt the box a bit to see it.

We have an LED on the front for battery status and a USB-C port on the back for charging. With a compact size in the palm of your hand, the battery life that Q2S brings is extremely impressive. With 7 hours continuously for each full charge, the charging case can be charged three more times.

With the MMCX connector but not equipped with a dustproof or waterproof standard, using the BGVP Q2S in humid places or exposed to rain and sweat will risk affecting the headset.


Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 standard, we can connect to BGVP Q2S very quickly. Q2S can work independently for each earphone; the other ear will automatically reconnect after taking it out of the box. But compared to some TWS models that I have reviewed, the Q2S’s 2-ear reconnection speed is somewhat slower; it takes 2-3 seconds to reconnect the two ears after wearing it. While with other Bluetooth 5.2 standard TWS headphones, just wearing it up to the ear will reconnect as before.

Equipped with aptX codec as well as AAC makes the Q2S connection quite stable. Most experiences listening to music, watching Youtube or Netflix have no lag or connection loss. Advertised by the company as reducing latency when playing games, and the delay is acceptable for some of you playing games for fun.

The conversation experience via Q2S compared to models of the same price range is not too different. When in a room with little noise, the mic works very well. But when in a crowded place or change to video call, our voice will be a bit small and affected by ambient noise.

The Q2S’s touch controls are sometimes a bit more sensitive than usual. Part of that is because the way BGVP sets up the function buttons for the Q2S is quite different from other TWS headsets.

One-touch left ear to decrease volume.

One tap right ear to increase volume.

Two taps to stop/play music.

Three taps to the left to reverse the cards.

Three taps on the right to skip the post.

Hold for 5s to turn off the power.

There will be a few times with the above arrangement when we use three touches to control the song; it will be attached to increase or decrease the volume depending on the ear. This experience isn’t always present, but it can be a little annoying at times.

In addition, to use the BGVP Q2S as a wired IEMs headset, we must take the headset out of the box and turn off the power on both ears before plugging in the MMCX cable.


Compared to experiences such as a little difficulty to open the box or touch control buttons, what the Q2S sound quality brings is completely unexpected. As a Hybrid headset with 1 BA RAF-32873 driver and 1 6mm dynamic driver, the Q2S has been certified as a Hi-res headset with a frequency response of 10Hz – 40kHZ.

The BGVP Q2S has a warm bass with a gentle midrange and a pleasant treble range, not too harsh. A sound quality suitable for many different music genres, ensuring the ability to play many genres of music well.

Bass range

The Q2S’s bass range has a good amount; the sub-bass is firm and detailed, just enough to melt, not too long. Mid-bass is more prominent and bouncy, with fast-paced music, very well controlled without causing fatigue when listening for a long time. So the bass does not encroach on the mid at all.


Mid of Q2S is somewhat more neutral. The vocal performance is clear; the low-mid is slightly advanced to help the male voice and some instrument bass notes stand out more, while the female voice remains neutral, not too colorful. High-mid compared to low-mid is not as prominent but still enough to show good instrument high notes, not being too overwhelmed when listening to violin or electric guitar. Details in the mid are appreciated as well as good separation.

High range

Treble is the gentlest range in Q2S; although equipped with a BA driver, the treble strip feels not very good. Details are just enough, not too harsh. However, some songs show a lot of the drums’ cymbal. The feeling of the sound has not been escaped and is slightly squeezed. However, the transparency in the treble of the Q2S is quite good.

The soundstage of the Q2S compared to the TWS ear of the same money range is slightly better, for a comfortable horizontal soundstage, with space for the instrument to show. The height is a bit open but not much in-depth. The arrangement of sounds and instruments is relatively precise.

Although equipped with an MMCX connector, the Q2S does not come with a cable. I quickly borrowed a stock MMCX cable of another BGVP headset for a quick experience. The result for the bass is a bit deeper, the mid has not changed much, but the treble has been improved quite a bit with good ventilation. Depending on the purpose and the different cable lines, it will bring the experience of listening to music with the Q2S changes accordingly.


Overall, we have a TWS headset that excels in sound quality, eye-catching design, and finishes with extremely good battery life. Perhaps BGVP is too focused on the audio experience. It only brings basic technologies to BGVP Q2S when we won’t have features such as automatically stopping music when removing headphones. ANC noise cancellation or some dustproof, sweat-proof standard like TWS models in the same price range.

But with the basic functions plus impressive sound quality, it seems that BGVP Q2S is aimed at the segment of customers who want to experience sound quality more than experience technology on TWS ears. With the sound quality I evaluated above, the fact that the Q2S can play almost any music genre is a big plus of this headset.

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