Smart Office – How Connected Tech is Redefining the Workplace

The proliferation of more advanced technology means the way people do business is ever-changing. Developments such as the internet of things (IoT) present a variety of diverse opportunities across many industries, remaking the modern workplace and streamlining its operations.

This shift is evident in the trend toward creating the so called smart office also known as the responsive or digital workplace in which technology is used to make the physical work environment intelligent and adaptable to company workflows.

The idea behind the responsive workplace is to unify operations under one system and empower that system with machine-learning capabilities. By doing so, businesses can get more out of their employees while keeping them happier, as well as analyze a vast amount of data to make more informed business decisions.

Here are just a few examples of what a smart office might include:

Internet of things: IoT will definitely be involved in the smart office. Smart lights, thermostats, virtual reality cameras, virtual reality speakers,… are all instrumental to the smart office.

Machine learning: Machine intelligence is also showing up in fields like knowledge and management. Think about how powerful it is for a computer to be able to tell you the best person to speak with about a particular feature in your company’s product suite. The new workplace should be like a gym that has all of the equipment that you could never have at home, but instead of exercise, the workplace makes you faster, stronger and smarter.

Interconnectivity and control: smart switches, dimmers, relays to control everything in office, from light to power consumption. Sensors, temperature, all of the automation systems are connected to apps.

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