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Space Hulk Ascension

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space hulk ascension wiki cheats ps4 mods torrent hulk: review guide vs trainer edition xbox one walkthrough gameplay tactics cheat engine metacritic multiplayer steam or warhammer dark angels hammer and anvil smite blood boil twitch reroute mission volumetric lighting shoot tech marines are different gamefaqs 1 hit death

Space Hulk Ascension – When it comes to the name Warhammer 40,000, the first thing that most gamers will think of is THQ’s illustrious Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War strategy game series, based on the chess game brand. Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 desk.

However, after the fall of THQ (January 23, 2013), the Warhammer 40,000 franchise gradually sank into the past when there were no more games set in this fantasy world that brought great success.

In 2013, the Space Hulk project was launched under the development of Full Control to restore this famous brand.

Although it has attractive gameplay and eye-catching graphics, the game does not get the attention it should have received.

After the unsuccessful launch of Space Hulk, it seemed like the 40,000 Warhammer world would end again, in August this year, Full Control suddenly announced the project: Space Hulk Ascension.

Space Hulk Ascension is a turn-based strategy game that brings players to the Terminator army campaigns on the ghost ships Space Hulk, floating indefinitely in the galaxy.

Players will directly direct the army of Space Marine to battle in Terminator armor, explore the ship and perform the assigned missions.

The player’s opponent will be the “bloodthirsty” Genestealer and full of tricks. They always hide in the darkness of narrow corridors and can attack at any time to destroy the army of Space Marine.

In Space Hulk Ascension, Action Point (AP) is a very important factor that contributes to the exciting turn-based gameplay of the game.

Every action in the game, from moving, rotating to attacking, reloading, will consume a separate amount of AP, requiring players to carefully calculate for each move.

Weapons in Space Hulk Ascension also add a variety of attacks, as well as require different AP, giving players more options in their tactics.

Although sticking to the original game, using dice to determine the outcome of moves in the predecessor Space Hulk was met with a lot of negative feedback, unintentionally making the strategy of the players in the game with heavy luck.

Taking the lessons from the previous version, Space Hulk Ascension has completely removed the “roll dice” mechanism to gradually improve its gameplay.

Not just a turn-based strategy game, Space Hulk Ascension also has the look of a role-playing game genre.

After each intense and dangerous campaign in the Space Hulk ghost ships, the Space Marine will receive some experience points corresponding to their performances.

When gaining a certain amount of experience points, warriors can be leveled up, “unlocked” skills as well as using more advanced weapons and equipment.

Players can customize and choose different types of units, from melee to long-range attack, with their weapons depending on the strategy set out for each game screen.

Besides, players can also “unlock” hidden units when completing certain levels of gameplay.

When a Space Marine is killed in action, they are replaced by a different unit at the end of each battle. Depending on the difficulty selected by the player, alternate units will receive a different amount of experience points.

The “Normal” difficulty will help players continue the game with a soldier of the same level, while “Hard” will challenge the player by recruiting a rookie to replace your army.

In addition to the Blood Angel that was present from the previous installment, Space Hulk Ascension marks the participation of two famous Space Marine corps: Ultramarine and Space Wolf.

Each “chapter” (regiment – a minimum of 1,000 troops, but the game is only symbolic) has its advantages and disadvantages, making the tactics in Space Hulk Ascension become more diverse.

Ultramarine players will have to calculate to avoid being close to the “bloodthirsty” Genestealers, while Space Wolf players need to find a way to close the distance with the enemy as quickly as possible.

With the presence of two new “chapters” to help expand the campaign in Space Hulk Ascension, become extremely rich with more than … 100 missions for great Space Marine warriors.

An interesting point in Space Hulk Ascension is assigning each warrior in the game a name, as well as allowing players to customize the costumes and items of each unit.

This makes each soldier special, lively, and stylish!

It can be said that Space Hulk Ascension is a highly challenging strategy game when each player’s wrong decision can completely push his entire army into “hell”.

Although the Space Marine warriors are equipped with Terminator armor and powerful advanced weapons, the Genestealer monsters can still defeat them easily thanks to their large numbers.

The design of the dark, damp gameplay in the tight space of the Space Hulk ghost ships makes the atmosphere of the game come alive, showing the soul of the original game, but somewhat again increases the difficulty of Space Hulk Ascension.

It will be difficult for the player to recognize the nooks and holes on the map, where the Genestealers can suddenly appear, surprise attacks on Space Marine warriors.

Not only that, but Space Hulk Ascension does not allow players to move around when they make mistakes.

Players may have completed 90% of a level’s mission after two hours, but a wrong move could cause them to start the game completely from scratch.

Besides, players unfamiliar with the 40,000 world Warhammer will have a bit of difficulty starting Space Hulk Ascension.

Although set in the game in a fantasy world, Space Hulk Ascension has too little explanation of the definitions and concepts in the game for players.

That can confuse new players and lose interest in the game’s campaign.

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