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inFamous: First Light – When first released to PS4, inFamous: Second Son was expected to take this Sony-exclusive series of games to a new level.

Although not much success, inFamous: Second Son still received many positive reviews, and also introduced a series of new characters from the post-Cole MacGrath period (the main character of the movie famous on PS3).

Based on that, developer Sucker Punch decided to do an independent expansion called inFamous: First Light, similar to the way they did with the Festival of Blood before.

The background as well as the main character in inFamous: First Light will no longer revolve around the “buffalo” guy Delsin Rowe, but instead, will focus on the most admired character in inFamous: Second Son, which is the “speed” girl Fetch.

Abigail “Fetch” Walker, similar to Delsin Rowe, is a Conduit (the name given to those who possess superpowers in inFamous) with the power of Neon, giving her speed skills.

In inFamous: Second Son, compared to other abilities, Neon has many outstanding features, with the advantages of speed in movement and combat.

Therefore, directly controlling Fetch will bring a new and extremely exciting experience, especially when Fetch is the first female character that inFamous fans can “role-play”.

Players will learn more about the identity of Fetch and her brother, besides the tragic past that made her “corrupt” in the future.

Anyone who has played inFamous: Second Son should already know what inFamous: First Light will end up like – but not for that, the adventure will be less exciting, as there are still many things that can “satisfy” the players next to the plot are already too familiar.

In particular, if you already own inFamous: Second Son, players will be able to meet Delsin (Good or Evil) by participating in Arena stages – where players can unleash their skills and record a leaderboard – full of superpowers in the game.

This will make scoring easier and possibly high ranking in world rankings.

Of course, Fetch is also a character that can participate in these levels.

Sucker Punch also added many skills “exclusive” for Fetch, in which, the target self-detection missiles will be the most impressive moves players see.

Since he specializes in only one ability, Fetch’s Neon skill board is more diverse and more diverse than Delsin.

They can be “unlocked” as well as upgraded via energy spheres (Neon Lumen) scattered throughout the city.

Having the pods placed in a very high and dangerous position, making all of them will be a real challenge and create a sense of excitement for players who are passionate about looking.

Delsin (while in the Neon form) and Fetch have similar skills and moves, but unlike Delsin, who doesn’t specialize in any of the abilities, Fetch gives players a sense of ability Neon is more because she has been wearing it since she was a child and has undergone many new events with strength today.

For example, both Delsin and Fetch have moved at lightning-fast speeds, but Fetch has the advantage of having Neon clouds scattered throughout the city, acting as a point of acceleration temporary for a short period.

Taking advantage of this advantage, inFamous: First Light has many side quests that require players to make the most of their possible speed to complete them.

For example, “Neon Race”, a type of quest that requires the player to catch a ball of light that moves so fast, that if Fetch does not make good use of the acceleration points, it is completely impossible to catch up.

Besides, the side quest Graffiti (graffiti on the wall) also reappears in inFamous: First Light with an increasingly beautiful and brilliant aesthetic thanks to the Neon light.

If you can see the works that Fetch is doing right now, Delsin can only honor her as a “master”.

It’s a standalone expansion, but inFamous: First Light is much more than a downloadable package (DLC) for the main version – because this one has a pretty short storyline.

Normally, players will only take 3 – 4 hours to complete the main game, and that time will only last depending on whether the player is interested in other playing parts such as side quests, arena.

The plot in inFamous: First Light is also nothing too special when it comes to showing players more about Fetch’s unhappy past.

But these pasts are intertwined with Fetch’s current developments (when she was imprisoned in Curdun Cay prison) when she had to show her strength in the arenas.

This causes the rhythm of inFamous: First Light to sometimes be unnecessarily interrupted and makes the player lose track of the story.

Therefore, if you have never played inFamous: Second Son, then inFamous: First Light will be like an opening, and players should only experience it before participating in Delsin’s adventure later.

Short playtime might not be an issue for a standalone expansion, if it has compelling and engaging main quests – something previous inFamous games have done quite well, thanks to the “Good – Evil” system.

Unfortunately, inFamous: First Light is not like that now, because the main tasks are very linear and extremely simple.

Even some are repeated, repeated many times like “snipers” from the roof, or rescuing hostages …

There is only one task to impress the writer, which is to travel to the marked locations within a certain amount of time.

This quest makes full use of Fetch’s skills in the game, as well as demonstrating the strengths of this protagonist.

If the other stages in the game are dependent on the time factors as above, inFamous: First Light must have been much more attractive.

Besides, the “Good-Evil” system was also dropped because the script tried to navigate to the unhappy past and Fetch’s personality changes.

As a result, options – what makes this franchise unique – are gone from inFamous: First Light.

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