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The Enemy Front appeared at a time that could be said “could not be better” for a World War II-themed shooter (FPS).


First of all, the games on the theme of World War II are almost “extinct” when “past the time”, there are very few games (strategy or shooting) appearing.

Next, people have been rushing to exploit the topic of modern warfare and the rife near future.

So a game like Enemy Front coming out this time turned out to be noticeable!

And finally, Enemy Front was “molded” by a studio quite familiar with our gamer, City Interactive Games (Poland), specializing in shooting games, most famous for its series: Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

With too many advantages, using CryEngine 3 is too “delicious”, everything like “carpet” invites Enemy Front to step in.

However, whoever saw behind the limelight was a terrible play …

Like many World War II games, choosing a prominent event in world war history to be the “framework” for the game is a prerequisite.

Enemy Front aimed at the event “Warsaw Uprising”, recounting the arduous resistance of the Polish militia against Nazi Germany to liberate the capital.

As Polish-American journalist Robert Hawkins, the player will join the resistance forces against the Nazis in Poland (mostly playing), France (a little), and Norway (a little).

With a “hot” theme of World War II: “The Warsaw Rebellion”, no less than Normandy, Stalingrad or Pearl Harbor, and has not been noticed by the game makers to exploit, plus loading screens are attractive in the style of stopping time and engulf the player’s emotions with melodious background music, the idea of ​​Enemy Front will bring players the excitement, excitement, and sedimentation the theme that the game pursues.

But, Enemy Front’s presenting the theme idea is just too bad!

The first is that Hawkins’ radio speeches are too tedious, do not exude the “god” of the caller and connect the Polish people in the moment of life and death of the country, when only saying over and over again the words like: “This is what Warsaw calls for”, “Stories of ordinary people who stood up to fight for the country that I have lived and witnessed …”, while In fact, throughout Enemy Front is the whole story of “hero Rambo” of the journalist Hawkins, but there are no outstanding heroic examples of “ordinary people”?

Another illogical point of Enemy Front: Hawkins is a journalist, using his pen to expose the evil of war to everyone.

Yet in the entire Enemy Front, he seems to prefer “shooting to kill” rather than using his pen, not to mention, is very proficient in weapons of all kinds and skills that a commando has to go through a lot of new training, experience, extremely easy as a joke!

According to historical records, the “Warsaw Rebellion” inflicted heavy losses on the Polish resistance forces when it was estimated that more than 16,000 troops were killed, about 6,000 heavily wounded and hundreds of thousands of civilians (owners mostly Poles of Jewish descent) massacred.

That much material is enough to create emotional game scenes for players, urging them to “go ahead” to destroy the enemy like Call of Duty did with the scene across the Volga River in Stalingrad or Medal of Honor: Allied Assault with screen capture capturing Omaha beach … later on, all of the above examples have become legendary moments of the world gaming village.

The Enemy Front lacks such climaxes, even the simplest thing is that there are documentary videos, the numbers of the battle to convey information about the game’s theme are not there (even though the trailer promoting the game. mentioned again).

After all, the feeling of experiencing Enemy Front content is very superficial, leaving no imprint or emotion of a true World War II game!

On the surface, Enemy Front looks like a simple shooter (FPS) game like many games of the same type: run and shoot.

But the gameplay of Enemy Front is divided into two types: direct action and stealth.

And continuing like the script, the show awkwardness is present again, and this time A.I machine is again the “main culprit”!

On the stealth side, although trying to create many hiding places, providing some silencing weapons and skills to quietly defeat the enemy, the AI ​​is “too sensitive” to the player’s actions like detecting words. In the distance, extremely hearing, an unreasonable arrangement of the soldiers, so almost sneaky action is difficult to perform.

Not to mention, the stealth action skills are sometimes useless, sometimes redundant.

For example, in the case of defeating a soldier with a knife, the movement is cumbersome, until it is completed, the player has already been discovered by other soldiers!

As for the face-to-face action, the Enemy Front would, in fact, “right in” a shooter than if A.I didn’t make a mess!

What do you think when the opponent’s machine does not “need” to go straight ahead, they can also stand idle for the player to shoot comfortably, even the soldiers who can hide their heads will easily show their heads, easily protruding the “target to shoot” of player?

So in the end, which gameplay is “right” for Enemy Front, worth the player to enjoy?

The two-thirds of Enemy Front’s trials have already been “broken” by A.I, and the other three are nothing more.

Playing in the hardest mode is also the easiest: making Rambo move out in the middle of the road is nothing simpler because the opponent’s bullets are like “scratching”, players rarely have to hide to avoid danger!

But if you don’t “make Rambo”, it is not possible, some screens are quite wide but the soldiers are too few, and unexpected events (vehicles carrying soldiers, armored vehicles, tanks) on the screen are almost rarely seen, so so traveling in such a wide setting is boring and boring!

Enemy Front also had an unacceptable gameplay error: the game progress could not be triggered if led by the machine character, specifically the Norwegian level with the character Lief Ronneberg.

You will “cry” because you will not be able to continue playing when this NPC “standing motionless” until you have to restart the stage many times to get the “one lucky”!

And even though using CryEngine 3 brings eye-catching environments, character looks are quite attentive, but the expression of the cutscenes is like the games at the beginning of 2000, very disappointing and opposite to the game’s promotional trailers are sparkling!

Those are the artfully loaded game scenes: players like to “glide” through the event in a moment of pause, thoughts like settling by the melancholy piano music, reminiscent of a dark time that human history has gone through …

Those are the beautiful surroundings in France under the “magical” power of CryEngine 3: colorful, bright, and peaceful (compared to the chaotic atmosphere of the war).

It was a moment when the bullet flew slowly from the barrel of a sniper rifle and blew the opponent at the end, reminiscent of two similar series of games: Sniper: Ghost Warrior and Sniper Elite V2.

And that was the meager remaining goodness of the Enemy Front…

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