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Dreamfall Chapters

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Dreamfall Chapters

Eight years ago, the tragic story in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey ended regretfully with many big questions left open to the fans. What will the fate of the main characters, Zoë Castillo and Kian Alvane? What will happen to the people of the world Stark and Arcadia?

Those questions are still tormenting fans, making them look forward to an answer in the serial version of The Longest Journey game series.

Eight years have passed, as if hopes for a next version of the adventure game series with a unique and charismatic storyline have been suppressed, surprisingly, the developer of Red Thread Games has officially announced: launching a new project for the series The Longest Journey on Kickstarter, titled Dreamfall Chapters.

Whether, after a long wait, the game Dreamfall Chapters can answer the unanswered questions in the previous part and satisfy the fans?

Dreamfall Chapters is built as a chapter novel, divided into 5 main chapters.

The game will take players to move back and forth between two different parallel worlds: Stark modern world with futuristic “cyberpunk” style, and magical Arcadia magic world, hiding many mysteries.

The story in Dreamfall Chapters takes place a year later, ends in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey when Dream Machine’s influence on people’s lives grows.

Meanwhile, the two main characters of the story are going through their worst moments. Zoë Castillo is still in a coma, seemingly never awake, and Kian Alvane is locked up in a prison, awaiting judgment.

From a third-person perspective, the player will follow in the footsteps of Zoë and Kian to escape dangerous situations and prevent a massive conspiracy over the two worlds.

For players new to The Longest Journey series, they will be quite unfamiliar at the beginning of the game due to not grasping the plot, as well as the characters in the game.

Understanding that difficulty, developer Red Thread Games provides players with a small in-game recap that tells the story of the previous two titles through cutscenes, with expressive voice-over voices by Zoë.

Dreamfall Chapters retains the traditional gameplay of The Longest Journey series, with players able to click and point the mouse to interact with characters and objects in the game.

Throughout the game, players will encounter many puzzles as well as difficult obstacles, requiring skillful use of combining objects (collected on the journey) to find a solution.

To increase the attractiveness of Dreamfall Chapters, the producer has cleverly inserted the story of situations that require the main character to make a choice.

Expressed in small summaries, each option is a way of looking at the problem from the eyes of the main character. No choice is perfect, each direction will bring its consequences, and it is the player who determines the fate of the two main characters.

The graphics in Dreamfall Chapters are quite slick, soft, and carefully polished.

The two worlds Stark and Arcadia are built in detail, achieved high authenticity, and above all show off the unique characteristics of each world: a cyberpunk world with high-rise buildings and vehicles. modern moves in the air, in contrast to it, is an ancient, murky Arcadia and contains many mysteries.

Music in Dreamfall Chapters is performed very well. The voiceover frames for the main characters in the game are meticulously made, revealing the characters’ emotions and making them more soulful.

Besides, throughout the game, the music is sometimes gentle, smooth, when it is hustling, urging, consistent with the progress of the story, helping players feel like they are immersed in the rhythm. by Dreamfall Chapters.

The constant intermixing of long conversations in the middle of the main characters’ journeys makes the storyline in Dreamfall Chapters interrupted, lacking in continuity.

Players can eagerly enter the world in the game, interact with objects, then let go of the mouse and watch the characters “gossip” with each other for a period of a long time.

The number of difficult puzzles in Dreamfall Chapters is not much. For the most part, the puzzles will only require the player to chat with the characters in the game, or collect and combine the objects found to solve the puzzle.

The amount of time a player is directly involved in a story like solving puzzles or making choices is low.

It can be said that the game has the look of a visual novel rather than an adventure game.

Besides, the development of Dreamfall Chapters in the form of story chapters also partly reduces the appeal of the story.

Players will have to wait a while to be able to experience the journey of the main characters in just a few hours.

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