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One of the fastest growing segments of the headset market is the wireless headset that can connect to mobile phones as more and more products remove the 3.5mm jack. Even a headset maker for the “old” gamer like Razer also had to issue a first release of the ear-packed Bluetooth headset called Razer Hammerhead BT, the makers of audio equipment for the game. Other players are also hard to stand outside of this “game”.

Therefore, an equally long-standing game player like Creative Labs also soon released the Creative Outlier One earbuds in late 2017 with many unique features and “soft” prices. A lot of compliments from technology experts as well as the gaming community. For more than a year, most recently, the company has released a slightly upgraded Creative Outlier One Plus version to replace the previous original version with some notable extension features.

Creative Outlier One Plus was originally defined by Creative Labs as a small line of headphones for sports people, so the headset was developed completely according to the “durable” philosophy with complete details. Full service for this purpose.

On the whole, the headphones are quite compact with a simple design consisting of two rubber ear earplugs, connected together through a small and slender conductor with a control cluster also … simple note located on the right side. The accessory is also extremely limited when it only comes with the manual and the “dual-duty” Micro USB cable for data transmission and charging for the headset. Most of the exterior surface of the product is coated with a thick layer of rubber to protect the internal electronic components from the effects of water in general, including rainwater or perspiration. Therefore, the Creative Outlier One Plus achieves IPX4 certification, not absolute water resistance as the higher water resistance standards, but is also sufficient for daily use conditions.

With a lot of designs using rubber coating material, you can completely “grasp” the whole headset, or push Creative Outlier One Plus quickly into the pants pocket, into the bottom of the bag or throw everywhere without fear of broken or broken wires and housing, so that the durability of the product is also significantly higher compared to other normal Bluetooth headsets. The cord that connects the two headphones is also quite short, just enough for the user to put on the ear without any “excess” which makes you feel uncomfortable, especially for enthusiasts who exercise strongly with the subject Sports like running and cycling.

Not only with enthusiast with gamers, Creative Outlier One Plus’s design is also extremely practical for those who love mobile games because it is too small, easy to carry and “throw” around everywhere. Not to mention, if you accidentally poured Coca Cola into a headset, a “common” disease in gamer, you can still wash it through clean water and use it as usual.

People who like movement and gamers often share a common point in the “sound” of headphones that is the line of headphones with “rich bass” sound (emphasizing the bass range), it sounds easy. But, in fact, to satisfy this sound is not easy, especially for earphone with small ear buds. Surprisingly, Creative Labs has a good balance of “bass” in the Creative Outlier One Plus but still maintains a wide soundstage for music and gaming.

Using a mid-size 6mm driver, the Creative Outlier One Plus controls the bass range very well when the bass is firm, compact and unburnt due to resonance, a very common thing on earbuds cheap “heavenly bass.” Listen more closely, the bass is not really outstanding or impressive as the expensive “bass” headphones of SONY, but in the same price range, it can be considered as a wireless headset product. High Quality. The sound of gunfire, bombs or action game fields are very powerful, sharp, creating a powerful impression of different weapons or effects clearly based on the impact In the ear canal that people “play” bass headphones often use the word “punchy” to describe. Treble sound is a bit bright, but it is quite thin and lacks a bit of “hiss” when it comes to high-frequency sounds. This is also quite understandable when the product is configured toward the bass range. The mid range is a bit “dry” a bit, not sweet enough for lyrical songs, but still acceptable because of the limit of Bluetooth data compression is not enough to fully convey quality of source.

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Creative Outlier ONE Plus Wireless Bluetooth 4.2, IPX4 Water-Resistant Sweat-proof In-Ear Headphones with Built-in MP3 Player, Inline Remote with Mic, 10-hour Battery Life, Sports and Exercise (Black): Buy it now

For PUBG fans and action shooting games on the phone, the soundstage of the pair of headphones is extremely important. Creative Outlier One Plus has done this very well when offering a spacious soundstage among today’s “bass” earbuds. Of course, you won’t be able to achieve the spacious soundstage like earbuds, but you can imagine how you sit in a small cabin with two 2.0 speakers on either side. As a result, players can easily distinguish sounds from different directions, the near distance of the sound source so that they can have a vivid game experience, creating certain advantages on the “battlefield”.

As an extension of the previous Creative Outlier One line of headphones with the “Plus” suffix, Creative Labs has expanded the product’s “performance” to MP3 playback with internal memory of up to 4GB. . This means that you can listen to music without having to “stick” to your phone via Bluetooth connection, quite convenient for those who practice or store their personal belongings in the locker of the training ground .

The built-in Microphone quality in the Creative Outlier One Plus is also quite good with the ability to focus on your voice and partly filter out the ambient noise, very less affected by the wind, so it is suitable for Gamers like to play games outdoors, like to experience multiplayer games with teammates who need high coordination among players.

Finally, the Creative Outlier One Plus battery also has quite good “strength”. Although the manufacturer claims the product can be connected continuously for up to 7 hours, in fact you can only use approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes at a volume of 60% due to the bluetooth chip 4.2 truly works in low power mode like modern bluetooth 5.0 chips. If you play music directly from the headset’s internal memory, you can use up to nearly 10 hours continuously. A significant number for a compact wireless headset.

With what Creative Outlier One Plus shows, the product has no comparable competitors, even the quality of the headset comes from this “legendary” Creative Labs can dominate some of the products that have the reputation of being “on top” due to the waterproof feature and the ability to play music directly from the internal memory of the headset. So if there is a problem that must be reprimanded, it is the sound quality of the product is still not detailed enough due to hardware limitations.

While many modern headsets “take advantage” of new Bluetooth encoders (CODEC) such as aptX, or more advanced aptX HD and LDAC with higher transmission rates, make good use of the content. Hi-res MP3 or high quality lossless music, Creative Outlier One Plus is still “faithful” to the rather old SBC code, which only conveys the quality of traditional MP3 (under 320Kbps). This makes high-quality music of users, or online content on services like Spotify or Tidal, compressed, lacking the characteristic “hi-res” characteristic of the earphone lines to modern. For gamers, this situation is much better because the sound in mobile games is mostly used in compression quality to reduce the game capacity.

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