libratone track air+ vs airpods 2 deutschland gen generation 2nd release kaufen sennheiser momentum true wireless nachfolger air plus review se test 2020 2021 air+vs 2review 2release 2gen

Libratone Track Air+ 2

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amazon Libratone Track Air+ 2 reviews

libratone track air+ vs airpods 2 deutschland gen generation 2nd release kaufen sennheiser momentum true wireless nachfolger air plus review se test 2020 2021 air+vs 2review 2release 2gen

Referring to the Libratone brand, perhaps many “speaker system” audio players will surely know the quality speakers this manufacturer brings to users, such as Libratone Bird, Zipp 2, or Zipp Mini 2.

In addition to Bluetooth speakers appeared on the market for a long time, Libratone has also entered the market of true-wireless wireless headphones in the past few years. One of Libratone’s most successful wireless headphones is the Libratone Track Air+. This headset was launched in August 2019, outstanding with advantages to compact design, high-quality finishing, and many attractive features for users such as active noise cancellation ANC, quality Good sound, and impressive battery life.

The successor to the Track Air+, Libratone, has recently launched the Track Air+ 2. That is a pretty powerful upgrade over the previous Track Air+ version while retaining the advantages that made the name famous for Libratone’s line of wireless headphones.

Design signature: Small, compact, and lightweight, premium finish

Design is one of the advantages that make us feel impressed with the Track Air+ 2 headphones. That is not only the advantage of this year’s Track Air+ 2 version, but from previous generations, the charging case of the ear line. Libratone wireless listening always follows the trend of small, compact, and minimalist, completely different from many other product lines in the same segment. One of them is Sony WF-1000XM3, a wireless headset that has extremely “clumsy.”

Libratone Track Air+ 2 is an extremely compact and lightweight headset, true to the style of true-wireless headphones.

According to the manufacturer’s announcement, Track Air + 2 has a charging case weight of only 44g, and each headset is only 5.5g

The compact design of the Track Air+ 2 makes it easy for users to take it anywhere and wear it comfortably on their ears.

The finishing ability of the Libratone Track Air+ 2 is very good, even though it is only made of plastic. The joints and hinges do not appear to be loose. The outer charging case is also designed in a very good matte and anti-scratch form.

Compared with AirPods Pro, Track Air + 2 has a more compact design, not “fat,” and of course, the outer finishing material eats away AirPods Pro. The charging case of all AirPods models is glossy plastic and extremely easy to scratch and stain.

The design of each earpiece of the Track Air + 2 has not changed too much compared to its predecessor, still a characteristic angular design; the overall size is not much larger than AirPods Pro. The stem of the headset is also designed with a matte finish. That is also the area where Libratone’s signature bird logo is located.

On the Track Air + 2, I feel like the headset has up to 3 LEDs: a light in the charging port indicates whether the battery is full or not at the charging port, and two lights on the inside indicate the battery life of each ear. In the previous generation of Air +, there was only one LED inside the charging case.

Wearing feeling: Comfortable and sturdy

It will depend on each person which type of wireless headset they will prefer to wear. Track Air + 2’s default earbud fits snugly into the ear, so there’s no need to replace another tip.

The housing design of the Track Air + 2 fits snugly on the roof of the ear, so it is very solid to wear; even when exercising, users do not need to worry about whether the headset will fall out or not.

Track Air + 2 has been upgraded from IPX4 water and dust resistance standard to IP54, i.e., adding dust resistance, while water resistance remains the same, showing that Track Air + 2 has a water and dust resistance index. More advanced than most wireless headphones in the same segment on the market

Noise Cancellation: Not the Best, but Extremely Smart

That can be considered as one of the advantages we appreciate in Libratone Track Air+ 2. The product is equipped with ANC active noise cancellation technology with noise cancellation up to 30dB, of course not high-end or the best at the moment, but the factor that makes Track Air + 2 so popular with users comes from the automatic noise cancellation feature based on the outside environment. That is, users do not need to do anything; enable this mode to use it comfortably.

Track Air + 2 has three noise cancellation modes: crosstalk (transparency mode), automatic (comfort mode), and custom (adjustable mode).

Automatic noise cancellation mode is the mode that I use the most because, in this mode, the headset will automatically and continuously analyze the environment sound to activate the most suitable noise cancellation mode. That is the only mode users need; turn it on and use it; no need to customize much.

The noise resistance of the Track Air + 2 is also relatively good; the environmental noises with repeated frequencies such as wind, fan, or vehicle noise are very well eliminated. While the mid-and high-pitched sounds such as human voices, keyboard, and mouse sounds are partially eliminated, if the music is turned on, it will no longer be heard clearly.

Libratone Track Air + 2 has a decent mic quality. The ambient sound is partially filtered for better conversation quality, with two recording mics placed on both sides of the headset. However, according to our assessment, the very good noise cancellation effect of Track Air + 2 also partly makes the caller’s voice a bit cloudy and less clear.

Sound quality: Just good enough to match market music

Let’s not talk about the technologies that Libratone equips with Track Air + 2, being a market player quite a lot and exciting genres; Track Air + 2 gives a slightly “flat” sound (almost flat in different regions low, mid, and high range). This default sound quality of Track Air + 2 when listening to light music, non-vocal music genres such as Instrumental, Psychedelic, or Ambient Trance gives a rather “chill” feeling.

With Pop music with many natural vocals, the mid-range of Track Air + 2 is a bit “submerged” compared to other bands but still gives a clear vocal with a decent level of detail. Good studio-processed tracks won’t be too much of a problem, but the mid-range will be almost overwhelmed by the bass and treble bands and less prominent with poor studio-processed tracks. However, with heavily invested market music genres, the possibility of a poorly processed track is very low.

Compared to the first generation, the bass has been slightly improved to suit the market’s tastes. Still, to have the best experience when listening to vibrant EDM music, listeners need to adjust a bit inside the Libratone app. That is also the time when users realize they cannot customize the EQ of the headset.

That is probably a drawback compared to other headphones on the market because Libratone does not provide detailed EQ adjustments for each tonal range. Instead, there are only three default presets. However, for general users who need to listen to music on the market, these three presets are still enough for most music listening needs.

According to Libratone, Track Air+ 2 is equipped with a high-end QCC5141 Bluetooth controller chip, supporting Bluetooth 5.2. In addition to the SBC and AAC codecs, the Track Air+ 2 supports the aptX Adaptive codec, which automatically adjusts the bitrate based on the source quality.

During the experience, Track Air + 2 rarely encountered an unstable connection; there was only one minus point that made me not very satisfied, that was, the headset could not connect two or more devices at the same time. Users who want to switch to another device to listen will be forced to disconnect the current device’s Bluetooth connection with the headset.

Regarding the ability to play games, Track Air + 2 still has a certain lag, which is easy to see in fast-responsive FPS games like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile. Still, it is not significant and does not affect too much experience. If you are serious about playing games or training the top race, a wired headset will be a more reasonable choice.

Other smart features

Track Air + 2 supports gesture operations on both sides of the headset, and users can customize each side in two modes (tap two times and touch three times). Track Air + 2 does not have a gesture for 1-touch operation to avoid accidental touches, which is a factor that makes me feel quite satisfied, unlike Samsung’s headset models that are sometimes mistakenly touched and activated is assigned to the action.

Battery life

As announced by Libratone, Track Air + 2 can provide up to 6 hours of battery life for continuous music playback. During the experience, when turning on Comfort Mode (automatic ANC) and listening to music at 70% volume, the headset’s battery life decreased to more than 4 hours. A fully adequate battery life.

The charging case of Track Air + 2 can provide two more full charges for the headset, so users do not need to worry too much about battery life. If you listen to music continuously for a long time, you should charge the battery for the charging case every two days. In addition, the product also supports Qi wireless charging.


Track Air + 2 has a listed price on par with other headset models such as Apple AirPods Pro or Sony WF-1000XM4. This headset offers a “minimalist” experience from all elements: Design, sound quality, automatic noise cancellation, to even the control application. Libratone has a product development direction quite similar to Apple in providing the most minimalist experience but still has to go hand in hand with quality.

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libratone track air+ vs airpods 2 deutschland gen generation 2nd release kaufen sennheiser momentum true wireless nachfolger air plus review se test 2020 2021 air+vs 2review 2release 2gen


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