Facial Massagers Machine

What ionic facial massage machine?

Ion facial massage machine is a beauty device with the main function of massage and facials at home. Instead of having to spend a lot of money to go to beauty salons and spas, it is currently the face massage machine that is considered a much more cost-effective solution; Of course, provided that the product we choose has to be truly quality.

Uses of facial massage machine

Tiredness leading to stress will make your face degraded, with a smooth massage mechanism of facial massage machines will help minimize these problems.

Able to clean dirt from deep within pores thanks to positive ion technology.

Negative ion particles can both exfoliate and help bring nutrients into the skin; Increases elasticity and helps skin become smoother.

Acne eliminates, improves blood circulation and tightens pores.

Eliminates the agents that cause aging and has the effect of lifting the face.

Popular types of face massages

Mini facial massage machines: These are compact size lines, simple designs like the 5 in 1 face wash massage machines. Most models are cheap and not equipped with modern and appropriate technology. For simple needs such as stress reduction.

Ion facial massage machines: The advantage of these models is the variety of models, equipped with many advanced facial care technologies from the US and Japan; not to mention the price is also relatively affordable.

Intensive face-lift massage machines: These models besides features like conventional face massage machines also incorporate many technologies that salon centers are applying, among them wave technology. RF works at low frequencies to eliminate wrinkles and help skin firmer.

Of the 3 types of face massage machines, the ion face massage machine is the model that you are looking for. For the best results, in the process of using a facial massage machine, you should combine with other cosmetics such as cleanser, skin serum …

Experience of choosing the best facial massage machine

A. Choose a face massage machine according to the purpose of use

The purpose used here that we mention is the compatibility between the facial massage machine and the user’s skin because not all skin is suitable for using a facial massage machine.

Especially for women with sensitive skin, easy to get acne, before using facial massage machines or facial care devices in general, you should consult medical experts, doctors.

B. Choose a massage machine about designed

In terms of design: For a handheld device such as a facial massage machine, compact criteria in terms of style, light weight and convenient design are always considered top priority. Besides being very convenient to use, the compact series also helps you better during storage or carry it with you to use.

Of course you also have to pay attention to the control panel system and display screen integrated into the body; Choose the machine with control panel with convenient function buttons, support LCD or LED display clearly showing the mode or battery life of the machine.

In terms of material: Choose face massage machines made from durable and safe materials for health; Synthetic plastic outer shell such as ABS / PP ensure bearing, anti-slip and good impact resistance. Depending on the conditions you can consider choosing the device with built-in waterproof features.

C. Choose a battery-powered or electric facial massage machine

If before the electric facial massage machine was very cumbersome, at the present time most manufacturers have switched to using batteries instead. Battery-powered facial massages clearly have many advantages over electric-powered facial massages.

The face massage machines of Hitachi or Yaman have the duration of use from 2-4 hours equivalent to 3-4 times of use. We only need to fully charge the battery and then carry it with us wherever and wherever to use. In addition, some machines also support charging via smartphone charging port, laptop’s USB port is very convenient.

Depending on the manufacturer, the device may come with a charger. One thing to note is that the charger supplied with the device must have a wide power source to be compatible with the 220V power supply in our country.

For Japanese or American domestic massage machines, they usually use a wide power source of 100V-240V, so when using, you do not need to use an additional adapter.

D. Selecting multi-function and technological face massage machines

We all want to own a device equipped with as many functions and modern technology as possible. For face massage machines, too, except for the 2 available ion modes, the device can also be integrated with other features such as 2 hot and cold modes, RF waves, EMS waves or timer mode …

However, you also have to rely on your needs, purposes and financial situation because the facial massage machines are equipped with many functions and technologies, the price to own is definitely much higher compared to less functional machines, technology.

Top 7 Facial Massages Machine

  1. Hitachi Hada Crie N4800

Hada Crie N4800 is one of the best face massage machine lines on the market today. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a facial massage machine, you should consider this product.

Hada Crie N4800 has a slender hand-held design; Elegant design and delicate white color. The outer shell is made of durable materials and safe for health, on the body is fully integrated ON / OFF button and massage modes for you to manipulate easily.

Compared to previous versions such as Hada Crie N2000 or Hada Crie N4000, this version of Hada Crie N4800 has a slight change in design when the circular titanium metal piece at the top of the massage machine is enhanced and thick better than; Thereby allowing the machine’s massage head to easily move to all positions on the face.

In terms of technology, in general, Hada Crie N4800 still inherits the outstanding advantages inherent in the previous versions with intensive facial care procedures performed in 11 minutes over 4 basic steps, including:

Step 1: Cleansing. Hot clean with ion technology combined with rose water and cotton pad in 3 minutes.

Step 2: Moisture. Hot moisturizing in Hot Moist Up mode combined with lotion for 3 minutes.

Step 3: Hot Mask. A hot mask, combining masking with a light T-shaped maassage mode from top to bottom and inside and out along the nose wave for 3 minutes.

Step 4: Cool. Cool and tighten pores.

This is a complete procedure designed by the manufacturer for those who have time for facials, but for those who are busy with work that does not have much time, just choose a suitable feature.

Depending on your needs, you can adjust the massage intensity level, light or medium to bring the highest efficiency. The device operates on rechargeable batteries instead of wires so it is very neat to take with you when traveling or working away from home.

Hada Crie N4800 face massage machine is a high-class product imported from Japan that is trusted by many women.

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Hitachi moisturizer support equipment (white) HITACHI Hadakurie hot & cool CM-N4800-W–JAPAN IMPORT: Buy it now

  1. Yaman RF Led Plus HRF-10T

Together with Hitachi N4800, Yaman HRF-10T is a comprehensive home facial care solution for women. The product is a combination of the most advanced skin care methods and technologies applied by professional beauty salons and spas.

Integrated all 5 features in 1 compact product, Including:

Cleaning mode (RF Cleansing Mode): In this mode, the machine will produce positive ion particles to remove dirt or makeup from pores that a normal face wash cannot do.

Massage mode by RF (Radio Frequency): RF waves generated from the machine have the ability to burn excess fat and at the same time regenerate damaged cells.

Massage mode by EMS muscle lift wave: Will generate electrical stimulating currents on the facial muscles to help blood circulation and repair damage.

Massage mode with led lights: LEDs with red light frequency of 631nm can produce collagen and elastin to help rejuvenate the skin.

Cooling mode: It is used to shrink pores to help smooth skin.

Not only is it integrated with many modern features, the Yaman HRF-10T also features a luxurious body, a circular head section with facial massage and a control panel with fully functional buttons on the front of the machine.

Despite being a high-end model, the design of Yaman HRF-10T is relatively simple with 5 modes in one button; Instead of plugging in the charger, you can simply charge the battery and use it anywhere you like.

Attached to the machine is a charger that uses a universal power supply of 100V-240V, so you do not need to buy an additional adapter adapter. Time used for each full charge usually lasts about 2.5 hours equivalent to 4-5 face massage.

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  1. Hitachi Hada Crie N4000

Before Hitachi launched the high-end Hada Crie N4800 version, there was a time when the Hada Crie N4000 face massage machine became the first choice of many women in the Japanese domestic market and other countries developed as America, Europe.

Hada Crie N4000 uses facials using ionic technology hot and cold; not only helps clean the dirt deep inside the pores but also has the effect of pushing pores with nutrients; Thereby helping to tighten pores.

Machine compact design and light weight of only about 150g should be very easy to handle to manipulate. The outer shell is made of durable synthetic plastic, covered with a luxurious bright white paint.

The process of Hada Crie N4000 facial massage machine also goes through 4 basic steps including:

Step 1: Hot Cleasing, cleanse the face with ion and absorb all the dirt inside the pores.

Step 2: Hot Moisture Up, works to fill the pores inside.

Step 3: Warm Mask, massage combined with mask to help nutrients from the mask penetrate better.

Step 4: Cool, cool to help tighten pores.

The device supports 3 modes of vibration from light, medium to strong so you can freely adjust it to suit your needs. All function buttons such as ON / OFF, mode selection buttons, increase or decrease the vibration level or indicator lights are fully arranged on the front of the camera body.

Hada Crie N4000 uses rechargeable batteries, which is very convenient to use and you can take it far on trips, business trips away from home.

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  1. Mior R10

For those who want to use face massage machines from famous brands such as Hitachi, Yaman or Panasonic but are constrained by the price, they can choose a cheaper solution such as Mior R10 face massage machine to spread experience.

Mior R10 is an upgraded and improved version from Mior R9, a very successful cheap facial massage machine before. In terms of design has not changed much from the previous version, in Mior R10 retains the old design with a circular massage head, slim design, easy to hold.

Outer shell made from durable ABS plastic, capable of bearing; In front of the body is a control panel with full of function buttons. In addition, Mior R10 offers users 4 diverse choices of colors including white, yellow, pink and copper.

Functional and technological, Mior R10 is integrated with some of the following advanced technologies:

Ion technology (+): Works to remove dirt and makeup from deep within the pores.

Ion technology (-): Helps fill nutrients in pores.

Vibration frequency: Negative ion particles combined with vibration mode can soften and help nutrients penetrate faster into the skin.

EMS technology: Enhances blood circulation, reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

LED technology: Red LEDs produce collagen that helps firm the skin; Green LEDs fix acne problems.

Mior R10 massage machine belongs to the cheap product line suitable for women with limited financial conditions.

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  1. Panasonic EH-ST86-PM

On the market today, the Panasonic brand is relatively few models to choose from and mainly notebooks from Japan. The most typical of these is Panasonic EH ST86, a product line capable of supporting comprehensive facials.

The Panasonic EH-ST86-PM has a tough synthetic plastic outer shell, covered with a luxurious white exterior paint. The device operates on rechargeable batteries, so you only need to charge the battery fully and can be used anywhere including taking with you when traveling.

The function buttons such as on / off, massage mode are fully integrated on the front of the camera body is easy to manipulate; Equipped with 3 levels of heat from low to high for you to choose suitable for the purpose of use.

Panasonic EH-ST86-PM face massage is done through 5 very basic steps including:

Step 1: Skin Clear. Clean your face for 3 minutes with a massage head combined with cotton.

Step 2: Pre Care. Pre-care for a period of 2 minutes.

Step 3: Moisturize with ion technology for 3 minutes, use in combination with cream, serum or mask.

Step 4: Cool and tighten pores with a cooling head at a temperature of 10 degrees C for 2 minutes.

Step 5: Whiten skin in combination with vitamin C serum

Panasonic EH-ST86-PM is not only a home facial massage machine but it also helps to improve and repair aging problems such as wrinkles and sagging skin; Especially for women who are often stressed.

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  1. Pebble Fleur

Pebble Fleur is also a comprehensive facial care solution with 2 features of washing and massaging facials. Compared to other high-end models usually equipped with 4-5 facials care mode, Pebble Fleur has only 3 basic modes:

Cleansing mode: Ability to remove dirt and makeup layers inside pores; Use in conjunction with cotton to get the best results.

Micro-Pat massage mode: Works to fill nutrients in the pores and support facial muscles, used in conjunction with a paper mask for the highest effect.

Refresh massage mode: Tighten pores, use in combination with lotion to bring the best effect.

In terms of design, the Pebble Fleur is extremely compact in size and rugged in handle design; The outer shell is made from sturdy synthetic resin and has a subtle black color scheme. The control panel displays the mode in English so it is not difficult to use; There is also a display light on the camera body.

Pebble Fleur is a line of facial skin care products that are portable from the US using a convenient rechargeable battery. Attached to the device is a charging cable and to charge the device you just need to connect this charger cable to the iphone or samsung charger, the time for each full charge is 2 hours.

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  1. Belulu Classy

Belulu Classy face washer is a multifunctional massage machine with 5 features in 1 product, Including:

Ion massage technology (+): The positive ions produced by the machine will quickly absorb the dirt layer deep inside the pores, these sebum dirt is the cause of acne.

Ion massage technology (-): Negative ion particles generated from the machine will be absorbed by nutrients, then these negatively charged nutrients will be absorbed by the positive ions in the pores filling faster.

Sonic ultrasound technology: This type of sonic wave works with a frequency of about 3MHz, which helps blood circulation and increase metabolism; Over time wrinkles will improve and skin will become firmer.

Vibration technology: When in camera vibration mode will operate with gentle frequency; Thereby helping the nutrients quickly fill pores.

LED technology: Including 3 colors corresponding to 3 different wavelengths. If a 630mm red led light is capable of generating collagen to improve skin aging issues, a 415nm blue LED will eliminate the causes of acne. 525nm wave has the ability to fade scars.

The device has a slender handheld design and luxurious design; Many colors ranging from white, yellow to black for you to choose according to your personal taste. The case is made of synthetic material with high strength, heat resistance and impact resistance.

The front of the camera body is integrated with a liquid crystal control screen that clearly displays massage levels, timer features, and remaining battery capacity. Below the control screen are function buttons such as on / off or massage mode buttons.

Another point is also very convenient that the machine operates on a neatly charged battery, you only need to fully charge the battery for the device and use it anytime, anywhere and can carry it when needed; Support charging via power outlet, phone charger or USB port from laptop.

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