What is Smart Learning

Smart Learning or intelligent education includes new educational contexts in which the importance is focused on the student’s use of technology at their fingertips. It does not only depend on the software and hardware available, but on how they are articulated in the classes or the online training in conjunction

As expert consultants, on many occasions we have found language training that despite using all kinds of digital instruments did not work. The problem is that technology by itself does not have the intelligence to articulate: you need a methodology, motivation mechanisms, automated follow up.

Technology & methodology

The Dexway courses and the Voluxion educational platform (LMS, LCMS, VCR) belong to the framework of Smart Learning by presenting students with a progressive and natural methodology, which develops the subject from 0 to 100% with complete linguistic immersion and a Virtual learning environment designed to offer the necessary solutions for Smart Learning.

As the classrooms host mobile devices to accompany the classes, natural allies of the students of the 21st century, it is necessary a change of habits on the part of the faculty that must look for the indicated way to use. Either locating as a guide to a directed online training, or staying in the axis of training, but relying on new technologies to add interactivity in class and reinforcement of what is learned at home.

From the Smart Learning concept, we directly derive what we know as Smart Learning Environment, a sort of evolution or deeper look at the virtual learning environments, to which the premises of Smart Learning must be applied.

Intelligent environments offer students everything they need integrated in one place, with a structure and a logical sense. It is not a mere space in the cloud, but an interactive environment in which content, reinforcement tools and virtual classrooms coexist to offer a complete experience to students.

In short, Smart Learning is the next logical phase of the introduction of technology in classrooms and language centers: it is not enough to have infrastructure, it is important to deploy a proven methodology that accompanies the students and develops their skills in a progressive, natural and effective way.

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