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Georgia Max Coffee

amazon Georgia Max Coffee reviews Georgia is the famous coffee brand of Coca-Cola. In particular, Georgia Max Coffee is a product line exclusively researched and developed in Asia with strictly censored quality. To meet the growing needs of the young generation, Coca-Cola has brought Georgia Max Coffee to the market. This is Coca-Cola’s first instant …

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Hojicha Tea

amazon Hojicha Tea reviews Hojicha is the name of a famous green tea, originating from the land of cherry blossoms. This type of tea appeared only in the 1920s, made from Sencha, Bancha, or Kukicha. After harvesting, people will bring this tea to steam, wither and dry. The tea is deep roasted at a high …

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Sweet Roll

amazon Sweet Roll reviews Sweet Roll sponge cake is made in Taiwan by the manufacturer Hsin Hao Food Co, LTD. It is a food service and agriculture supplier in Taiwan, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and an original equipment designer (OED). The main products of the factory are rice cakes and Chinese Mafa cakes. Hsin …

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Yeo’s Soy Milk

amazon Yeo’s Soy Milk reviews Yeo’s soy milk is a product manufactured by Yeo Hiap Seng (YHS) Singapore. This is a brand that has been around for more than 100 years and was founded in 1900. Yeo’s products are now available all over the world. Yeo’s has been continuously enriching and perfecting its products by …

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amazon Aroy-D reviews Aroy-D is a famous brand of canned fruit from Thailand. Aroy-D’s products are mainly canned fruits and a variety of spices used in daily dishes. In particular, Aroy-D’s canned fruit always brings consumers high confidence. Because the product is manufactured according to modern technological lines, meeting food safety and hygiene standards. Aroy-D …

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Nabati Sponge Cake

amazon Nabati Sponge Cake reviews Nabati is the leading bakery brand in Vietnam with full investment from Indonesia. Nabati Indonesia was established from 1985 to 2011, then Nabati Vietnam was established. After many years of operation, Nabati has a strong foothold in the Vietnamese market. In addition, this company also has many other famous cake …

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Kewpie Mayonnaise

amazon Kewpie Mayonnaise reviews Kewpie was founded in 1919 by Mr. Nakashima Toichiro in Japan. The main product of the company is Kewpie mayonnaise which is widely loved and popular to this day. Kewpie Vietnam Co., Ltd. was officially established and became the 5th branch of Kewpie in Asia, after China (Beijing, Hangzhou), Thailand, and …

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Cholimex satay chili

amazon Cholimex satay chili reviews Cholimex brand is a Vietnamese brand established in 1983. “Achieving the national brand of Vietnam” in 2020. Cholimex is known as a producer of spices and foods with Vietnamese flavor, accompanying every Vietnamese family on every meal. Besides, Cholimex also accompanies TV programs such as “Love Connection” … contributing to …

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amazon CRYSTAL LIGHT reviews Crystal Light juice powder is a product line of the famous American corporation Kraft Foods, this is the leading American confectionery company with a history of more than 100 years. Small brands owned by Kraft Foods such as Milka, Toblerone, Jacobs, Oscar Mayer, or Oreo. Crystal Light fruit juice powder line …