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Lenovo Legion 5i

amazon Lenovo Legion 5i reviews Referring to Lenovo, most likely you will immediately think of “serious” laptops like the legendary ThinkPad or ThinkBook, Yoga, but Lenovo also has a product line for gamers called Legion. Since the launch of the first product, which is now the 7th generation, Lenovo has constantly improved and improved the …

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ASUS ROG Zephyrus S17

amazon ASUS ROG Zephyrus S17 reviews In the way ASUS product positioning for gaming laptops, the Zephyrus series launched in 2017 plays a very special role, because it is different from leading product lines like ASUS ROG The Flow X13 or ROG Mothership is highly experimental, Zephyrus series models are its “mainstream” commercial products in …

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HP Victus 16

amazon HP Victus 16 reviews No longer large and thick commonly found in gaming laptops, HP Victus 16 brings luxurious colors with a simple but sophisticated design suitable for modern gamers. HP Victus 16 is one of the few current laptops that fully meets the needs of a laptop that is both suitable for playing …

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Asus ROG Flow Z13

amazon Asus ROG Flow Z13 reviews Design overview As a gaming product, ROG Flow Z13 exudes a dense gaming quality when arranging a series of aggressive, “dangerous” details such as the large 06 number, the year the ROG brand was born, the speaker slot, stylized heat dissipation holes all over the back and sides. Even …

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Asus ExpertBook B5

amazon Asus ExpertBook B5 reviews Thin and light are always two prominent factors on laptops, making this product easy to attract attention and popular with many users. That’s why almost every laptop brand in the world has at least a few representing the thin and light trend. Asus used to be very famous for its …

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Asus BR1100F

amazon Asus BR1100F reviews The first product in the Asus Education laptop series for students, the 2-in-1 Asus BR1100F model offers a very flexible design, high durability, configuration enough for learning needs and cost reasonable. Is this the perfect laptop for young people to study online during the pandemic? It is no exaggeration to say …

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MSI Modern 15

amazon MSI Modern 15 reviews Although it has not made a breakthrough enough to “sweep” ASUS, Acer, or HP in the low-cost segment, MSI is making pretty solid moves at this always-fertile price range. One of them is creating products like Modern, with the ability to pack the qualities of higher-end models (Prestige and Creator) …

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LG Gram 16

amazon LG Gram 16 reviews Whenever it comes to LG Gram, perhaps the weight factor will make you most interested. It is easy to understand because the company tells us what this machine is most worth buying right from the name. But this same strength also leads to many other problems (durability, finish ability, etc.), …

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