Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition

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Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition begins with the continuation of the events of the previous version when the battle between the two powers Mage and Templar is slowly reaching its climax.

The bloody conflict has forced Pope Justinia V, the head of the Chantry Church, and his apostles to set up a reconciliation conference between wizards and Templars at the Temple of Sacred Ashes.

The thoughts of peace will be restored, a mysterious force suddenly descends on the temple, killing all the participants, and opening the path for the evil swarms to invade.

With the death of his head, Thedas was like a “headless snake”.

The whole Dragon Age world fell into chaos, the war now not only confined to magicians and Templars but also spread to other hostile forces.

In this critical situation, a council of heroes with the mission to save Thedas is established.

They are the last hope for this eventful land.

And you are one of them.

The “world-saving hero” motif can be said to be one of the most used motifs in role-playing games, and Dragon Age: Inquisition is among them.

However, the danger in the game now is not simply an evil force from “falling from the sky” like the legendary Dragon Age: Origins, but it also includes conflicts between factions, religion different education, partly reflect the war history of mankind in real life.

Thanks to that, the land of Thedas has something familiar and close, like an Earth of myths and miracles.

No one can deny BioWare’s mastery in leading the story to the player.

Even the “stain” of Dragon Age 2 contains a dramatic and somewhat moving, journey about the hero Hawke of Kirkwall.

Dragon Age: Inquisition not only inherited the quintessence of its predecessor but also reached a new standard in the role-playing game genre.

To save Thedas, as well as extinguish the dangers of magic, the player needs to ask the help of soldiers from anywhere.

9 characters will accompany you. Each character has a different personality and past.

They have only one thing in common: the desire to extinguish the “gate of hell” that is tearing up their homeland day and night, as well as restoring the already fragile peace on this troubled land.

BioWare’s genius in building the main character is bringing in the “human” elements.

Like the character Cassandra with a cold appearance, but inside she is a brave heart, a religious follower, who always obeys the law but has rigid hardware.

All of their “emotion” is not sudden, they all come from the past, memories that they have experienced.

Players can only understand the underlying causes through conversation, or actions they think are right.

In addition to the above 9 companions, throughout Dragon Age: Inquisition, our main character will also encounter countless other characters along with their own stories, as well as former “acquaintances” accompany us in the previous two games.

True to the tradition of BioWare, the plot of Dragon Age: Inquisition is not applied according to a fixed pattern, but it is rotated continuously depending on the player’s actions.

The choices in Dragon Age: Inquisition are no longer divided into three soft – aggressive – humorous personalities, but completely depend on what the player thinks is reasonable.

More specifically, the decisions made by the previous two games also played an important role in Dragon Age: Inquisition, possibly even changing the outcome of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Saving Thedas is not simply about recruiting talent, then dragging troops to “kill a boss”.

Now gamers also have to deal with disputes between consecutive factions occurring across the continent.

Dragon Age: Inquisition does not lead to optimal decisions, but forces the player to think carefully and accept small things for a larger purpose.

To satisfy action gamers and veteran gamers of the series, the battle system of Dragon Age: Inquisition has been significantly improved over previous versions.

BioWare has eliminated the “hegemony” healing skills while limiting the number of potions that can be carried.

The skills of each character class are well-balanced, possessing both strengths and weaknesses.

The surrounding battle environment is also designed in a way that encourages players to take advantage.

In addition, the attack points of the bosses in Dragon Age: Inquisition are also divided into many different parts.

You can focus on a dragon’s wings to keep it from flying, or injure the giant’s legs to keep him from moving.

It is the change of the combat system that forces gamers to regularly stop the game to calculate the most reasonable use of skills.

To aid in the layout of the battle, the famous strategy angle of Dragon Age: Origins was also returned in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Commands are designed by the developer very intuitively. These include arrows indicating movement, skill symbols next to each character, or stat information for each enemy.

Thanks to that, players can easily see the overview of the match at any time.

That is too little compared to the previous two versions of Dragon Age, allowing players to change both shoulder armor, shoes, gloves, and pants.

However, the deeper it goes into Dragon Age: Inquisition, the new game reveals countless other customizations so that gamers can “take care” of the character’s appearance and attributes.

Each suit has a certain number of bonus tiles, which allow you to change the different details of the equipment. These upgraded details are designed by BioWare not only to help customize the additional attributes of the character but also ensure their “outfit” is always “trendy”.

Now you will no longer have to wonder between “wearing nice clothes” and “wearing terrific clothes” as in previous game versions. For role-playing games, matching is always a very “fun food” is preferred among gamers.

But the more detailed the system, the more complex it becomes.

That is not to mention besides the materials needed for making, there are still countless items that have only one purpose, which is to be sold to get some coins.

This leaves the player’s inventory frequently filled with “trash” items, since who knows if we need to use them later? The developer has set aside a single crate compartment for the storage of composite materials. To own them, you not only have to regularly search for chests and minerals scattered around the map but also have to try to hunt animals everywhere.

A special feature of the Dragon Age: Inquisition map system is that there is not a certain recipe for each item. Depending on the material you use, the constituent equipment will have different properties, shapes, and colors.

It sounds confusing, but the interface of the above system is designed to be very intuitive and easy to understand. With just a few simple buttons, you can create your signature armor and weapons.

The lands in Dragon Age: Inquisition all have their own unique geographical, weather, and imprint structures. Even the flora – fauna environment is designed completely differently. And yet, the developer has also cleverly brought the mission system into the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition, they will no longer be limited to accepting quests and returning quests, but coming to players very naturally.

For example, when defeating the ambushes along the way, the player will steal a letter stating their location. You can leave uninterested, or raid the lair to eliminate the consequences later.

Or like venturing into the ancient ruins, gamers may have to encounter ancient demonic forces, and then get attractive equipment through the release of magic spells, which are making affect everything around.

It is no exaggeration to say that Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the best graphics games today. With the power of the Frostbite 3 engine, weather effects, magic, and textures are rendered extremely detailed and overwhelming.

Even small details such as plants, movement of water surface, a reflection of light are meticulously cared for. The sound of Dragon Age: Inquisition is also performed very well. As for the background music, although without the familiar melodies from the talented composer Inon Zur, the “newcomer” Trevor Morris is still capable of giving players different melodies. Possessing a “hearty party” in both visual and auditory aspects, it can be said that Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the rare games that succeed in arousing the player’s desire to explore.

In many cases, the writer was just too impressed by the authenticity of the Thedas world but engrossed in exploring the mysterious caves, dense forests, or simply listening to the melodious tunes of troubadour but forgot his heavy responsibility …

Each level of play will have a maximum of 4 characters working together to overcome dozens of different enemies to the destination. Players can choose for themselves the same skill classes and races as the main game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition also brings a ranking system, equipment, and item matching system for gamers to customize to their liking. More specifically, each character has a unique personality and reaction. This makes Dragon Age: Inquisition battles become more lively and less boring.

In addition to completing the main task, players will also encounter events, bosses scattered throughout the game screen. Sometimes they can only be “opened” under the hands of mages, warriors, or assassins.

That is why it is necessary to converge the lineup of different character classes. After each level is finished, you will receive experience points, items, and gold coins to serve for upgrading, preparing for the next level.

With such a detailed and interesting mechanism, it is certain that the multiplayer portion of Dragon Age: Inquisition will consume as much time as the single-player.

Although the tactical element has seen many improvements over the previous version, the battle system of Dragon Age: Inquisition is still somewhat action-oriented.

The tactical mode has been brought back into the game but comes with an annoying, lack of coverage camera system.

The commands for the character are also much simplified, not enough to show the player’s tactical will.

Besides, gamers on the PC system also have to deal with the control mechanism and “consoleization” interface.

Dragon Age: Inquisition features such as mounts, crates, and character equipment are optimized by BioWare for handheld play.

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