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amazon Creative Outlier Black reviews

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At the price set by Creative Labs for Creative Outlier Black, we can’t ask for a “modern” headset like those from ASUS ROG, Corsair or Logitech. However, this does not mean that users will accept a product with “offensive” appearance. Particularly in appearance, although still wearing a “casual” shirt, but overall aesthetically, Creative Outlier Black is easy to capture the hearts of users because of the simple look of its subtle level.

The first is the packaging, the packaging of the Creative Outlier Black is just a simple paper card case with the name and graphic of the product inside, but there’s no other information about the main product. Then go to open the box, the Creative Outlier Black headset is placed inside carefully, with accessories including, a 3.5mm cord, 1 micro-USB charging cord and user manual as well as Detailed information about this headset.

As a whole, the design of the Creative Outlier Black reminiscent of many Philips Fidelio “civil” product lines of the Dutch sound manufacturer Philips, with big ear shots, speaker tube tapered towards the rim. And the frame is leather-covered, it looks simple but it is very suitable for the dynamics style, comfortable for all kinds of users with many different sizes while still ensuring smoothness. However, this design is often criticized by gamers due to its monotony. No LED lights, no color, not even “bragging” details made of metal with only minimal details.

However, it must be said that the Creative Outlier Black design has a rather high practicality, all the details on this headset are for one purpose only: to create an extremely compact feeling when used, with weight. only 190g! while still ensuring the user experience of convenience. Indeed, instead of having multiple control buttons on normal Bluetooth headsets, the Creative Outlier Black is only equipped with on / off buttons, easy using increasing or decreasing the volume on the right hand side of the headphones experience.

Bluetooth headsets have two major obstacles that make users still shy when choosing it or listening to that line: Sound quality and latency. However, as with many of the current Bluetooth headsets on the market, the Creative Outlier Black supports both states wirelessly via Bluetooth and a 3.5mm port cable. Therefore, Biareview will assess the ability of this headset to be performed in two wireless and wired states!

Start by plugging in the headset to get the most out of what the Black Creative Outlier is designed to give users. The gaming process on the phone and on the PC is quite good, the writer used with PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on both systems. With this test, it can be said that the space is reproduced quite well in gaming, as well as watching movies with headphones coming from CreativeLabs. The writer can feel the sound on both sides, with a relatively good personality. In addition, the sound of gunfire, footsteps was also quite well regenerated, the sound of bombs exploding, bullets were very good.

Switching to the music listening task, to describe most commonly the Creative Outlier Black, the writer will use the term “celestial light”, ie the sound of the Black Creative Outlier is biased towards high-frequency sound bands, making the sound similar for clarity when listening. Although, it is natural light, but the bass of Creative Outlier Black created relatively deep, plump although the force is not “bouncing” like other bass ears. Not only that, the bass range of the Creative Outlier Black is less incompatible with other bands when compared to the Sony Extra Bass headphones or other gaming earphones such as ASUS ROG FUSION 700 or Corsair HS70 Wireless SE that Biareview has evaluated in the previous post.

When using Bluetooth connectivity, the experience of Creative Outlier Black is not bad at all! In terms of latency, thanks to the Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity that Creative Labs has equipped for this headset, it can be said that the latency of Creative Outlier Black during the game is extremely small. Normally, users will not feel the discomfort that latency brings, unless you are too focused on it or extremely sensitive to each millisecond in the game. If users use this headset to watch youtube or watch movies, then the discomfort is more difficult to recognize. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, Creative Labs has pledged that the battery life used for Creative Outlier Black keeps Bluetooth connectivity up to 13 hours!.

In terms of sound quality when listening wirelessly, as usual, when listening to music in a wireless state, sound quality will decrease “quite” for online connection, because of the ability to connect, decode, amplification, noise, etc. However, the fight between convenience and quality difference is extremely worthy of Creative Outlier Black. In a more specific way, if compared to a wired connection, Bluetooth audio will be more degraded, the sequences will be cut off, which means that high-pitched vocal ranges will feel “breathless”, the bass will also become quite “horizontal”, no longer round and full.

Normally, the over ear headphones in this segment are designed with extremely superficial sound, if not loss of sound, they will also be negatively disturbed or increase in deep bass, creating a feeling of extreme “secret” period when listening to music. Therefore, with the sound characteristics brought by Creative Outlier Black as described above, the writer was extremely surprised.

The popular segment such as Creative Outlier Black has minus points in terms of finishing as well as sound quality. Very ordinary thing! However, these minus points should also be mentioned in order for readers to consider before they “purchase” them.

Because of its compact design and low price, it is not possible to demand the quality of the Creative Outlier Black body, indeed, the Creative Outlier Black headset is quite thin, making it easy to break if Users are not careful when carrying and removing headphones. Not to mention the earpads are covered with simili quite thin, if worn for a long time will be easily peeled and aesthetic.

The sound quality of the Creative Outlier Black is good, but it is not “comprehensive” (in fact, there are no full-sounding headphones!). Although the natural light is so, but the mid-tone of Creative Outlier Black is quite “outstanding”, users will easily recognize the singers will sometimes “encroach” even the sound of the instrument behind, accidentally becoming extremely outstanding and sometimes causing dazzling when listening.

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Creative Outlier Black Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, 13-Hour Playtime, High-Performance, Comfortable and Foldable Lightweight with Built-in Microphone and Music Control (Black): Buy it now



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