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Persona 4 Golden

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Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden – Persona is a special case in the game world. Originally a branch of Shin Megami Tensei, Persona has risen strongly, overwhelming the main game series.

That was when Persona 3 created a “revolution” in 2007.

Overcome, ATLUS released Persona 4 a year later.

It might be difficult to argue whether “three” or “four” is better, but experts around the world have shown Persona 4 to be one of the best JRPGs of all time.

It seems that good work will hardly be more perfect, but ATLUS has done “the impossible” with the release of Persona 4 Golden.

Back to the game.

In 2011, mysterious murders stirred up a quiet countryside.

You, as a male high school student, will experience everyday life in a Japanese town, battle strange creatures in an inner world … TV, and find ways to save humanity.

The unique style of Shin Megami Tensei: exploiting topics that are a little bit mysterious, creepy in a seemingly normal context, is the unique appeal of this series.

As a re-release, we will take a look at the new features of Persona 4 Golden.

You will find it hard to believe when ATLUS can “add” so much new content into this version.

“Big” has a character, two Social Links, and a dungeon for veterans to explore.

“Small” is endless: the track, mini-games, voiceover, costumes, Persona, location, etc.

The gameplay has been added with notable changes.

Most notably, the “Skill Card” function allows you to customize Persona even more freely, as now you can “force” the skill directly into Persona instead of sitting “fusion” tired.

One extremely useful feature is “fast forward”, which allows you to skip lengthy conversations if this is not your first time playing.

Persona 4 Golden even has an online function for you to interact with other players by seeing what they did that day, sending messages for help …

On the battle side, Rise can now assist you directly by healing, disabling, or blocking dangerous “kill” attacks.

Persona 4 Golden has additional “double” moves like “Beauty and the Beast” by Kanji and Naoto or “Dragon” from Chie / Yukiko.

You can also customize the difficulty in detail by specifying the amount of damage done or received; as well as many other options.

And yet, a lot of new events and videos have been added.

If you’ve ever played Persona 4, you know how interesting the events of the game are.

You will continue to be satisfied with the motorbike “flirt” trip by Yosuke, Kanji, and the protagonist, the summer beach party, Halloween festival, or ski vacation.

They are both funny, cute, and practical as if all of us have experienced it.

So far, two Persona versions still own their own unique and unique gameplay for an RPG.

It is a combination of a little living, management, “dating” style often seen in Japanese Visual Novel and fighting.

Persona 4 Golden is divided into two main areas: living and fighting.

In activities, Social Links (social relationships) play a central role.

Those are the relationships you will create with other characters (both teammates and non-playable characters).

By spending time with them, you will make these relationships more cohesive and strong, so the power of the Persona you use to fight will also improve.

It can be said that the “dating” experiences in Persona are unique experiences that few games can bring.

Perhaps, you can feel for yourself to see the beauty of them!

But things are not simple!

Everyone only has a finite amount of time in a day and you can’t get too absorbed in something.

You must always have a balance between learning, playing, developing yourself and relationships as well as fighting and leveling up.

How to calculate, manage time most beneficially, get the most out of it is an interesting “headache”!

Even up to the level of art, if you want to chase “trophy” like maximum in one play!

The feature of the Shin Megami Tensei game series is the monster system and the “fusion” function is still a special attraction that attracts immersive fans.

With the expansion of the Persona “store” (even the playable characters have a third upgrade), you will once again enjoy combining, customizing to create the powerful “guardian” Persona. brave, help you conquer difficult challenges.

In the fighting part, Persona 4 Golden becomes a challenging “dungeon crawling” game.

The game requires you to fight in a “mindful” way, not close your eyes and slash. If you cannot exploit the enemy’s weaknesses, you will quickly realize the “bitter taste of life”.

But even by doing so, a weak monster with “instant kill” Light or Dark could make you regret instantly.

That’s it, you can never be subjective!

A simple but intelligent combat system, challenging and charismatic has proved to be on par with the extremely special activities mentioned above.

That charm comes from the music: one of the best music album games ever, this was confirmed from the previous Persona 4.

It also comes from a very natural idyllic feeling in the game: a peaceful small town with shopping malls, schools, supermarkets, beaches, forests … with daily activities everyone has to experience, with school-age mischiefs too!

When I witnessed the camp of students at Yasogami High School, I seemed to find myself in it.

What if you were both a “hot boy” with so high scores in school, a cherry blossom guy dating all the beauties, and a champion warrior who could beat Scary boss?

Surely everyone once had such a “mythical dream”?

With so many outstanding strengths, Persona 4 Golden is unfortunately still a bit inadequate.

I especially hate the fishing mini-game of Persona 4 Golden (which has been changed from Persona) as it is so inhibitory!

Unfortunately, you can not ignore it because it relates to an S.Link in the game.

Some “trophies” in Persona 4 Golden can be said to be quite random and they will take a lot of effort to get.

Unfortunately, Persona 4 Golden doesn’t take advantage of Vita’s new abilities like a touch sensor or accelerometers.

Besides the graphics are also nothing special, still look like the PS2 title, although certainly sharper.

Finally, it must be said that Persona 4 Golden is a very long game, the character “talk a lot”, full of detailed daily calculations, not to mention that you may have to play again a second time if you have not completed the goals in for the first time, it will be a challenge for those who not suitable for Japanese role-playing games.

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