Child of Light

Child of Light

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Child of Light

When it comes to role-playing games – turn-by-turn, 96.69% of readers will not hesitate to say that Japan is the “leader” in this field. Indeed, almost as a birth, the Japanese-style role-playing game genre has also been given a unique “stage name” by the game world, J-RPG (Japanese RPG).

The European and American game studios with the “ace” in the back are the role-playing game – action (A-RPG), has become a formidable counterpart to the cherry blossom game studios. However, does anyone think what will happen if a European – American company “changes the wind” wants to make J-RPG?

There are still many Western-made J-RPGs that are “better” than many Japanese-made games, such as Septerra Core and Sudeki. The problem is since about 10 years ago, there is no “super product” J-RPG from the West worth mentioning.

The idea that “Caesar something should be returned to Caesar”, ie J-RPG, let … let the Japanese do, then Ubisoft suddenly launched a powerful card, named Child of Light.

No epic 3D techniques, no romantic love story, no “handsome – beautiful girl” character. All that Child of Light can bring, just a gentle fairy tale, and a dream world that can “mesmerize” any sentimental heart.

Not the first time a game has mixed genres. This is a risky move, for example, a dish with too many spices without knowing the reduction to neutralize each other will become a “disaster”.

Child of Light is another case when choosing for himself the adventure game – puzzles as the core and role-playing with turn-based gameplay is only secondary, the effect of “decorate” to the intention main.

Child of Light guides the player through a gentle storyline about princess Aurora and her adventure journey through the colorful world of Lemuria. Here, light is gradually being replaced by darkness dominated by the Queen of the Darkness Umbra, and her dark gangs.

Aurora will have to revive Lemuria by awakening the spirits of light here, and retrieving the Sun, Moon, and Stars – before she can return to reality, where her old father king is mourning Aurora’s “death”.

Although it is said that the focus of the game is on climbing – solving puzzles, but in fact, this is just a way of saying “for example” for most of the time the player will spend to explore the dreamy world of Lemuria.

But, after Aurora got her wings, why could she climb when she’s just… flying?

Talking about the essence of the role-playing game – in turn, it can be said that Child of Light has done very well when it comes to “overwhelming” many recent Japanese-produced J-RPGs, which are gradually taking a bit of direction innovation and… Westernization is a bit too much.

The combat system with the ATB bar is probably not unfamiliar, if not too familiar with the “devout” J-RPG. But if I say I can maximize it, I have only had the chance to experience Grandia 2 and now Child of Light.

The bottom line is, each command such as an attack or a spell has a different “delay”. While the character icon is “running” on the red bar, if you are hit by any attack, you will be “Interrupted”, causing the icon to return to a gray bar (more or less depending on the amount of damage received).

To overcome this, the player can command “Defense” first to block an enemy attack or use the light power of the firefly Igniculus to slow down the enemy’s action. Using these features skillfully, a match can become a lot easier if you can continuously “Interrupt” a strong enemy, take the time for our side to recover. This “talkative” firefly will be Aurora’s companion throughout Child of Light. Igniculus’s presence is “an indispensable part of life”, for whether it’s finding a way, solving puzzles, or fighting – Igniculus’s help is immensely valuable.

On the Wii U system, players can directly control Igniculus just by touching the touch screen, much more convenient than other PC or console versions.

The main highlight, and also the most “worth” place of Child of Light, is the great graphics that can only be used with words “perfect” to express!

If you know that the entire background scene of Child of Light is hand-drawn and colored before being processed by the machine, the player will have to shake his head but a compliment to the heart of the game development team. Each branch and tree, each feature of the drop in Child of Light reveals the soul, the love of the artist is deposited into it.

The sense of art in Child of Light is raised to another level when the realistic vibrations coming from the Wii U’s handle will show very clearly every move, every impact in the movements of the figure. The writer was especially impressed and still smiled every time Aurora was “beaten”, her crown would fall, and the movement of hasty picking up again before Aurora’s stance was really interesting!

The world in Lemuria is shown through brush strokes “perfect” and beautiful watercolor patches. According to the writer, even bringing together the most sophisticated 3D games in one place cannot compare with Child of Light in terms of graphics. The main reason is probably that the four words “pure art” cannot be faded over time, no matter how superior the power of science and technology is.

Inspired by the animated movies coming into the heart of Studio Ghibli, along with the “unique” UbiArt Framework graphics platform, dotted with bright spots “soul” of the artists That’s – is it strange that Child of Light has such stunning graphics?

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